Result of the Wednesday July 18, 2007 W-League game between Toronto Lady Lynx and Rochester Rhinos played at Centennial Stadium in Etobicoke at 12:00pm.

Toronto Lady Lynx (black socks, shorts, and numbers, yellow shirts)

......................1 Justine Bernier
23 Daniela Schwarz...19 Stephanie Conley...4 Lexi Marton (cpt)...17 Lisa Melander
15 Brooke McCalla...8 Claire Ramsdale...10 Tina Romagnuolo...22 Brittany Moore
...............7 Stefania Morra...3 Adrienne Ruhe Lischke

Subs:...25 Adriana Finelli (gk)...11 Laura Arduini (mid)...12 Jessica Tasios (mid)...13 Brittany Bisnott (fwd)...14 Allysha Chapman (mid)...16 Danielle Blair (def)
team officials:...head coach Danny Stewart...assistant coach Paul DeAbreu...goalkeeping coach Joe doctor Dr Frank Markus...medical co-ordinator Dr Robert Gringmuth...medical assistants Dr Melanie Lopes and Dr Maria Giannotti

Rochester Rhinos (all dark green, white numbers, names and shoulders, yellow trim)

...................1 Joy McKenzie
10 Alex Sahlen...5 Courtney MacVie...16 Devon Russell...3 Anastasia Prescott
..........11 Rachel Kruze (cpt)...15 Camie Bybee...12 Jacquie Lacek
..........18 Amanda Janosky...14 Liz Masterson...9 Gretchen Miller

Subs:...2 Ayana Russell (def/mid)...4 Katrina Meyer (def)...17 Erica Henderson (def/fwd)...21 Tiffany Ebner (mid)...22 Brittany Kinmond (fwd)...24 Liz Jacobsen (fwd)
team officials:...head coach Peter Amos

Game officials:...referee Jae Hyun Lee...referee's assistants Peter Pendli and Gee Lee (the referee's father)...(all black uniforms)

1st starts 12:13pm...LLynx defend south end on this hot afternoon with a hazy sun in the south.
12 sec...RR Miller intercepts ball and runs on left and shoots just wide right from 15 yards.
2 min...RR Miller pops up ball on right side of box but defender heads away.
2 min...RR Kruze hurt in high boot just outside LLynx box.
4 min…Lady Lynx (Rhinos own goal) GOAL…LL Adrienne Ruhe Lischke passes to left for LL Brittany Moore to take long run along wing and her cross into box for charging players and has RR Devon Russell knock ball into own net with her hip.
5 min...RR Masterson 18 yard shot deflects off LLynx player wide right of net.
9 min...RR Bybee scissor kick from 10 yards is caught by goalie.
10 min…Lady Lynx Adrienne Ruhe Lischke GOAL…LL Brittany Moore crosses in low from left and has LL Stefania Morra in RR box from 10 yards roll ball forward to Ruhe Lischke who has ball turn away from defender and she cuts 5 yards shot low to right corner of net beyond diving goalie Joy McKenzie.
13 min...LLynx Romagnuolo falls when checked at 10 yards on left but recovers to kick shot wide left.
14 min...LLynx Schwarz 50 yard freekick from right has LLynx Marton head ball into outside webbing of left of net.
17 min...RR goalie dives forward to catch low 10 yard cross from LLynx McCalla on right.
19 min...LLynx Melander bends in low 40 yard cross from left wide right of net.
20 min...LLynx goalie charges right to catch RR Miller high pop up ball from 22 yards.
22 min…Lady Lynx Adrienne Ruhe Lischke GOAL…LL Tina Romagnuolo passes right at 30 yards to set Ruhe Lishke and LL Stefania Morra on 2 on 1 break. Ruhe Lischke shoots 12 yarder under sprawling goalie to center of net.
25 min...LLynx Ruhe Lischke rolls through ball for LLynx Morra charging up middle but goalie charges to pick it up.
26 min...RR Janosky heads ball wide left from 10 yards.
27 min...LLynx Moore cornerkick from right is short and recrossed by her over players in box for goalkick.
30 min...RR Prescott injured just outside RR box well away from play. The referee calls a water break.
32 min...RR sub...Kinmond replaces injured Prescott before play resumes.
33 min...LLynx Morra has 5 yard cross/shot from left deflected for cornerkick by sliding defender.
33 min...LLynx Romagnuolo cornerkick from left has RR defender pop up header and goalie catch.
34 min...RR Miller 30 yard shot is wide right after being tapped pass.
39 min...LLynx Schwarz cross from 40yards on right is caught by goalie.
40 min...LLynx Morra heads 10 yarder that's caught by goalie after LLynx Schwarz high cross from 30 yards on right.
40 min...LLynx goalie charges out to boot away pass back before RR Kinmond can get to it.
43 min...RR YELLOW card...Russell for knocking down LLynx McCalla at RR 30 yard line.
46 min...LLynx Romagnuolo 30 yard freekick from left has LLynx player twist header wide right from 6 yards.
47 min...half ends 1:00pm.

