Result of the Saturday October 16th, 2010 MLS game between Toronto FC and Columbus Crew played at BMO Field in Toronto at 4:00pm.

Toronto FC (all red, white names and numbers)

.............1 Jon Conway
4 Nick Garcia...3 Nana Attakora...20 Ty Harden...34 Raivis Hscanovics
8 Dan Gargan (cpt)...21 Nick LaBrocca...6 Julian de Guzman...23 Jacob Peterson
...........29 Maicon Santos...37 Nicholas Lindsay

Subs:...30 Milos Kocic (gk)...7 Fuad Ibrahim (gwd)...15 Joseph Nane (mid)...17 O'Brian White (fwd)...27 Gabe Gala (mid)...28 Doneil Henry (def) ...33 Maksim Usanov (def)
team officials:...Nick Dasovic

Columbus Crew (all yellow, black names and numbers)

..............1 William Hesmer
22 Adam Moffat...14 Chad Marshall...6 Andy Iro...4 Gino Padula
17 Emmanuel Ekpo...12 Eddie Gaven...16 Brian Carroll...18 Robbie Rogers
..........7 Guillermo Barros Schelotto (cpt)...32 Steven Lenhart

Subs:..30 Andy Gruenebaum (gk)...5 Danny O'Rourke (def)...9 Jason Garey (fwd)...10 Andres Mendoza (fwd)...15 Kevin Burns (mid)...23 Eric Brunner (def)...29 Shaun Francis (def)
team officials:...head coach Robert Warzycha

Game officials:...referee Jorge Gonzalez...referee's assistants Adam Wienckowski and George Gansner...fourth official Geoff Gamble...(teal shirts, black shorts and socks)

1st Half:...game starts 4:07pm...TFC defend north end on this cool and sunny late afternoon.
50 sec...Crew Schelotto 45 yard freekick from right is headed away by TFC Maicon on edge of box.
1 min...Crew goalie kicks clearance off TFC LaBrocca at 22 yards and ball flies high and wide right of net.
2 min...Crew Rogers spins around and connects on midair ball taking 25 yard shot down middle wide and high right of net.
3 min...Crew Schelotto 40 yard freekick from left has TFC defenders clear ball away from just inside box.
4 min...TFC Peterson 28 yard shot after rush down middle is high over net.
6 min...TFC Lindsay low cross from left 25 yards has Crew Iro kick away ball on edge of box.
7 min...TFC Lindsay gets ball again on left and another 25 yard cross from left has Crew Marshall head ball away from box.
8 min...TFC Gargan long throw-in from left is headed away from box by Crew Marshall inside 6 yard box.
8 min...Crew Ekpo cross from right is over players on edge of box and bounces wide left for goalkick.
9 min...TFC LaBrocca 22 yard freekick from near left end line is headed away and TFC de Guzman takes 30 yard shot down middle well high and wide right of net which results in a chorus of boos from the fans.
12 min...TFC LaBrocca 40 yard freekick from right has defender clear after TFC player pops up header.
13 min...TFC Lindsay crosses ball over players in box and no TFC player can change its direction.
14 min...Crew Chad Marshall GOAL...Crew Guillermo Barros Schelotto cornerkick from left has Marshall head ball in off bar from 5 yards and the ball deflects off the back of goalie Jon Conway standing 1 yard off line.
17 min...Crew Schelotto low 40 yard freekick from right is cleared before edge of box.
19 min...TFC LaBrocca 35 yard freekick from left has TFC Attakora heads ball wide right from 8 yards on right.
20 min...TFC YELLOW card...Gargan earns it for knocking down Crew Rogers at TFC 40 yards.
21 min...Crew Schelotto 45 yard freekick from right left has defender head ball wide for a throw-in.
22 min...Crew Rogers gets throw-in passes back to him and cross from left cornerflag has defender head ball away and Crew Lenhart blasts partial clearance at 22 yards is stopped point blank at 18 yards by defender.
23 min...TFC LaBrocca 40 yard freekick from right has ball cleared after being headed around on edge of box and TFC Lindsay 25 yard shot from left injures Crew Padula.
27 min...TFC YELLOW card...Garcia earns it for shoving Crew Lenhart out of bounds as he was playing for header on sideline at TFC 40 yards.
28 min...Crew Schelotto 45 yard freekick has TFC Gargan head ball away on edge of box.
28 min...TFC Maicon Santos GOAL...Maicon races down middle on rush from 40 yards and his 25 yard shot is into the top right side of net.
29 min...TFC Maicon 30 yard shot from right is deflected wide right of net by diving goalie on left post.
30 min...TFC LaBrocca cornerkick from left has ball cleared after TFC Hscanovics knocks ball down at 12 yards.
31 min...Crew Ekpo 35 yard blast down middle is high and wide right.
32 min...TFC Lindsay cross from left after defender falls has goalie punch ball over TFC Maicon who's injured on play at 8 yards.
34 min...TFC defenders have trouble clearing ball from own box.
36 min...Crew Moffat cross high from 25 yards on right has goalie catch wide left of net.
37 min...TFC Jacob Peterson GOAL...TFC Maicon at 22 yards rolls ball back to TFC LaBrocca who passes wide left to TFC Nicholas Lindsay who runs up left wing and rolls 20 yard cross from left and Peterson runs between two defenders and slides to tip ball from 5 yards into middle of net.
39 min...Crew Moffat low cross from 25 yards on right is smothered by goalie charging forward.
44 min...TFC LaBrocca cornerkick from left has nearest defender kick away from inside box.
45 min...Crew Ekpo recovers poor clearance and his cross from right is through box from 10 yards.
46 min...Crew Ekpo shot from 22 yards on right deflects for cornerkick.
47 min...Crew Schelotto cornerkick from right has defender TFC Gargan chest ball down and clears.
47 min...half ends 4:55pm.

