USL Discussions Report:

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Richmond 0-1-0--1
Toronto 0-1-0--1

Richmond- Pascale, McKay (Kwaku 84), Luzak, Goodlett, Lekics, Ferruzzi (Ukrop 82), Knight, Burke (Munthali 100), Hayes, Dotsenko, Jeffrey (Meyers 109)

Goal- Jeffrey 90+ (PK)
Cautions- Lekics 45, Knight 54, Jeffrey 68, Ferruzzi 80.
Sent Off- Kwaku 90+

Toronto- Zagar, Reda, Kojic, Serioux, Ashton, Diplacido (Vincello 74), Aristodemo, Vignjevic (Mattacchione 88), Budalic, Thomas (Faria 70), Knights (Santillana 109)

Goal- Budalic 84
Cautions- Knights 25, Faria 71, Reda 73,
Sent Off- Serioux 65, Vincello 90

Referee (didn't catch his name), (2 1/2 seeing eye dogs of 5) I thought he was OK, lots of people around me disagreed, but he had the cahones to call a PK in a 1-0 in injury time. but he missed some obvious bookings (Ashton from Toronto was just screaming to be booked or sent off,

Man of the Match Marco Ferruzzi (announced), Theo Zagar (my pick)

Thoughts We got a point and I'll take it and run, once again we didn't play as well as we could have. Just my opinion, but when you get within 12 yards of the net you SHOULD SHOOT THE BALL NOT LOOK FOR A PERFECT PASS. Irasto Knights messed his groin up in OT. It looks serious he'll probably play tomorrow..just kidding probably next week.

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