September 11, 2006 CSL Serbian White Eagles vs Toronto Croatia (from HamiltonSteelers on Voyageurs message board)


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Posted - 09/12/2006 : 12:02:49

For the record...

SWE 3 - Tor. Croatia 1

Pop was sent off shortly after it went 2-0. The Croatians outnumbered the Serbs in the stands, but the Serbs were organized and looked and sounded impressive. Their countdown-banner-flare move was quite the envy of the few BHTC in attendance.

The players, for the most part, were rather classy in the face of an ethnic distaste that was brought with them when they emigrated.

After a flare hit the turf and started to burn the carpet, an announcement rang over the tannoy stating that if another flare is lit, stadium management would shut the lights off and the game would be over. Croatia were awarded a penalty which they converted on, to make it 3-1. The Croatians lit 4 or 5 flares, a roman candle and threw a few of the flares onto the field.

They killed the lights, and the game was called with 15 mins left in the match.

Idiots. It was such a quality match and they had to ruin the end, which was sure to be a good finish.

I guesstimated over 2000 for the match. Serbs on the north stand, Croats on the south. The venue was moved due to the demo'ing of the north stand at Brian Timmis. $15 to get in, and it was an entertaining match... very good atmosphere and the SWE looked a step or two ahead of TC for most of the game.

I was afraid that this might be the catalyst of a Hamilton Serbians (local league & cup winners, Open cup QF) or Hamilton Croatia club in the CSL. I say "afraid" since this isn't the kind of club I want to support, but who am I anyways :)

That being said, if this is a regular fixture in Hamilton, I'm there. Too bad most weren't there for a match (the Croatians anyways... little to no applause for attempts, shots, saves).

Many CSL 'dignitaries' were in attendance, including a certain manager from London... 4 rows infront.

Ran into Zelko Dukic, ex-Hamilton... always a class act and it was good to see him there.

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