Halftime entertainment was a KIA (automaker) draw for a car. Before the game fans on their way into the game were given an envelope with a keychain inside. If it was the colour Yellow, you were invited to come onto the field. There were three finalists. To break the tie there would be three trivia questions to narrow it down to one winner. Any ties after that would result in contestants having to volley a ball for as long as they could. 1. First TFC victory?--against Chicago...2. Most TFC caps?--Jim Brennan...3. Number of current TFC players on Canadian National Men's Senior team?-- Four (although they didn't say who they were) Two contestants said three which I thought was the answer so we had a winner of the car.

2nd Half:...starts 5:10pm.
46 min...TFC Lindsay low 30 yard shot from left is wide left of net.
47 min...TFC Gargan throw-in from left has ball bounce through box but defender clears.
48 min...Crew Moffat low cross from 25 yards on right bounces to goalie.
49 min...Crew Schelotto 35 yard freekick chip from right has defender TFC Attakora head ball away but play was called offside anyway.
50 min...Crew YELLOW card...Iro earns it for knock down on TFC Peterson at Crew 32 yards.
51 min...TFC LaBrocca 35 yard freekick from right has defender Crew Marshall head ball away.
52 min...TFC Hscanovics 28 yard freekick from left is low and into player wall and cleared.
54 min...Crew Schelotto cornerkick from left has Crew Gaven pop header from 6 yards in crowd of players over net.
54 min...Crew sub...Mendoza replaces Padula.
56 min...TFC Maicon wins cornerkick on left against two defenders surrounding him at left cornerflag.
56 min...TFC LaBrocca cornerkick from left has TFC Maicon on left head pop up from 10 yards over net.
57 min...Crew Moffat taps over pass into box from right and Crew Lenhart shoots ball wide right from 8 yards on right.
58 min...Crew Schelotto rush in from 35 yards and his 15 yard shot from right around TFC Hscanovics has ball shot palmed over net by goalie.
58 min...Crew Schelotto cornerkick from right has TFC de Guzman head from right behind end line.
58 min...Crew Schelotto cornerkick from right has TFC Santos kick ball away from box.
59 min...Crew Marshall heads ball from left through box from left from 15 yards.
60 min...Crew YELLOW card...Moffat earns it for trip on TFC Lindsay at TFC 45 yards on left.
61 min...TFC Lindsay runs ball over end line on left as defenders rode him out as he cut towards net.
62 min...Crew Schelotto 20 yard freekick from extreme left has TFC Gargan head away ball from box from left of post.
63 min...Crew Rogers 20 yard shot up middle through crowd of players is smothered by goalie.
66 min...TFC Peterson rescues ball at right flag and cross has defender Crew Moffat clear.
67 min...Crew Rogers cross from 20 yards on left has TFC Garcia pop up header to clear from box.
67 min...TFC Maicon on run up middle on breakaway has defender Crew Marshall catch up to him and poke ball away from him at 20 yards.
68 min...Crew sub...Burns replaces Ekpo.
68 min...TFC Gargan pulls down Crew Schelotto at TFC 45 yards near left sideline but doesn't earn another Yellow card.
69 min...Crew Schelotto 45 yard freekick has defenders clear in box on header.
