Result of the Exhibition game played between Saturday March 30th, 2002 between the A-League Toronto Lynx and the University of Laurier Golden Hawks played at Seagram Stadium in Waterloo at 2:00pm.

Lynx wore gray Umbro unnumbered sweatshirts with black socks and shorts. Hawks wore all purple uniforms with white numbers but they had two number #4s and two number #8s playing at the same time and I of course didn't know who any of the Hawks were.

First starts 2:10pm (estimated). The game was played on astroturf with the weather at in the cool at 8C with a strong wind from the west. The Lynx defended the west goal in the first half.
I missed the first 35 minutes of this game.
41 min...LU #10 cuts in 15 yard roller that deflected for corner.
44 min...LU #10 40 yard freekick, LU #12 leaping header from 7 yards on right post is wide right.
45 min...the half ends at 2:55pm.

Second Half:..starts at 3:07pm.
46 min...Lynx player takes 18 yard shot that flying goalie pushes wide right for cornerkick. A light rain begins for a few minutes.
53 min...LU #6 crosses in from left that leaping goalie swats through box.
54 min...LU #8 rolls 25 yarder from left wide left of net.
55 min...Lynx Budalich races along right wing on break but his cross bounces to LU goalie.
58 min...Lynx player gets 40 yard break and dekes goalie on edge of box but defenderr blocks point blank 10 yard shot.
63 min...Golden Hawks GOAL #19 Kordo...#8 cuts over 20 yard shot that hits crossbar and bounces straight down onto prone goalie who'd just leaped to try and tip ball over the bar, Kordo gets 10 yard shot from left that squeezes between now standing goalie's legs.
70 min...Golden Hawks GOAL #19 Kordo...#18 cuts in cross from near left end line, #21 shot from 7 yards that diving goalie pushes wide right, Kordo blasts in 3 yard rebound.
71 min...the rain starts again for a few minutes driving some fans to the exits.
74 min...Lynx GOAL Nick Budalich...Lynx midfielder pushes ball ahead from 25 yards that Budalich rolls beyond diving goalie Pieter Meulemann from 10 yards.
77 min...LU player's 30 yard freekick is just wide right of top corner for cornerkick. LU #18 curves wide right for another corner when goalie punches it wide.
88 min...Lynx goalie beats LU player to bouncing through ball.
88 ends 3:50pm.

Final Score:...University of Laurier Golden Hawks.....2....Toronto Lynx.....1...

Lynx ran against the wind during the second half; actually gustier than last week's game in Lamport Stadium. (not as cold though). Corner kicks had to be taken on the astroturf by bowling the ball forward then waiting for the wind to blow it until it was about back on the line then blast it quickly.

I asked Hawks goaltender Pieter Meulemann if he'd play for the CPSL Durham Flames again and he said 'no chance at all'.
Lynx goalie Theo Zagar was only in net for the first half.

Attendance was about 100 mostly cheering for the Hawks.

One more pre-season game and that's Thursday night with a rematch with Canada's Under 20s at The Soccer Centre in Vaughan at 7:30pm.

Rocket Robin

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