Result of the Sunday July 16, 2006 USL game between Toronto Lynx and Atlanta Silverbacks played at Centennial Stadium in Etobicoke at 6:00pm.

Toronto Lynx (yellow socks and shirts, black shorts, names, and numbers)

.........................22 Theo Zagar
14 Cameron Medwin...6 Andres Arango...3 Rick Titus (cpt)...12 Marko Bedenikovic
13 Jamie Dodds...23 Gordon Chin...8 Kevin Jeffrey...20 Robbie Aristodemo
....................15 Matthew Palleschi...2 Damien Pottinger

Subs:...1 Richard Goddard (gk)...10 Ryan Anstey (fwd)...16 Niels Dekker (mid)...19 Jeremy Shepherd (fwd)...18 Aaron Steele (def)...21 Osni Neto (mid)
team officials:...head coach Duncan Wilde...assistant coaches Billy Steele, Joe Mattacchione, and Theo Zagar...medical co-ordinator Dr Robert Gringmuth...trainer Matt Daher...equipment manager Jim Healy

Atlanta Silverbacks (all white, silver names and numbers, black trim)

.......................1 Felipe Quintero
00 Antonio de la Torre...6 Matthew Bobo...14 Omar Jarun...5 David Hayes
16 Josh Smith...12 Tony McManus...11 Rodrigo Rios...2 Scott Buete
..................7 Jason McLaughlin...23 Machel Millwood

Subs:...0 Shaun Kalnasy (gk)...3 Joseph Afful (def)...4 Adilson De Lima (def)...8 Liam George (mid/fwd)...9 Fabian Dawkins (fwd)...10 Alex Pineda-Chacon (mid/fwd)
team officials:...head coach Jason Smith...assistant coaches Jukka Masalin and Ted MacDougall

Game officials:...referee Paul Ward...referee's assistants Amato DeLuca and Micheal Lambert...fourth official Steve DePietro...(all black uniforms)

1st Half:...game starts 6:04pm...Lynx defend north end on this very hot and humid evening with the sun from the west.
1 min...Lynx Dodds cross from right has ball soar then bounce to goalie.
3 min...AS Millwood cross from left is over player in box wide right for goalkick.
4 min...AS Millwood 30 yard shot up middle and ball deflects off defender wide right.
4 min...Lynx defender head away AS Hayes cornerkick from right.
5 min...Lynx Titus recovers after push through to knock away through ball.
6 min...Lynx Palleschi wins cornerkick when AS player from behind knocks away ball.
6 min...Lynx Aristodemo cornerkick from right has Lynx Chin charge to 20 yard to one-touch shot into crowd in box.
7 min...Lynx Aristodemo cornerkick from right has ball cleared.
8 min...AS McLaughlin rush to middle and 25 yard shot is well over net.
10 min...Lynx Pottinger 20 yard blast from left is blocked by defender.
11 min...Lynx Palleschi bashes by defender hand ball swat but goalie slides out at 10 yards to grab ball.
13 min...Lynx Palleschi out races defender on right to cross in ball on end line.
13 min...Lynx Pottinger low 20 yard roller is weak to left post for goalie to pick up.
15 min...Lynx Palleschi breaks from right and cuts in 25 yard shot that rolls to goalie with Lynx Pottinger partial deflection.
17 min...AS Millwood run down middle, held up touches ball back to AS Rios who sends 22 yard shot well over net.
18 min...Lynx YELLOW card...Dodds for tackle leg sweep on AS McManus from side near center line after both teams get in some slide tackles.
19 min...Lynx goalie to edge of box to pick up through ball.
20 min...AS Rios pass to AS Millwood on left for cross and he crosses from 15 yards has goalie fist ball through box.
21 min...Lynx Aristodemo 30 yard cross from right is caught by goalie.
23 min...Lynx Bedenikovic throw-in from left gets ball back and 15 yard low cross is stopped by goalie.
24 min...AS player can't get away shot on edge of box.
25 min...AS De La Torre 30 yard follw up shot is blasted well above net.
26 min...Lynx Palleschi given ball on right and long run but two defenders squeeze him at 12 yard prevent shot.
27 min...Lynx Dodds cornerkick from left to parimeter. Lynx Bedenikovic finishes with cross from 30 yards on right has defender head ball through box over three Lynx forwards.
32 min...Lynx Medwin 35 yard ball into box from right has defender head away.
33 min...Lynx Aristodemo has pass on edge of box from right is intercepted.
34 min...Lynx Chin 55 yard shot just misses dropping into top left corner of net.
36 min...Lynx Jeffrey injured in AS end.
37 min...Lynx goalie picks up long shot into box.
38 min...AS Hayes 60 yard freekick into box whistled offside.
41 min...Lynx Chin good dribbling holding off three defenders on right has cross to Lynx Palleschi who one touch blasts 20 yarder well high left.
42 min...Lynx Titus heads behind end line to prevent AS player possession.
42 min...AS Hayes cornerkick from right has AS McLaughlin head ball on left from 7 yards wide left.
44 min...Lynx Jeffrey wins cornerkick on right keeping two AS defenders at cornerflag.
45 min...Lynx Aristodemo from right has Lynx Pottinger head from 8 yards on left and defender head ball off goal line.
46 min...half ends 6:50pm.

