Result of the Friday June 22, 2007 CSL game between Serbian White Eagles and Italia Shooters played at Centennial Stadium in Etobicoke at 8:00pm.

Serbian White Eagles (all white, blue numbers and names)

.....................23 Dusan Belic
4 Danilo Maksimovic...5 Milan Kolic...20 Milan Janojevic...15 Milos Scepanovic
10 Alex Braletic...8 Nenad Sojcic...13 Nikola Budalic...12 Hosni Neto
.................11 Gabriel Pop...9 Sasa Viciknez (cpt)

Subs:...1 Miodrag Bogdanovic (gk)...6 Mirko Medic (def)...7 Dragan Radovic (fwd)...3 Uro Stamatovic (def)...18 Noel Ellerton (fwd)...14 Milan Janikic (mid)
team officials:...head coach Dusan Belic...assistant coach Sinisa Ninkovic...manager Dragisa Latinic

Italia Shooters (blue socks and shirts, black shorts, white numbers and trim)

....................00 Camilo Bensi
12 Alvaro Jaques...23 Andre Stuart...19 Desmond Humphrey...11 Fitzroy Christie
13 Kadien Lecky...18 Bill Androutsos...8 Chris Turner...14 Sean Myers
..............7 Miles O'Connor...3 Gladston Richards

Subs:...01 Pablo Alvarado (gk)...2 Denny Velastegui (def)...5 Stalin Cardenas (mid)...26 Carlos Medina (mid)...22 Geron Duporte (mid)...25 Graig Taylor (mid)...24 Courtney Dennis
team officials:...head coach Tony DeThomasis...assistant coach Sam Medeiros...manager John Pacione...physio Stella Macris...team official Ruben Toro

Game officials:...referee Justin Tasev...referee's assistants Isaac Raymond and Kim Babb...fourth official Emanoil Gherghel...(yellow shirts, black shorts and socks)

1st Half:...game starts 8:09pm...SWE defend south end on this warm evening with a gusty wind from the north and the sun still in the north west.
2 min...IS Lecky 10 yard shot has goalie make point blank save. Lecky is injured on the play and limps off the field.
4 min...SWE player is pushed through ball in IS box but it's ruled offside.
6 min…Shooters Kadien Lecky GOAL…Lecky steals ball from defender and cuts impossible angled 10 yard shot from right into left side of net around SWE Milos Scepanovic and goalie Dusan Belic. (The goal had many similarities to Dwayne DeRosario scoring for Canada against Haiti at the Gold Cup last week).
6 min...IS YELLOW card...Lecky earned it for pulling his shirt off and running down the track in celebration after his goal.
7 min...SWE Neto cornerkick from right has SWE Pop blast ball from left over box.
8 min...SWE player's freekick from 22 yards on right is chipped directly to goalie.
9 min...IS Richards pops up 25 yard chip over goalie out of box but defender has time to clear from box.
11 min...SWE Stojcic injured in ankle at IS 40 yards on check but play carried on.
16 min...IS Turner 35 yard low shot on net is bounced to goalie.
17 min...SWE Neto cross in from 15 yards along end line on left after beating defender. SWE Pop takes 5 yard header that's caught on left post by flying goalie.
19 min...IS O'Connor 30 yard through pass up middle that's picked up by goalie.
20 min...SWE Viciknez 12 yard shot from right has defender pop ball over net.
21 min...SWE Neto cornerkick from right has goalie punch ball out. SWE Viciknez blasts 15 yard shot from left wide left of net.
23 min...IS Androutsis centered loose ball and his 30 yard shot around defender is just wide left.
24 min...IS Lecky beats offside trap and run on right pushes ball is too far and goalie grabs it wide right of post.
24 min...SWE Scepanovic 20 yard shot from left is wide left.
27 min...IS Richards rush to ball on right and he boots past a defender to IS Lecky whose 20 yard shot near right end line is saved by sprawling goalie. IS Lecky retreats from box then collapses with injury.
33 min...IS O'Connor low 25 yard shot up middle bounces to goalie.
36 min...IS Lecky bumped on edge of SWE box draws freekick.
36 min...IS O'Connor rolls freekick along edge of box and IS Yaques blasts 18 yard shot over net.
39 min...SWE player crosses and ball is headed around in IS box but a direct shot on net is cleared.
41 min...SWE Viciknez takes blast off back of his head injurying him just outside center circle.
43 min...SWE Viciknez cuts 22 yard shot from right around players in box and low to goalie for save.
46.35 min...half ends 8:56pm.

