September 10, 2006 CSL Serbian White Eagles vs Toronto Croatia pre-game (from CSL website)

Sunday - September 10, 2006
Ivor Wynne switch

Toronto Croatia and Serbian White Eagles will resume their rivalry Monday with the second of three regular season games and the venue has been switched to Ivor Wynne Stadium in Hamilton, an 8 pm kickoff.

The game was originally scheduled for Brian Timmis Stadium in Hamilton, but on Friday the league was informed of a problem with the second stand at Brian Timmis and for several hours there was a possibility the game would be postponed..

“The City of Hamilton and the Ivor Wynne management stepped in to help us out as soon as they realized how much preparation has gone into this game. They offered the use of Ivor Wynne Stadium next door and we accepted,” said Cary Kaplan, CSL commissioner.

The home of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats was used for several pre-season exhibition games by CSL teams during May, but this is the first CSL regular season game to be played in Hamilton in 2006.

The two teams met at Lamport Stadium in Toronto last Thursday night with a 3-0 Croatia victory to snap a 14-game Serbian White Eagles unbeaten streak in league play going back to their opening win over Italia Shooters on May 19. The third regular season game between the two teams will go back to Lamport Stadium on September 24, one week before the playoffs begin on October 1.

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