Result of the Saturday September 16, 2006 CSL game between Caribbean Selects and Brampton Stallions played at Birchmount Stadium in Scarborough at 8:00pm.

Caribbean Selects (black socks, shirts, and numbers, red shirts, white trim)

..........................1 Ramon McIntosh
20 ????????????...13 David Palmer...7 Errol Hankle...4 Quincy Cooper
..............17 Kamal Mude...10 Mario Osbourne (cpt)...27 Jason Garcia
..............23 Dwayne Osbourne...9 Lawson Cordice...15 Keon Cordice

Subs:...(I can't remember now in this expanded November writeup if any of these guys were actually there as the Selects made no subs in the game)...22 James Lewis (def)...18 Corcel Blair (swp)...11 Simon Mais (mid)...8 Julius Caesar (mid)...14 Greg McKenzie (mid)...7 George Salesman (fwd)...21 John Lewis (fwd)
team officials:...assistant coach Ken Dawson...technical director Corcel Blair...manager Awel Salesman...owner Neil Palmer

Brampton Stallions (white socks, numbers and trim, black shorts and shirts)

......................93 Jason Lukkarenen
14 Andre Stewart...24 Marlon Dyke...3 Gladston Richards...18 Ryan Williams
19 Lexton Hurlock...16 Michael Aigbokie...23 Greg Magdorn...7 Kevin McIntosh
...................5 Andre DeAndrade...10 Hugo Herrera

Subs:...12 Roy Blanche (gk)...31 Jorge Silva (fwd)...20 Juan Carlos Mongui (mid)...22 Chris Russo (mid)...21 Paul Dhillon (def)...30 Adrian Johnson (def)
team officials:...head coach Paul Dhillon...assistant coach Stefan Stefanov...manager Tony Castell...official Joseph Fuliere

Game officials:...referee Greg Fabi...referee's assistants Mickey Doneve and Gianni Facchini...fourth official Karen Legault...(yellow shirts, black shorts and socks)

1st Half:...game starts 8:00pm...CS defend north end on this mild night...All times are converted from my wristwatch.
5 min...CS Lawson Cordice passes right at center to set CS Keon Cordice away on break.
6 min...CS Lawson Cordice away on break and runs out of room, pass to CS Keon Cordice who has short shot blocked.
7 min...BS goalie catches chip shot from left.
8 min...BS Richards blasts 35 yard centered shot well over net.
9 min...BS Stewart heads ball wide left form 7 yards.
9 min...CS Lawson Cordice weak roller from 20 yards to goalie.
10 min...CS Mude rush on right has cross to CS Keon Cordice who one-touches 15 yard shot off sprawling goalie and left post.
11 min...BS player's 20 yard shot has goalie deflect ball wide right of net.
11 min...BS Aigbokie cornerkick from right has BS Herrera head 7 yard shot wide left.
12 min...BS goalie slides out to grab through ball.
20 min...CS goalie catches 20 yard shot from right.
21 min...BS Herrera after working short cornerkick from left blasts 12 yard roller from left wide left.
22 min...BS sub...Blanche replaces Lukkarenen in goal! (but not because of injury).
23 min...CS Mario Osbourne chips 22 yard freekick from left into BS box where defender heads ball away. CS Mude hooks 20 yard shot from right over his goalie's head but he catches it.
24 min...BS goalie catches low 20 yard shot.
25 min...BS Magdorn run on left and low cross is through box. Magdorn then does it again and puts ball through box ahead of BS players.
26 min...CS Dwayne Osbourne cross from right one step ahead of CS Lawson Cordice.
28 min...Stallions Hugo Herrera GOAL...Stallions Ryan Williams on left crosses from 15 yards 5 yards from end line and Herrera from 5 yards on right kicks ball into left corner of net.
30 min...BS Richards injured in own end.
31 min...Selects Dwayne Osbourne GOAL...Selects Mario Osbourne feeds the ball up middle for his brother and Dwayne Osbourne takes 15 yard low shot is under sprawling goalie Roy Blanche 8 yards out.
31 min...CS YELLOW card...Dwayne Osbourne earns a Yellow card for pulling off his shirt.
32 min...CS Mario Osbourne blasts 18 yarder from right just over net.
34 min...CS Dwayne Osbourne injured near sideline at center line.
37 min...CS Dwayne Osbourne given pass up right wing and cross caught by goalie.
37 min...BS Magdorn injured in own end at 40 yards.
40 min...CS Keon Cordice 30 yard blast up middle through crowd of players and hits top of crossbar on right corner of net.
41 min...BS Herrera gets through ball but CS goalie dives out and takes it off his feet on edge of box injurying him. Herrera needs to be helped off the field.
42 min...BS Hurlock on rush on right catches goalie slipping and rolls 12 yarder into side of net on deflection.
43 min...BS Silva replaces injured Herrera.
43 min...BS Aigbokie cornerkick from right drifts behind net.
44 min...CS Mario Osbourne 30 yard freekick from right has charging CS Dwayne Osbourne pop up 7 yard header wide left as he and defender and goalie crash together.
46 min...half ends 8:46pm.