69 min...Crew Carroll 60 yard cross from left bounces through box for goal kick on right.
71 min...Crew RED card...Steven Lenhart for pushing incident when ball crossed to right post by Crew Moffat and takes deflection off defender and pops up for goalie to bat away.
.........TFC RED card...goalie Jon Conway for pushing incident as it looked like he grabbed Lenhart's leg after ball deflected wide of net.
.........TFC sub...Kocic enters game to play goal and replaces outfield player Lindsay.
76 min...TFC defender Attakora blocks Crew Mendoza from making play from 5 yards on right endline preventing Crew cross.
79 min...TFC sub...White replaces Maicon.
.........Crew sub...Garey replaces Schelotto.
80 min...Crew Rogers cross from left near cornerflag is behind net.
81 min...Crew Iro cross from near left sideline has TFC players head ball away from edge of box.
81 min...Crew Rogers cross from left is cleared by TFC Harden header in box.
86 min...Crew Moffat high chip from 45 yards on right has goalie catch in crowd of players at 12 yards.
87 min...Crew Garey shot from 20 yards up the middle is low and wide left.
89 min...Crew Rogers cornerkick from left has flying Crew Garey on left head ball wide left from 5 yards.
90 min...TFC Peterson cornerkick from right wastes some time on tap around with TFC LaBrocca.
91 min...Crew William Hesmer GOAL...Crew Adam Moffat cornerkick from left is knocked down in box by head of leaping Crew Marshall over defender and goalie at 6 yards. Ball falls to Hesmer (who as the goalie had come all the way upfield to stand in the end of the TFC box to be part of the play) and at 7 yards lets ball deflect to ground off his thigh, line it up with right foot and shoot ball up middle that deflected off flying TFC Gargan at 5 yards and get past sprawling goalie at 3 yards into right side of net.
94 min...TFC LaBrocca 35 yard freekick from left is caught by goalie near left side of net.
94 min...game ends 5:59pm.

Final Score:.....Toronto FC......2..........Columbus Crew.........2........

Attendance was not announced but MLS.com listed it as 18084 for the final regular season home game of the year for TFC. There was no way there were that many people that showed up as there were quite a few empty seats. Lots of season ticket holders near me were not there and they hadn't given or sold their tickets so the seats were empty. The PA announcer introduced the TFC players by both their first and last names--not waiting for the silence that would greet them if only their first name was announced. Some fan groups had vowed to wear green, not chant nor sing during the game but others hadn't joined the boycott so the noise wasn't much quieter than usual. Fans let out a chorus of boos when reminded to renew their season's tickets early in the game. That is a chief complaint of fans in that its been pointed out that tickets have risen about 35% in just the four seasons that the team has been in the league. (There will be more games next year with two new teams joining MLS for an expanded schedule and the team pre-sold their CONCACAF Championship league games as if it's a given that Toronto will win the Nutrilite championship as the best team in Canada and the prequalifying game to get into a group).