2nd Half:...starts 1:20pm.
halftime sub:...LLynx Chapman replaces Melander.
47 min...LLynx Morra passes forward to LLynx Romagnuolo on right who blasts 15 yarder over net.
50 min…Rhinos Gretchen Miller GOAL…Miller blasts 25 yard freekick that deflects off head of player in Lady Lynx wall at 15 yards and change direction into right side of net with goalie Justine Bernier caught in center of net.
54 min...RR Miller 35 yard shot is through crowd of players and over net.
55 min...RR Sahlen blasts 22 yard shot from left over net when she's dropped pass.
55 min...LLynx sub...Bisnott replaces Morra.
55 min...RR Lacek short cornerkick from left is recrossed over players in box.
57 min...RR Kruze blast over net from 20 yards over crowd of players.
58 min...RR Janosky cornerkick from right has defender on left head ball away.
58 min...RR defender knocks ball away from LLynx Ruhe Lischke waiting for 5 yard tap-in so ball goes for cornerkick.
59 min...LLynx chips ball up in RR box, turns and heads 6 yard shot that's tipped wide of net.
59 min...LLynx Romagnuolo gets to ball after cornerkick from right and shoots 15 yarder from right that soars over net.
61 min...RR Kruze blast through crowd of players from 20 yards is over net.
62 min...RR Lacek 22 yard shot from left watched by LLynx goalie go into outside left webbing of net.
64 min...LLynx sub...Blair replaces Ruhe Lischke.
66 min...LLynx Chapman rush from left has defender deflect ball with hand for cornerkick.
66 min...LLynx Moore cornerkick from left has defenders knock out wide right for another cornerkick.
67 min...LLynx Romagnuolo cornerkick from right has defender clear ball from left of box.
69 min...RR Lacek cross from 25 yards is over players in box.
70 min...LLynx Chapman cornerkick from left has RR defenders put foot for it but LLynx player gets foot to partial clearance and ball rolls away.
71 min...RR sub...Jacobsen replaces Miller.
..........LLynx sub...Arduini replaces Ramsdale.
71 min...RR Janosky 15 yard cross from right has ball hit outside top of bar.
72 min...RR sub...Ebner replaces Bybee.
77 min...RR Kruze rolls 25 yard shot through defenders up middle but ball picked up by goalie.
77 min...RR goalie punches away LLynx Schwarz cross from right of box.
78 min...RR Lacek bends 28 yard shot from left that goalie catches on right of net.
79 min...RR Kinmond on left of box finally cuts 5 yard roller to goalie.
80 min...RR sub...Henderson replaces Kruze.
82 min...RR Kinmond 20 yard shot up middle is wide left.
83 min...LLynx Romagnuolo no call when she's tripped on sliding tackle on RR box.
84 min...RR player's cornerkick from left has LLynx Marton head away.
85 min...RR Kinmond chips charging goalie but sends ball wide right from 20 yards.
86 min...LLynx sub...Tasios replaces McCalla.
...........RR sub...Meyer replaces Russell.
87 min...LLynx YELLOW card...Conley for pulling down RR Kinmond just outside left side of LLynx box.
88 min...RR Lacek takes 22 yard shot up middle wide right after receiving RR freekick pass.
90 min...LLynx Moore cornerkick from right has ball bounce through box unplayed.
91 min...RR YELLOW card...Ebner for body check on LLynx Arduini who had grabbed her shirt on right sideline.
92 min...RR Meyer knocks over LLynx Romagnuolo on edge of box who just deked her.
92 min...LLynx 20 yard freekick from right is cleared by defenders.
93 ends 2:08pm.

Final Score:……Toronto Lady Lynx……3…………Rochester Rhinos…….1………

Attendance on this hot afternoon with a hazy sun in the south was about 1000 with the stands full of children from summer schools and day camps. It was more than their usual crowd but not as full as the (men’s) Lynx team drew last Wednesday at noon.

Lady Lynx started the game off very fast but the Rhinos had many chances in the second half and the game was in doubt right to the end. Much of the second half was played in the Lady Lynx half of the field. There’s always a risk that the actual goal which was a deflection off a Lady Lynx player or a possible trip in the box could have made the game even closer. Rhinos Rachel Kruze blasted the ball over the net from 20 yards at both 57 and 61 minutes. Rhinos Alex Sahlen had a similar miss from that distance at 55 minutes. Forward Brittany Kinmond was subbed on at the 32 minute mark for the Rhinos after an injury to defender Anastasia Prescott and made her mark especially in the second half with her chipping the charging goalie at 85 minutes but the ball flew wide right from 20 yards. Lady Lynx had their chances in the second half with a Rhino defender knocking the ball away before Adrienne Ruhe Lischke would have had a 5 yard tap-in for her third goal at 58 minutes. A minute later Brooke McCalla chipped up a ball with her back away from the net and she turned and headed 6 yarder that was tipped away. Tina Romagnuolo put a shot from 15 yards over the net on the resulting cornerkick. Romagnuolo couldn’t draw a Penalty kick when she was tripped up on a sliding tackle at 83 minutes.

Lady Lynx had clinched a playoff spot over the weekend with a win in Vermont but this game vaulted them to second place in the Northern Division at 7-3-1. If they can win or tie with the now third place Laval Comets 7-4-0 on Saturday, they will host their playoff game next Wednesday night. That night conflicts for me with me having MLS tickets for Toronto FC against English Premier team Aston Villa. Rochester is the fourth place team and their record falls to 3-7-0 although they get a place in the W-League Final Four because they host the tournament this year at PAETEC Park.

Rocket Robin

Rhinos starters

Lady Lynx starters

Midfield action

Rhinos win a throw-in.

Lady Lynx players sign autographs after the game..

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