2nd Half:...starts 8:57pm.
CS starts without CS Dwayne Osbourne being treated on bench and play short for the first 5 minutes.
47 min...CS goalie beats BS Aigbokie to ball on left side.
49 min...BS DeAndrade 25 yard blast from right is caught by goalie.
50 min...CS player's cornerkick from left has defender head away but CS Cooper blasts 22 yard rebound just over net.
52 min...BS DeAndrade blasts 40 yard shot from right is well over net.
54 min...Stallions Jorge Silva GOAL...Stallions Kevin McIntosh 18 yard freekick from right has Silva on left kick in tap 3 yarder into net.
61 min...both teams have been called on offside plays.
62 min...BS Silva leaps to head ball for through ball rush from 30 yards but ball rolls to goalie.
63 min...CS Keon Cordice 30 yard freekick from left is just over bar near top right corner.
65 min...BS YELLOW card...Stewart for injurying CS Mario Osbourne on body check near CS player bench at BS 40 yard line.
66 min...CS Keon Cordice 40 yard freekick from left has charging goalie punch out ball.
66 min...CS defender gets back into play in time to break up 2 on 1 rush on left.
67 min...BS Kevin McIntosh cornerkick from left has goalie catch in crowd of players.
68 min...BS Kevin McIntosh cornerkick from left has leaping goalie catch ball in crowd of players.
69 min...CS players have chances in BS box in furious action including CS Dwayne Osbourne heading 3 yarder off crossbar with ball staying out.
72 min...CS YELLOW card...Mario Osbourne for sliding trip on BS Andrade injurying him at CS 20 yard line on right.
73 min...BS Kevin McIntosh 30 yard freekick from right has BS Johnson (hey, when did he come on?) head 15 yarder for CS goalie to push away.
73 min...BS Richards blasts 35 yarder well high and wide right of net.
74 min...Selects Lawson Cordice GOAL...Lawson Cordice on run to ball on right blasts 22 yarder from right to top left corner of net.
75 min...CS goalie catches cornerkick from left. CS goalie then has to catch cross from right from 25 yards.
79 min...BS Dyke cornerkick from right has BS Silva head 8 yarder on left to goalie.
80 min...BS Johnson cross from right has charging BS Silva not able to head ball back to keep in play.
82 min...BS Richards 25 yard freekick blasts shot over net.
82 min...BS sub...Russo replaces Johnson.
...............BS sub...Mongui replaces Aigbokie.
83 min...BS Silva has 20 yard shot blocked by defender.
84 min...BS DeAndrade cornerkick from right has BS McIntosh pinball 15 yard shot through players legs in box but cleared.
85 min...BS goalie out of net clears from 35 yards in BS end and BS Hurlock heads to goalie from 25 yards.
86 min...CS Keon Cordice cornerkick from right has leaping CS Lawson Cordice head 7 yarder off left post.
89 min...BS Kevin McIntosh 20 yard freekick from right has goalie get arm to it and CS defender sliding scissor kick to clear ball out of box.
90 min...BS Richards pops up 10 yard header that's caught by goalie.
91 min...BS Silva 35 yard blast from right on rush is into short right webbing of net.
93 min...Stallions Jorge Silva GOAL...Selects goalie Ramon McIntosh had made a flying save on BS players 12 yard shot up middle and ball is pushed over to Stallions Juan Carlos Mongui who crosses with chip through box from 10 yards from right and Silva boots 6 yard kick into net that’s deflected off Select defender about 1 yard off line and lands in net.
93 min...game ends.