2nd Half:...starts 7:06pm.
halftime subs:...AS George replaces Rios.
.......................AS De Lima replaces Jarun.
45 min...AS George pushes pass on left forward to AS Millwood who has Lynx defender slide to knock ball out for throw-in.
46 min...AS Smith can't win freekick when he dives at Lynx 22 yard line.
49 min...AS YELLOW card...McManus for throwing ball away after whistle for his handball.
50 min...Lynx Jeffrey called for handball in AS box jumping to knock down ball.
51 min...Lynx YELLOW card....Chin for knock on AS McManus in center circle.
52 min...Lynx sub...Dekker replaces Chin.
.............Lynx sub...Shepherd replaces Pottinger.
52 min...Lynx goalie catches 50 yard shot into box.
54 min...Lynx Dodds pops up 12 yard header from left for AS goalie.
55 min...Lynx Bedenikovic 18 yard roller has goalie dive to save when given pass from middle.
56 min...Lynx Jeffrey 35 yard blast through players just over bar.
57 min...Lynx Matthew Palleschi GOAL...Lynx Robbie Aristodemo in middle passes over heads of defenders to left and Palleschi gets ball at 12 yards and from left takes 10 yarder low over diving goalie Felipe Quintero to right corner of net.
58 min...Lynx YELLOW card...Dekker for interference.
59 min...AS players on 5 on 2 on edge of Lynx box has player miss connecting on bicycle kick.
61 min...AS De Lima pushes Lynx Palleschi off ball as Lynx Jeffrey feeds him ball up middle. No Penalty call.
62 min...AS sub...Dawkins replaces Smith.
62 min...Lynx goalie catches cross from left into box.
63 min...Lynx Aristodemo 40 yard freekick has defender head away.
64 min...AS Dawkins gets ball in middle, rounds defender but 15 yard cross too far ahead for AS forward near left end line.
65 min...Lynx Palleschi heads too far ahead and goalie picks up ball on edge of box.
66 min...AS Dawkins intercept of give away and 25 yard chip from right is well over net.
67 min...Lynx Dekker ends Lynx pressure on edge of AS box with blast over net.
68 min...Lynx Arango intercepts 2 on 1 break up middle.
69 min...Lynx Dodds called offside on pass-chip into box.
70 min...Lynx Palleschi saves ball from right on left end line with cross through box that's unplayed.
73 min...Lynx Aristodemo pushes pass too far into AS box.
73 min...Lynx sub...Anstey replaces Aristodemo.
75 min...AS sub...Afful replaces McManus.
76 min...AS McLaughlin low cross through box from right has defender block shot from left.
76 min...Lynx Titus heads ball back to goalie to break up 1 on 1.
77 min...AS player's 30 yard shot has goalie in crowd of players punch ball out of box.
78 min...AS Afful 60 yard freekick has ball over everyone wide left.
78 min...AS sub...Pineda-Chacon replaces Hayes.
78 min...Lynx Medwin 25 yard shot over crowd over net.
80 min...Lynx Palleschi 30 yard shot up middle is saved.
81 min...AS players 20 yard shot up middle rolls to goalie.
82 min...Lynx sub...Neto replaces Palleschi.
82 min...Lynx Jeffrey breaks through for header from 7 yards but right to goalie only 2 yards away.
83 min...AS McLaughlin heads popper over charging goalie and ball bounces wide right with defender shadowing it.
84 min...Lynx Neto races in on two AS defender but can't get away shot.
85 min...AS George heads from 20 yard to goalie who saves.
86 min...Lynx defenders block AS shot attempts.
87 min...Silverbacks RED card...Defender Antonio De La Torre earns this direct ejection for an elbow on Lynx Kevin Jeffrey on edge of Lynx box.
88 min...AS player's 30 yard freekick from left has AS Millwood head ball.
89 min...Lynx Neto rush down left wing and rolls cross that Lynx Anstey has blocked from 15 yards by defender.
90 min...Lynx Shepherd injured at AS 22 yard line and is stretchered off field.
Fourth officials signals five minutes of injury time.
93 min...Lynx sub...Steele replaces injured Shepherd.
94 min...Lynx Neto run across edge of AS box and cuts in 15 yard shot that's just wide right of post.
95 min...AS YELLOW card...Dawkins at center line for knock on Lynx player.
97 min...AS George cuts in shot that Lynx Arango saves on line with foot. AS player is then called offside in box when rebound is worked back into box.
98 min...Lynx goalie charges out to dive on through ball to AS Dawkins.
98 min...game ends 7:59pm.

