PreSeason Toronto Lynx vs CPSL York Region Shooters/Vaughan Sun Devils
by Rocket Robin  

Result of the exhibition game between the A-League Toronto Lynx and CPSL newly merged teams 
York Region Shooters/Vaughan Sun Devils (team name still to be decided) played Sunday 
April 13, 2003 at 8:30pm at Lamport Stadium in Toronto.

39 min...VSD/YRS Warren Ali GOAL...Ali boots in big rebound from 10 yards on right after Joey 
Todaro runs down left and cross to box where goalie Theo Zagar blocks shot on left but gives 
up rebound.

47 min...Lynx Elvis Thomas GOAL...Thomas knocks in 7 yard rebound in goalmouth play 
after coming in as 2nd half sub. 

63 min...Lynx Sebastian Barclay GOAL...Lynx Ali Ngon centers ball from right and Barclay 
shot deflects off goalie and back off Barclay and left post and in from 5 yards.

80 min...YRS/VSD GOAL Paul Sinisi..."Big Show" kicks in loose ball in box from 5 yards 
behind goalie James Krieger. Sinisi had about three chances in five minutes.

Final Score:...Toronto Lynx....2.....YRS/VSD....2

Lamport Stadium has artificial turf and snow had been plowed into the sidelines against the 
concrete walls so the sidelines were pyloned for a narrower field. The snow had little green
'hair' in it so I can imagined that every year the field gets more like concrete.

Before this game the players had to wait for a women's team to finish their practise. I thought
some players looked familiar. Hey it was the W-League Toronto Inferno holding their 
second practise of the year! Some of their star players are still away in school.

Elvis Thomas and backup goalie James Krieger seemed to be the only two spare players 
for the Lynx with other players away in the MISL, or injured. Nick Buchevski (sp?) from 
Canada's Under 19 team played on the wing and looked pretty good. Ali Ngon was injured
twice in the game. He was limping after the game being clipped from behind.

Shooters manager Elio Scarcello says the CPSL this year won't let any players on a 
scholarship play for the league. That should put an end to players on the roster 
disappearing at the end of August.

Outside the stadium Shooters player Parminder Dhillon said he and Angelo Pollastrone and
Bill Androutsos will play for Thunder Bay Chill of the PDL for their three month schedule.

This merged CPSL team should be a favourite this year with an overflow of players to choose
from. Willy Giummarra captained the midfield well and wore a touque most of the game like a 
few others on this cold evening. Bobby Randhawa was watching the game from the stands. He
answered me he may be out another two months. 
VSD manager Dave Benning acted as the referee in the game. He was pleased between halfs
at how well the players played together for the first time outdoors for this merged team.

Neither of the Kouzmanis brothers (last year's Sun Devils scoring punch) were playing tonight. 
Someone mentioned they both are injured.

Rocket Robin

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