Final Score:......Caribbean Selects...........2.............Brampton Stallions.........3............

Attendance was about 35 on this mild night.

Stallions win on the last kick of the game. They have a home game tomorrow against Italia Shooters. They better tighten up their defence as Selects had many breakthroughs. Hard luck for the Selects who have only one league win this year.

Non scoring highlights include Stallions Andre Stewart heading a shot wide left from 7 yards at 9 minutes. One minute later Selects Kamal Mude rushing on right crossed to Keon Cordice and his 15 yard shot is off sprawling goalie and left post. A Stallions player sent in a 20 yard shot had the goalie deflect wide right. The resulting cornerkick by Michael Aigbokie found Hugo Herrera head a 7 yard shot wide left. After the Selects goal, Mario Osbourne almost scored himself when he blasted an 18 yarder from the right just over the net at 32 minutes. At 40 minutes Keon Cordice 30 yard blast up the middle through crowd of players hit the top of the crossbar on the right side of the net. A minute later Herrera got a through ball but the goalie dived out and took it off his feet on edge of the box and Herrera was injured and was eventually subbed off. Stallions Lexon Hurlock rolled a 12 yarder that a Selects defender helps deflect away after the goalie had slipped. At 44 minutes, Mario Osbourne’s 30 yard freekick from right had the charging Dwayne Osbourne pop up a 7 yard header wide left as he and a Stallions defender and goalie all crash together.

In the second half at 50 minutes, a Selects cornerkick from the left had a defender head away but CS Quincy Cooper blast the 22 yard rebound just over the net. At 63 minutes, Selects Keon Cordice’s 30 yard freekick from the left was just over the top right corner of net. Ramon McIntosh for the Selects caught two cornerkicks in a row sent in by BS Kevin McIntosh at 67 minutes. At 68 minutes their were a number of chances in the Stallions box with the closest when Dwayne Osbourne headed a 3 yarder off the crossbar and the ball staying out. At 73 minutes Kevin McIntosh’s 30 yard freekick from right had Adrian Johnson head 15 yarder to the goalie to push wide. Stallions Marlon Dyke’s cornerkick from the left had Jorge Silva head an 8 yarder on the left to the goalie. At 86 minutes, CS Keon Cordice cornerkick from the right had a leaping Lawson Cordice head a 7 yarder off the left post. At 88 minutes Kevin McIntosh 20 yard freekick from the right had goalie get an arm to it and a defender slide to make a scissor kick clearance.

Stallions started the game with back up Jason Lukkarenen in net but he was injured and subbed out at the 22 minute mark with an injury and Roy Blanche, the first stringer came in. Blanche would have been the starter but he told me after the game he was stuck in traffic.

One big family: Selects Mario and Dwayne Osbourne are brothers and so are Keon and Lawson Cordice. Goaltender Ramon McIntosh is not related to Stallions defender Kevin McIntosh. Some of the players on both teams knew each other from playing for the S-Squad of the Caribbean League (like Gladston Richards aka “Scratchie” of the Stallions) and being good naturedly heckled by some in the crowd who also were team-mates on that team. I’d seen the end of their game last week before the CSL Selects vs. Laval game started.

Rocket Robin

Stallions players before the game

Selects players before the game

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