Final Score:........Toronto Lynx............1..................Atlanta Silverbacks............0......

Attendance was announced as 1949 but I would estimate no more than 500 because it looked about half of last nightís Lady Lynx game. Tonight was Mascot Night and along with declining attendance from previous years, there were only seven mascots in the halftime soccer game this year (about half of last year). Of course being in a heavy costume on this extremely hot and humid day would be a struggle for anyone. I thought Atlanta would thrive in this hot weather but they had played a home game in Atlanta the night before whopping Portland Timbers 4-0 and they had no extra boost in the second half.

The added-on time was a nail biting five minutes and that was after Lynx Jeremy Sheppard was injured at the Atlanta 22 yard line at 90 minutes and needed to be stretchered off the field. Itís the worst injury Iíve seen this year. Guys have needed help limping off but to really need a stretcher must be pretty serious. It looked like a leg injury. [It turns out it is a broken leg and he will be out for the season]. Atlanta pulled out the stops in the five minutes and it needed Andres Arango to stop a ball off the line and goalie Theo Zagar to charge out and dive on a through ball ahead of Atlantaís Fabian Dawkins.

Theo Zagar earned the shutout for the Lynx with not much to do until the last 15 minutes. He got caught out at 83 minutes with AS Jason McLaughlin popping a header over him while he charged out and a defender watching it bounce just wide right of the post. The defence of Cameron Medwin, Andres Arango, Rick Titus, and Marko Bedenikovic deserve credit for limiting the Silverbacks from setting up shots on the edge of the box with many blocks and rushed chances.

Some of the Silverback defenders towered over the Lynx shorter players like Robbie Aristodemo and Matthew Palleschi but Palleschi was faster and was able to turn a few of them inside out. Kevin Jeffrey was once again allowed to roam in the midfield like he did for the first time in the Friday night Open Canada Cup game against Serbian White Eagles of the CSL local Ontario league. Gordon Chin was improved from his first games of the season and held off three Silverbacks on the right at 41 minutes and crossed to Palleschi who one-touch blasted 20 yarder well high and left of the net. At 45 minute, Aristodemoís cornerkick from the right had Damien Pottinger head the ball from 8 yards on the left and a defender had to head it off the line.

Lynx players Joe Mattacchione and David DiPlacido watched the game from the stands as they are still injured.

The Lynx win their third home game in a row in USL matches and now have a total of three wins in 15 games. Thatís three victories playing against a team thatís played the day before. The two previous wins had Rochester Raging Rhinos soften up their opponents. They now tie Minnesota Thunder for 11 points for 11th place in the standings by beating tonightís 5th place team.

Rocket Robin

Silverbacks starters

Lynx starters

halftime mascots game

Matthew Palleschi talks to one of his fans

Lynx post game autograph session

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