2nd Half:...starts 9:11pm.
halftime subs:...SWE Stamatovic replaces Scepanovic.
...............SWE Radovic replaces Pop.
..............SWE Medic replaces Stojcic.
46 min...SWE Neto good run down middle but he's checked on edge of IS box.
47 min...IS Richards 25 yard low kick is caught by diving goalie.
49 min...SWE Kolic 50 yard shot from left is just wide right.
50 min...IS Christie cross from 20 yards on left has two IS players not able to get away shot.
54 min...IS YELLOW card...Christie for hand ball on right corner of box.
55 min...SWE YELLOW card...Kolic for argueing before freekick was taken.
55 min...SWE Neto freekick from 22 yards on right is curved but caught by sprawling goalie.
57 min...IS sub...Cardenas replaces Lecky.
58 min...IS Christie good run down left but blasts 25 yard shot well out of bounds for throw-in.
59 min...IS Richards 30 yard blast up middle is well over net.
61 min...SWE Budalic 50 yard blast up middle through players is wide left of net.
62 min...IS sub...Medina replaces Turner.
64 min...SWE Neto cornerkick from left has leaping SWE player head ball from 7 yards but IS Humphreys pops header over net on goal line.
65 min...SWE Neto cornerkick from right has defender head ball over net.
66 min...SWE Neto cornerkick from right is through SWE players on left post wide left for goal kick. IS goalie was injured on play.
68 min...SWE YELLOW card...Viciknez near center line for complaining about being checked upfield.
69 min...IS YELLOW card...Richards for sliding tackle on SWE Maksimovic at IS 30 yard line.
70 min...SWE Neto 35 yard freekick from right is headed over net by defender.
71 min...SWE Neto cornerkick from right has SWE Kolic head ball over net from 8 yards.
72 min...SWE YELLOW card...Medic for pulling down IS player at center line.
73 min...SWE Kolic pushes IS Yaques off ball after whistle. Referee talks to both players.
74 min...SWE Radovic gets ball from left and heads 8 yarder from right that hits right goalpost and bounces away.
74 min...IS sub...Duporte replaces O'Connor.
76 min...SWE Viciknez gets popped up header by defender and one-touch kick is popped to goalie.
77 min...SWE Neto cornerkick from right has goalie punch ball in crowd of players then he gets knocked over and referee whistles down play.
78 min...SWE sub...Ellerton replaces Viciknez. Medic takes over as captain.
80 min...SWE sub...Janikic replaces Maksimovic.
80 min...IS defender chests ball sent into box and clears.
81 min...IS Duporte shot off defender from 20 yards and ball deflects over to IS Myers on left for a 10 yard shot that's wide left into outside webbing of net.
83 min…Shooters RED card…Fitzroy Christie earns his second Yellow card from referee Justin Tasev for a sliding tackle in which he missed the ball but SWE Nikola Budalic ran into him and was injured at Shooters 35 yard line.
83 min...SWE Medic takes SWE Neto's cornerkick from left but play is whistled down for him climbing on defender's back.
84 min...SWE Radovic rolls pass/cross from right end line and defenders clear.
86 min...IS Cardenas rush on right to ball and pushes pass to IS Myers for 7 yard shot that trickles just wide right of post.
87 min...IS Medina 35 yard shot is well over net.
89 min...IS YELLOW card...Yaques for pulling down player at IS 25 yard line.
89 min...SWE Neto 25 yard freekick up middle is just over net.
92 min…White Eagles RED card…Milan Kolic earned his second Yellow card for jostling with a player in the Shooters box waiting for a freekick.
93 min...IS Androutsis rolls ball over end line when he's set up pass. SWE goalie quick-kicks the goalkick down field.
93 min...SWE Stamatovic pulled down at IS 25 yard line winning freekick.
94 min...SWE Neto 25 yard freekick up middle hits top of bar.
94.50 min...game ends 10:00pm.

Final Score:…..Serbian White Eagles………0………..Italia Shooters…………1………..

Attendance was about 1100 on this warm evening with a gusty wind from the north and the sun still shining in the north west on this the longest day of the year. It’s the biggest crowd I’ve seen of the White Eagles games in their games I’ve been to this year.

This was the first defeat of Serbian White Eagles after four straight wins. Their big problem is their lack of a scoring punch this season. They’ve only scored 9 goals in five games this year. Last year Gabriel Pop had 27 goals and Sasa Viciknez had 23 goals on their own. Pop, Nenad Stojcic and Milos Scepanovic were subbed at halftime in the hopes of stirring things up.

The score line was identical to the Playoff final last year which was deemed a huge upset. This year the Shooters have only allowed 6 goals in nine games while scoring 23. Camilo Benzi earned the shutout for the Shooters with help from his defenders.

The game was very rough with the referee giving out six Yellow cards as well as the two Reds. Both teams were guilty at some points of the game of ‘playing on’ while players were injured instead of kicking the ball out of bounds.

Kadien Lecky almost scored at 2 minutes when he got away a 10 yard point blank shot and was injured on the play. Right after the goal, SWE Hosni Neto (who took many of the cornerkicks and free kicks and played for the USL Toronto Lynx last year) cornerkick from the right had SWE Gabriel Pop blast a shot from the left over the box. A freekick at 8 minutes from 22 yards on the right was chipped directly to the goalie. At 27 minutes IS Gladston Richards rush to ball on right and boots past defender to Lecky whose 10 yard shot near right line saved by sprawling goalie. Lecky then retreated from the box and collapses with an injury. Eventually Lecky would be replaced at 57 minutes.

At 71 minutes, SWE Neto’s cornerkick from right had SWE Milan Kolic head the ball over the net from 8 yards. At 74 minutes, SWE Dragan Radovic gets the ball from left and his 8 yard header from the right hits the right goalpost. Neto had two great freekick chances in injury time to tie the game. At 89 minutes his freekick up the middle was just over the net and at 94 minutes his almost identical positioned shot grazed the top of the bar.

Rocket Robin

Shooters starters

White Eagles starters

Milos Scepanovic lines up freekick.

In game action.

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