Result of the Friday September 22, 2006 CSL game between Serbian White Eagles and London City played at Centennial Stadium in Etobicoke at 8:15pm.

Serbian White Eagles (all white, blue numbers and names)

.........................23 Dusan Belic
7 Mario Ostojic...2 Sinisa Ninkovic...16 Joshua Gordon...6 Mirko Medic
22 Dragan Radovic...8 Nenad Stojcic...20 Milan Jancsevic...15 Milos Scepanovic
...............11 Gabrijel Pop...9 Sasa Viciknez (cpt)

Subs:...1 Miodrag Bogdanovic (gk)...4 Mark Jankovic (def)...21 Alex Braletic (fwd)...19 Nikola Lukic (def)...12 Alex Apetri (fwd)...5 Slobodan Djokic (fwd)
team officials:...head coach Dragoslav Sekularac...manager Boro Mijovic...physio Dean Stambolic

London City (white socks and numbers, black shorts, red shorts and "Time Warp" logo on chest)

..........................1 Craig Boytchuk
34 Marco Peeters...29 Jeff Brown...66 Louie Fotia...14 Cody Workman
42 James Twinem...2 Mohcine Talouati...23 Mazdak Sarrat...30 Jeremy Norris
...................8 Gentjan Dervishi (cpt)...20 Miguel Knox

Subs:...12 Karim Ben Sari (mid)...13 Douglas Salgado (mid)...16 Bernard Al Chaar (mid)...19 Shawn Ord (def)
team officials:...head coach Harry Paul Gauss...assistant coaches Ihor Boytchuk, Larry Mote, and Ron Cecchin...physio Steve Bozso...assistant manager Richard Marsden

1st Half:...game starts 8:30pm...SWE defend south end on this rainy night played on a wet field.
1 min...SWE Scepanovic cross from left after run has defender head ball away.
2 min...SWE Pop 22 yard shot from right through crowd of players is wide left.
3 min...SWE Milos Scepanovic runs into LC box and is squeezed by two defenders eventually falling over. Referee Michael Lambert signals a Penalty kick.
4 min...SWE Sasa Viciknez's Penalty kick is blasted off right goalpost and deflects straight out. SWE Milan Janosevic blasts 22 yard rebound that deflects off defender over net.
5 min...SWE player's cornerkick from left has SWE player kick wide left from 15 yards on right.
12 min...LC Dervishi 35 yard freeekick from right is headed away by defender on edge of box.
14 min...SWE Viciknez cornerkick from right is headed away by leaping defender with crowd of players in box.
15 min...SWE Viciknez's low 30 yard shot is smothered by goalie.
18 min...LC goalie catches 25 yard cross from right.
19 min...SWE Ostojic throw-in from right is over end line for goalkick.
20 min...SWE Pop 20 yard roller up middle stopped by goalie.
21 min...SWE Gabriel Pop GOAL...SWE Milos Scepanovic runs from left near end line 12 yards wide of net and crosses over defenders and Pop on right blasts in 10 yarder to left side of net.
23 min...LC Dervishi cornerkick from left is over players in box.
24 min...SWE Viciknez 30 yard freekick from left has flying SWE Medic head ball wide left from 12 yards.
26 min...SWE Viciknez bends in 30 yard cross from left is caught by goalie.
26 min...SWE Gordon bends in 30 yard cross from left that's caught by goalie.
27 min...SWE Gordon cross into box has ball deflect off defenders shoulder in box and loose ball is cleared by another defender.
28 min...SWE Gordon cross from 20 yards on left drifts behind net.
29 min...LC sub...Al Chaar replaces Workman.
30 min...SWE Pop tripped at LC 22 yard line while waiting for pass. Freekick awarded.
31 min...SWE Sasa Viciknez GOAL...Viciknez has 22 yard freekick up middle. He curls ball over 6 man wall and into the top right side of net without City goalie Craig Boytchuk moving from the center of the net.
Now it's really raining hard!
33 min...SWE Viciknez cornerkick from right is short and he crosses ball into box but it's cleared. SWE Scepanovic blasts 25 yard shot off target.
35 min...LC goalie misses ball but gets back in time to dive on ball when SWE Pop slides in but can't get to ball as defender blocks him.
35 min...LC Dervishi cornerkick from left has nearest defender head ball over own net.
36 min...LC Dervishi cornerkick from right has defender block and win freekick as LC player tackles from behind.
38 min...SWE Jancsevic eludes two defenders and hits right post from 12 yards and rebound cleared.
40 min...SWE Scepanovic cross from left has defender block in box.
41 min...SWE goalie charges out to catch bouncer ahead of LC forward. SWE Viciknez on fast break crosses through box one step ahead of charging forward.
42 min...SWE Radovic 22 yard shot through defenders sstopped by goalie.
45 min...SWE Sasa Viciknez GOAL...Viciknez gets cross from left and blasts 15 yard shot into left side of net.
47 min...LC players head left ball sit in own net until SWE player ends up getting it.
47 min...As soon as game restarted in center circle, referee blew halftime whistle.

