Wed May 31, 2006 CSL London City vs Windsor Border Stars pregame set up (from London Free Press)

Wed, May 31, 2006


London City has never hesitated to take its show on the road to benefit soccer in other communities and Strathroy is the latest stop the Canadian Soccer League team will make to boost interest. City will play in the first game under the lights at what was called York Street Fields.

City will play Windsor Border Stars in a Locust Cup game in Strathroy at Henk Van Dyk Stadium tonight at 8 p.m.

"It's the first game under the lights," said City coach/manager Harry Gauss. "It's a big night for them. They're working toward an enclosed (field.) The proceeds from the game will go toward Strathroy minor soccer. As an organization, we love to do what we can to help minor soccer."

City opened Tillsonburg's new facility last year against Montreal, as well as opening a new facility in Joliet, Que., against Laval Dynamite and in Exeter against Toronto Supra.

It'll be a big night for two Strathroy natives who are with City. Craig Boytchuk is a 17-year-old second-year goalie and brother Jason is an 18-year-old rookie defender. Both attend Strathroy District high school.

Gauss said the game will be a good chance to have a look at a surprising find out of Prince Edward Island, Michel Daoust. He's 18 and played at Western. There are two kinds of strikers, the strong, bull-like striker that's difficult to move off the ball and the ghost-like striker that appears from nowhere and can score from a half chance. Daoust makes the most of his chances.

"We were looking at Timothy (Khaemba) to do our scoring but since he's left (financial dispute), Daoust's really shown what he can do," Gauss said. "He's a young kid and you don't want to put too much on his shoulders, but he's good. I love him."

This is the third year for the Locust Cup. It's a challenge between teams who've won it against teams who've won the Canada Cup. Windsor and London have been the only winners and will play for the Locust. Whoever winds up with more points between the two teams in four league games and two Locust Cup games, gets the trophy. The first game was also the CSL opener in Windsor and wound up 0-0.

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