A-League preseason Toronto Lynx vs Canada Under 20s (rematch).

Result of the preseason game between the A-League Toronto Lynx and Canada Under 20s played Thursday April 4th, 2002 at The Soccer Centre in Vaughan indoors and on artificial turf at 7:30pm.

Toronto Lynx (black socks and shorts, gray unnumbered Umbro sweatshirts)
Before the game, Lynx coach Peter Pinizzotto (a big fan of the Voyageurs board he admits) showed me his starting roster. This is the first time he's used at least seven or eight of his starters in a game this year.

................Theo Zagar (Pedro Vieira played 2nd half)
Brian Ashton...Adrian Serioux...Milan Kolic...Mauricio Vincello (Ervin Ryta a sub)
Robbie Aristodemo...Shawn Ferreiras...'Diego'...Elvis Thomas ('Ricardo', David DiPlacido, Caswain Mason as subs)
...........Darren Tilley....Nikki Budalich ('Jimmy' , Bobby Randhawa are subs)

(Shawn Ferreiras has come from Portugal)
(Nikki Vignjevic will be coming back to the Lynx very soon).

Canada Under 20s (all red, white numbers and trim)
I didn't know who anyone was.

Game starts 7:36pm with Lynx defending north goal.
9 min...Tilley gets first shot of game from 5 yards on right and sends it wide left of net after receiving short forward pass from Aristodemo.
11 min...U #10 crosses in from wide right that's caught by Lynx goalie.
14 min...Thomas leads 3 on 2 break from centre, passes over to Budalich who overruns ball.
15 min...U #10 on heading break juggles and then kicks from wide right shot that's covered by goalie.
17 min...U #20 charges in to get own high chip pass and chips over charging goalie from 20 yards that lands just over top right corner of net.
18 min...Diego 25 yard shot from left is well wide left.
25 min...U #21 bounces roller from left on rush directly to Lynx goalie.
29 min...U #3 ends long ten pass buildup by losing ball that bounces to Lynx goalie.
30 min...Tilley in box from 5 yards can't turn cross from Aristodemo on right.
32 min...Lynx midfielder blasts 35 yard shot that deflects off U defender's back and popping up and giving goalie an easy stop.
34 min...Aristedemo crosses from right end line and Tilley nods 7 yard header directly to goalie for catch.
36 min...U #3 knocks over Kolic and 25 yard shot from left is blocked by goalie, Lynx defender beats U forward to rebound.
40 min...half ends 8:16pm.

2nd Half:...starts 8:25pm and both teams have subbed their goaltenders.
3 min...Lynx GOAL Nikki Budalich...Robbie Aristodemo crosses into box, Can #22 bends over to twist header but Budalich gets to ball and blasts 7 yarder from left into high right side of net beyond goalie Josh Wagenaai.
4 min...U goalie pushes bullet hard shot wide left while guarding left post.
7 min...U #11 chips ball through to U forward who one touches 15 yarder well over net.
9 min...Lynx defender blasts 40 yarder well wide of net.
11 min...Lynx goalie slides out to beat U #22 to ball.
14 min....Ashton kicks 15 yard rebound well high left of net after U defender makes point blank stop on Budalich's 15 yard blast.
16 min...Mason low 15 yard shot from left that goalie blocks and smothers rebound.
19 min...Lynx forward ends rush with 15 yard shot from right that's well high and wide.
20 min...DiPlacido 20 yard roller covered by goalie on left post.
23 min...Thomas (?) gets ball on edge of box but quick kick well over net.
24 min...Lynx player freekick blasted from 30 yards that's well wide left of net.
25 min...Lynx Randhawa is into game for first time.
27 min...Lynx midfielder 30 yard blast from left is straight to goalie.
28 min...U goalie steps forward to catch cornerkick cross from left.
36 min...game ends 9:02pm.
(hey, you only rent the field until a set time and the next renters were playing some kind of team frisbee).

Final Score:...Toronto Lynx....1....Canada Under 20s....0

Last week's game ended 4-1 for the Lynx yet both teams seemed to play better this week. The Under 20s were coached by Carlos Rivas and were well disciplined. One play had about ten passes as the Under 20s worked out from their own end line into the Lynx box.

Lynx started off slow again this game. If the word gets around in the A-League, the other teams will pressure early. Lynx started blasting more shots in the 2nd half and started connecting when using the long ball and cutting down on Under 20s chances.

Next Lynx event for me will be the press conference on Wednesday April 17th.

Rocket Robin

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