2nd Half:...starts 9:35pm.
halftime sub:...SWE Jankovic replaces Ninkovic.
.................LC sub...Ben Sari replaces Norris.
45 min...SWE goalie recovers to beat LC Al Chaar to ball in box.
46 min...SWE Viciknez 30 yard freekick from right is curled just wide right.
47 min...SWE Pop can't turn header from 8 yards on cross from left.
48 min...LC Al Chaar cross from right has diving SWE Jankovic heads ball clear.
49 min...LC Al Chaar cross from right end line has goalie catch over head.
50 min...SWE Pop rolls weak 18 yarder to goalie.
51 min...SWE Medic injured on sliding pop check to keep LC Dervishi away from through ball.
52 min...SWE Janosevic run from left through crowd of players and 18 yard shot is caught by goalie.
53 min...LC Talouati 30 yard blast over crowd of players up middle well over net.
55 min...SWE Janosevic pass up to SWE Viciknez who pokes ball to SWE Pop whose 10 yard shot to left side of net is flagged offside.
I noticed that the rain has finally stopped.
56 min...SWE Viciknez 35 yard freekick from left is whistled down on edge of box.
57 min...LC Sarrat cross from left is caught by goalie over three LC players, SWE goalie throws ball for fast break and SWE Viciknez crosses chip from 20 yards on right that has SWE Scepanovic just step behind and 6 yard cross into webbing of net.
58 min...SWE Scepanovic 15 yard shot from left is over net.
59 min...SWE sub...Lukic replaces Medic.
60 min...LC Peeters 55 yard freekick from right has goalie fumble on edge of box but then kicks ball out.
61 min...SWE Pop 22 yard kick up middle has diving goalie push ball wide right of post.
64 min...SWE Viciknez cornerkick from right is short and back for him to cross, dharging SWE Jankovic heads wide left from 2 yards.
65 min...SWE Radovic given centering pass and blasts 20 yard roller wide right.
66 min...LC Dervishi cornerkick from right has defender clear. LC Sarrat blast partial rebound off defender over net.
68 min...SWE sub...Djokic replaces Janosevic.
68 min...LC Dervishi cornerkick from left is well over players in box and to goalie.
72 min...LC Dervishi 35 yard freekick up middle is blasted well over bar.
76 min...SWE sub...Apetri replaces Viciknez...Viciknez gives captain's armband to Stojcic. Some fans let fireworks off (not flares).
80 min...SWE Ostojic charge to ball on right and cross just one step ahead of charging SWE Pop who misses on short shot. Another SWE forward knocks ball wide left.
82 min...LC Knox cross from left is over defender in box and LC Al Chaar charging in on right kicks 6 yarder wide right.
83 min...SWE sub...Bogdanovic replaces Belic in goal.
84 min...SWE Scepanovic given cross and 10 yard shot deflected wide left by sliding defender.
85 min...LC YELLOW card...Dervishi for tackle on edge of LC box.
86 min...LC sub...Salgado reaplaces Al Chaar.
86 min...SWE Pop wastes 29 yard freekick with chip into LC player's wall.
87 min...SWE player given pass alone at 8 yards and rolls shot wide left.
89 min...SWE Gabriel Pop GOAL...SWE Dragan Radovic long run from SWE 40 yard line on right has him give short centering pass to Pop and he kicks in 6 yard roller to middle of net as goalie had to guard short right side.
91 min...game ends 10:21pm.

Final Score:......Serbian White Eagles.....4.......London City.......0.........

Attendance was about 600 on this rainy night. There’d been rain before the game but it had stopped. Then the rain became really hard in the first half. This may have cut into the crowd tonight. Also the White Eagles will be playing Toronto Croatia at Lamport Stadium on Sunday night. I didn’t notice any flares tonight but just star shooters which are what are usually in the family pack of Victoria Day fireworks.

White Eagles dominated the game although there were many chances they couldn’t finish. Setting up Gabriel Pop for the last goal would be a boost to the team because they’d given him a few chances and he’d headed wide from 1 yard and was a step behind charging into the City box and turning a cross another few times. Milan Jancsevic had eluded two defenders at 38 minutes but hit the right post from 12 yards and the rebound was cleared.

Dusan Belic and Miodrag Bogdanovic ‘shared’ the shutout for the White Eagles. Belic played the first 83 minutes and backup goalie Bogdanovic was given a few minutes.

The White Eagles defence mostly kept the shots at long range with no rebounds.

After the second goal, London City players again didn’t make a move to get the ball out of the net and waited until a White Eagles player got it out and carried it back to center. This was exactly what happened last week in their game with Toronto Croatia. That got the crowd booing. They also didn’t like the City team captain and cornerkick/freekick specialist Gentjan Dervishi.

The White Eagles announced their playoff date (they’re guaranteed to be seeded either first or third out of the eight playoff bound teams. It will be Monday October 2nd at Centennial Stadium. This makes sense as their last regular season game will be a make-up game against Toronto Supra Portuguese on the preceding Thursday. The finals of the playoffs will be Thanksgiving Monday October 9th at Esther Shiner Stadium UNLESS the game is between White Eagles and Croatia and in that case it will be held on Sunday October 15th at Lamport Stadium.

White Eagles starters

London City starters

London City's Bernard Al Chaar reminded me of one of my favourite comic strips growing up.

Rocket Robin

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