Many of the signs used to protest the team's poor performance and the increase in ticket prices were the same one's used at the last game although now it was clear that mathematically the team was eliminated from qualifying for the MLS playoffs.

TFC played this game without their leading scorers Dwayne DeRosario (suspended for accumulating Yellow cards) and Chad Barrett (out with a hamstring injury). Defender Adrian Cann was also kept out of the lineup with a broken nose.

Nicholas Lindsay whom I've seen play for TFC Academy this year got the start for the main team this week and played outstanding with his speed and crosses. When he was subbed out at 71 minutes to make room for the replacement goalie, the TFC offensive threats mostly dried up.

Although I have cheered for Milos Kocic playing CSL soccer with Serbian White Eagles this season, I was somewhat glad to see William Hesmer the Crew goalie score as it's one of those once in a lifetime events. I have seen goalies come up to play a last minute cornerkick but I've never seen one of them score or remember one even earning an assist. This also meant that TFC have not won a game at home since August 10th and feeds more into the fans anger. There will be some town hall meetings between the fans and management to air their grievances.

I rushed out soon after the game to get under the railway overpass and up to Lamport Stadium about a kilometre away to watch the second leg of the CSL quarterfinal game between Portugal FC and Milltown FC. Some of the TFC fans did come into the stadium to follow that game and others peaked through the back fence to watch.

stats from MLS.com

		2   	2 


Comparison  TORONTO FC   COLUMBUS   
Shots 		9   	12  
Shots on Goal 	4   	4 
Saves 		2   	2 
Fouls 		15   	15 
Offsides 	0   	2 
Corner Kicks 	4   	7 

Scoring Summary: 
CLB -- Chad Marshall 2 (Guillermo Barros Schelotto 9) 15 
TOR -- Maicon Santos 3 (unassisted) 29 
TOR -- Jacob Peterson 1 (Nicholas Lindsay 2, Nick LaBrocca 4) 38 
CLB -- William Hesmer 1 (unassisted) 92+ 

Columbus Crew -- William Hesmer, Andy Iro, Chad Marshall, Gino Padula (Andres Mendoza 55), Robbie Rogers, 
Brian Carroll, Emmanuel Ekpo (Kevin Burns 69), Adam Moffat, Eddie Gaven, Guillermo Barros Schelotto (Jason Garey 80), 
Steven Lenhart.

Substitutes Not Used: Eric Brunner, Shaun Francis, Danny O'Rourke, Andy Gruenebaum. 

Toronto FC -- Jon Conway, Raivis Hscanovics, Nana Attakora, Ty Harden, Nick Garcia, Jacob Peterson, Julian de Guzman, 
Dan Gargan, Nicholas Lindsay (Milos Kocic 73), Nick LaBrocca, Maicon Santos (O'Brian White 80).

Substitutes Not Used: Gabe Gala, Doneil Henry, Fuad Ibrahim, Joseph Nane, Maksim Usanov. 

Misconduct Summary: 
TOR -- Dan Gargan (caution; Reckless Foul) 21 
TOR -- Nick Garcia (caution; Reckless Foul) 28 
CLB -- Andy Iro (caution; Reckless Tackle) 51 
CLB -- Adam Moffat (caution; Reckless Tackle) 61 
CLB -- Steven Lenhart (ejection; Serious Foul Play) 71 
TOR -- Jon Conway (ejection; Violent Conduct) 72 

Referee: Jorge Gonzalez 
Referee's Assistants: Adam Wienckowski; George Gansner 
4th Official: Geoff Gamble 

Time of Game: 1:52 
Weather: Clear-and-50-degrees 
Attendance: 18,084

TFC starters

Crew starters

TFC cornerkick from left has players rush into box.

TFC Nick LaBrocca ready to take freekick.

Crew Emmanuel Ekpo cuts towards goal from right.

TFC players set up freekick.

TFC defender Nana Attakora clears ball.

TFC players salute the fans although we can see that most have already headed for the exits.

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