July 24, 2007 CSL All Star game lineups (from CSL media release)

Tuesday - July 24, 2007
Rosters announced

Rosters for the 2007 Locust CSL All Star Game scheduled for this coming Saturday, July 28 at Windsor Stadium, a 7.30 p.m. kickoff, have been announced.

The game is a first for the Canadian Soccer League, bringing together the top players in the National Division - teams which represent their community - to play against the more recent teams of the International Division which represent their country of origin.


Anthony Santilli  Goalkeeper (Windsor Border Stars)
Haidar Al-Shaibain  Goalkeeper (North York Astros)
Marco Peeters    Defender (London City)
Roy Beishuizen   Defender   (London City)
Filip Rocca   Defender (Windsor Border Stars)
Brian Carbajal  Defender  (North York Astros)
Geoffrey Attard  Defender (St. Catharines Wolves)
Nick Aragona  Midfielder (St. Catharines Wolves)
Tony Mermigas.  Midfielder (St. Catharines Wolves)
Camilio Gonzalez   Midfielder (London City)
David Diplacido  Midfielder    (North York Astros)
Jeff Hodgson  Midfielder (Windsor Border Stars)
Aaron Byrd   Forward (Windsor Border Stars)
Radek Papiez  Forward (Windsor Border Stars)
Alessandro Bancheri Forward (North York Astros)
Carlo Arghittu  Forward (St. Catharines Wolves)

Coach: Pat Hilton (Windsor Border Stars)


Camilo Benzi Goalkeeper (Italia Shooters)
Matthew Willis  Goalkeeper (Canadian Lions)
Dejan Jakovic Defender (Canadian Lions)
Desmond Humphrey  Defender (Italia Shooters)

Fitzroy Christie Defender (Italia Shooters)
Mirko Medic Defender (Serbian White Eagles)
Halburto Harris Defende (Toronto Croatia)
Bill Androutsos Midfielder  (Italia Shooters)
Hulio Pereira Midfielder (Portuguese Supra)
Milos Scepanovic Midfielder (Serbian White Eagles)
Nikola Budalic  Midfielder (Serbian White Eagles)
Robert Grnja  Midfielder (Toronto Croatia)
Evan Milward  Forward (Canadian Lions)
Gavin Fuller  Forward  (Portuguese Supra)
Alex Braletic  Forward (Serbian White Eagles)
Tomislav Ples Forward (Toronto Croatia)

Coach: Sinisa Ninkovic (Serbian White Eagles)

For enquiries, please call (905) 856-5439 or (313) 995-4162

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