Toronto Inferno News Release



May 30, 2003 

TORONTO, ONTARIO – The Toronto Inferno Soccer Club benefits from international 
experience and veteran leadership within its roster upon embarking on its fifth season 
of competition in North America’s W-League.

This season’s line-up features five players who represent Canada and one who does
likewise for Greece.  There are also 11 returnees from the 2002 squad.

No.   Name Position 2002 Club(s) 
00  Anne-Marie Witko Goalkeeper Oakville S.C. 
 1 Emily Holbrook  Goalkeeper Charlton Athletic, England 
22 Anne Ogundele Goalkeeper Oakville S.C. / Toronto Inferno 
2 Joanna McNish Forward Toronto Inferno 
4 Stacey Janetos Midfielder Toronto Inferno / Greece 
5 Kanisha Garrik Defender Oakville S.C. 
6 Chichi May Defender  Fulham Force, Australia 
7 Tina Blaskovic Forward Toronto Inferno 
8 Candace Chapman Midfielder Toronto Inferno / Canada 
9 Jane Lea Midfielder Toronto Inferno 
10 Heather Gallacher Forward Oakville S.C. / Toronto Inferno 
11 Robyn Gayle Defender  Oakville S.C. / Canada U19 
12 Kim Warner Forward  -- 
13 Emma DiCesare Midfielder Toronto Inferno 
14 Robyn Brady Midfielder Toronto Inferno 
15 Cristina Bonasia Forward London United 
17 Melanie Booth Midfielder Burlington Youth S.C. / Canada 
18 Diana Matheson Midfielder Oakville S.C. 
19 Marisa Kovacs Defender Windsor 
20 Jennifer Williams Midfielder Burlington Youth S.C. / Toronto Inferno 
21 Tania Porretta Defender  Dixie Hearts 
23 Kanisha Campbell Defender Oakville S.C. 
24 Tracey Garrison Midfielder Toronto Inferno 
28 Holly Lincoln Defender Scarborough United 


Coaching Staff:

Tony Marmo          Head Coach

Joe Nucifora         Assistant Coach / Goalkeeping Coach

Paul Shaw            Assistant Coach

Paul Nelson         Assistant Coach

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