August 15, 2006 CSL friendly Caribbean Selects vs Harbour View FC (Jamaica) (by Rocket Robin)

Result of the Tuesday August 15th, 2006 CSL exhibition game between Caribbean Selects and Harbour View FC from Jamaica played at Esther Shiner Stadium in North York at 8:00pm

24 min…Harbour View Kemar Petrekin GOAL…A short pass finds Petrekin in the middle and his low 18 yard shot is into the left corner of the net beyond goalie Ramon McIntosh.

Final Score:……Caribbean Selects……0………Harbour View FC…….1……..

Attendance was about 350 people by the time the game was ending and they cheered for both sides whenever a good play was made.

The organizers didn’t quite get in a full 90 minute game. The permit as I heard it was granted from 7:00pm to 9:00pm. The game before theirs ran until 7:15pm although I wasn’t quite there that early. The announced starting time of the game was to be 8:00pm and the game did kick off at 7:58pm. With the Parks & Recreation staff member saying they’d try and stall the next permit holders. The refs cut halftime to only five minutes and stopped the game at 85 minutes which was just before 9:30pm and a teenage game started immediately. This didn’t satisfy the executive for that game between a local North York team and one from Whitby who said those kids now wouldn’t be home until 1:00am. He sounded like he had made the offer that he would have agreed to play on one of the well lit hydro fields just outside the gates but the P&R guy said he couldn’t allow that.

Before the game started one of the Selects players for the night came over and said if I was going to write anything about this game on the Internet, don’t mention his name. Ahh…now that was because only four players on the team were actual CSL Caribbean Select players. I did recognize quite a few other players but they played for other CSL teams.

Since I didn’t get a game roster and also the Selects wore high numbered t-shirts and some of their subs wore unnumbered t-shirts, there won’t be a play by play write up by me and it also keeps the names anonymous so any player who secretly played won’t be exposed. This “all-star” line-up was very competitive and I almost expected them to tie or win the game. Some of their chances may have been spoiled only because they hadn’t played together before and were caught on quite a few offsides. Defensively, Ramon McIntosh was brilliant making some great flying saves to knock shots away. The defenders were fast enough to catch up to Harbour View players who were on 2 on 1 rushes and get back into the play to stop these advantages. Kevin Wooley sent in some great crosses from the sideline for the visitors.

Micaud Barrett (well I expect it was him as every HV player I’m matching numbers from Sunday night’s game against Serbian White Eagles) earned the shutout for Harbour View although it was his defenders that protected him from many of the shots and the Selects off target shooting that kept them off the scoreboard. The Selects couldn’t break the strategy of making every cornerkick they were awarded a short one and the defenders always broke up their mini rushes before they were near the edge of the box. I saw Barrett early in the game leap in a crowd of players to catch a cornerkick and that might have caused the Selects later game strategy.

Rocket Robin

Caribbean Selects starters

Harbour View FC starters

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