CPSL: St.Catherines Roma Wolves v. Mississauga Olympians [R]
by lazyboy
Results from the CPSL game played between St.Catherines Roma Wolves and Mississauga Olympians at Club Roma Park on 6-August-03 (20:20 start)

76 min...GOAL...SC Carlo Arghittu
85 min...PK...saved by SC Claudio Perri, taken by MO keeper

Final Score: St.Catherines Roma Wolves 1 Mississauga Olympians 0

Players to watch: MO Danny Gallgher, MO Sam Borgh, SC Nick Aragona

Players to avoid: SC Carlo Arghittu

A boring game played under muggy conditions. The game started out as a midfield battle and continued that way throughout. The field was wet from a brief downpour and it made the field slippery and the ball somewhat uncontrollable. Both teams settled into a pattern of quick runs down the sidelines but neither team could properly volley the ball into the opposing box. The second half started much the same and the crowd was getting very restless. Mid-way through the half the ref missed an obvious penalty against Roma and the Olympians were outraged. The game turned slightly after that and was decided on a PK awarded to Roma. SC Arghittu calmly slotted the ball passed the MO keeper. The game woke up after that with MO Borgh making some incredible runs only to be let down by the finishing. With time winding down, the ref made the right call and awarded the Olympians a PK. The spot kick was taken by the MO keeper and was easily saved by SC keeper Claudio Perri. The game ended with the Olympians having a couple of more attempts on net but without any success.

Note1: A very chippy affair with some real un-professional dialogue on the field. Seems these two teams really do hate each other. I was shocked to hear former teammates Arghittu and Gallagher going at it all night. I don't feel like quoting what was said, but it was a bad ending to a bad game.

Note2: It seems that teams are finally learning that to stop Roma you must stop Arghittu. A few weeks ago, Toronto Croatia had huge success by shadowing Arghittu with a stronger defender and limiting his mobility. Last night, MO defender Dwayne Wright played a flawless game marking Arghittu and completely kept him away from the ball. If not for his clumsy tackle in the box, he surely would've been my player of the game.


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