July 3, 2003

Final Score:...Charlotte 2...Ottawa 1

The score doesn't begin to tell the story of how Ottawa dominated this match. They had ample opportunity to win this match, but failed to convert.

Charlotte's two goals were gross errors on the Ottawa Wizards' part. The first goal came on an awful giveaway in the first 10 minutes of the match by Charles Gbeke. The Charlotte player simply had to walk in and pick his spot.

The second goal made the first one look warranted. Ottawa gives up a free kick just outside the box, and as the Ottawa players are arguing over how to set up the wall, Charlotte takes a quick free kick right into the net. Ottawa's keeper was hugging his post setting up the wall when this occured.

Urbain Some from Burkina-Faso scored Ottawa's lone tally on a beautiful setup by Abraham Osman.

Ottawa played its B-team, as CPSL No. 1 and 2 leading scorers Allen Marcina and Kevin Nelson did not even dress. Some Ottawa youth players got some action in this one.

It seemed as though Charlotte played all of their dressed players.

I also learned how this match came about. Ottawa sold one of their keepers, Goddard, to Charlotte last summer and part of the transfer deal was that Charlotte would come and play an exhibition against Ottawa after their Montreal road trip.

Although Ottawa lost tonight, they looked the better team. The attendance was around 300, which is a great number considering Ottawa NEVER plays on Thursday nights, and the club gets no press coverage.

Mimglow, Ottawa

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