CPSL: St.Catherines Roma Wolves v. North York Astros [R]
by lazyboy

Results from the CPSL game played between St.Catherines Roma Wolves and North York Astros at Club Roma Park on 30-July-03 (20:20 start)

20 min...GOAL...SC Carlo Arghittu
47 min...GOAL...NY Francisco Dos Santos
49 min...GOAL...SC Carlo Arghittu
80 min...RED CARD...NY #11
80 min...RED CARD...SC #19 [second yellow]
86 min...GOAL...SC Carlo Arghittu

Final Score: St.Catherines Roma Wolves 3 North York Astros 1

Players to watch: SC Carlo Arghittu, NY Francisco Dos Santos

Players to avoid: NY #11, referee

A truly typical CPSL game played under ideal conditions. The match started out as a midfield battle with both teams clogging up the central area. Roma had the first few chances but the Astros keeper was up to the challenge. SC Arghittu scored his first off of a lazy cross that he quickly buried. 1-0 and the Roma fans were cheering. The rest of the first half was dominated by the Astros inability to stay onside. The Astros outside play was on pace but their strikers could not beat the linesman's flag. The second half got under way and the Astros quickly capitalised. NYA #13 gently floated a perfect pass across the box which NYA Dos Santos drove into the net off the far post. Excellent play and it looked like the Roma players were caught off guard. However, SC striker Arghittu quickly brought Roma back with a fine strike from just inside the box, setup by player/coach Ianneri. The second half then developed into a typical CPSL rough match with numerous flagrant fouls occuring. The ref was in control to that point but it quickly got out of hand. With about ten minutes to go, NY #11 and SC #19 both went for a ball on the near sideline. With the ball in touch, NY #11 got up with arms swinging. SC #19 called him on it and NY #11 head butted him with authorithy. The ref came over quickly and NY #11 was instantly ejected. A well deserved red. NY #11 was fairly rough throughout and the ref had warned him several times. On the same play, SC #19 received his second yellow and was also dismissed. A bit of a hasty decision but SC #19 was verbally taunting NY #11. With time winding down, the Astros were denied on a brilliant strike which had SC keeper C.Perri beat but could not avoid the upright. On the ensuing play, SC Arghittu netted the hat trick with some skilled moves in the box and driving a shot past the Astros keeper. Again, with time winding down, the Astros were denied another goal as a brilliant strike beat Perri but not the crossbar.

It was also announced that GK Dino Perri had rejoined the Roma Wolves and he was on the bench as the reserve keeper. I didn't have a chance to talk with him so am still wondering about the move back to club Roma. Either way, this gives club Roma another excellent keeper and a great addition to the club both in experience and in coaching abilities.


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