Result of the Saturday August 28th, 2010 MLS game between Toronto FC and Real Salt Lakes played at BMO Field in Toronto at 7:00pm.

Toronto FC (all red, white names and numbers)

..............24 Stefan Frei
33 Maksim Usanov...20 Ty Harden...12 Adrian Cann...4 Nick Garcia
8 Dan Gargan...6 Julian de Guzman...21 Nick LaBrocca...25 Martin Saric
.........14 Dwayne DeRosario (cpt)...10 Mista

Subs:...1 Jon Conway (gk)...7 Fuad Ibrahim (fwd)...15 Joseph Nane (mid)...17 O'Brian White (fwd)...23 Jacob Peterson (mid)...27 Gabe Gala (mid)... 34 Raivis Hscanovics (def)
team officials:...head coach Preki

Real Salt Lake (all white, black names and numbers)

..................18 Nick Ramando
2 Tony Beltran...4 Jamison Olave...6 Nat Borchers...17 Chris Wingert
5 Kyle Beckerman (cpt)...77 Andy Williams...11 Javier Morales...20 Ned Grabavoy
............7 Fabian Espindola...15 Alvaro Saborio

Subs:...24 Kyle Reynish (gk)...3 Robbie Russell (def)...8 Will Johnson (mid)...10 Robbie Findley (fwd)...12 Jean Alexandre (mid)...19 Pablo Campos (fwd)...22 Nelson Gonzalez (mid)
team officials:...head coach Jason Kreis

Game officials:...referee Baldomero Toledo...referee's assistants Craig Lowry and Brian Poeschel...fourth official Steven De Piero...(neon yellow shirts, black shorts and socks)

1st Half:...game starts 7:08pm...TFC defend north end on this warm and sunny evening with the sun in the north west.
50 sec...TFC Gargan throw-in from left has defender head ball away.
1 min...TFC Usanov cross from right has defender knock ball away from 3 yards on right post. TFC Gargan heads 15 yard pop over crowd of players has goalie retreat to punch ball over net but ball hits top of crossbar and deflects over net on its own for goalkick.
4 min...TFC Mista crosses from 40 yards on left has ball bounce through box but TFC DeRosario has fallen on edge of box and ball cleared from right.
5 min...TFC Mista rush up middle chips pass towards right post. TFC DeRosario covered by defender and he passes back towards TFC Gargan but he's checked off ball at 12 yards.
7 min...RSL Espindola 40 yard chip pass from right bounces past charging RSL Saborio at 20 yards in center for goalkick on left.
8 min...TFC Gargan long throw-in from right has defender head ball out left side of box.
9 min...TFC Usanov cross from 25 yards on right has TFC DeRosario miss connecting on 12 yard sidekick while tied with defender.
12 min...TFC Gargan tapped back pass and takes 25 yard shot up middle through crowd of players is caught then dropped and picked up by goalie.
14 min...TFC DeRosario cross from left has RSL Borchers head ball behind end line.
14 min...TFC LaBrocca cornerkick from right has TFC Mista falling pop headed ball over net from 10 yards.
15 min...RSL Espindola gets around TFC Harden and blasts 10 yard shot from far left that has goalie bat down ball on left post and defender TFC Usanov clear.
17 min...RSL Morales cornerkick from left has ball drop in box but TFC Saric clears. RSL Beckerman cross from right 20 yards has goalie catch on left post in front of crowd of players.
17 min...RSL YELLOW card...Olave earns it for bumping over TFC goalie when he goes to punt ball after last play.
19 min...TFC DeRosario 30 yard shot down middle is caught by goalie under bar.
19 min...RSL Grabavoy injured when TFC de Guzman trips him at RSL 50 yard line.
20 min...RSL Morales 40 yard freekick from left is caught by goalie.
27 min...TFC Mista 25 yard shot from left after receiving loose ball is wide left of net.
28 min...RSL Wingert 40 yard shot from left has goalie push ball wide right for save.
29 min...RSL Morales cornerkick from right has defender TFC Garcia on right side clear from edge of box.
30 min...TFC goalie catches long bounce on RSL Wingert 55 yard cross from left.
31 min...RSL Espindola cross has TFC Harden head ball out of box. RSL Williams 40 yard shot from left is well wide left.
33 min...RSL Morales 40 yard freekick from right is headed away. RSL Grabavoy on left crosses back into box and RSL Saborio twists 12 yard header that's caught by goalie.
35 min...TFC Harden slides to poke ball away at 15 yards from RSL Espindola forward giving up cornerkick.
36 min...RSL Morales cornerkick from left has defender head ball away. RSL Grabavoy 40 yard cross from left is over head of leaping RSL Olave at 8 yards and through box wide right for goalkick.
37 min...TFC Gargan throw-in from left has RSL Espindola head ball away.
38 min...TFC Mista 30 yard freekick down middle is well over net.
40 min...TFC Saric cross from 12 yards on left has TFC DeRosario bicycle kick on right that's blocked by RSL Borchers.
40 min...RSL Wingert is injured in RSL end.
42 min...TFC Gargan 35 yard shot through crowd of players down middle is caught by goalie.
44 min...RSL Morales 40 yard freekick down middle bounces to goalie.
45 min...RSL Wingert taps over pass from left and RSL Grabavoy blasts 25 yard shot that's high and wide right of net.
46 min...half ends 7:54pm.

The halftime entertainment was some pre-chosen contestant have a chance to kick in 3 balls from 12 yards for $5000 each, 3 balls from 25 yards, and 1 ball from 45 yards. The man got all the shots off before time ran out but only scored on two of the 12 yard balls.

2nd Half:...starts 8:10pm.
halftime sub:...TFC White replaces Usanov. Gargan moves back to play defence
45 min...RSL Espindola gets loose ball off sliding defender and dekes goalie but sends in 12 yard shot from right wide right of net.
46 min...TFC LaBrocca cornerkick from left has TFC White and TFC Harden pop up headers but last one is over end line for goalkick.
49 min...TFC Gargan throw-in has TFC Mista checked off ball by RSL Olave for cornerkick on left.
50 min...TFC LaBrocca cornerkick from left has defenders partially clear then LaBrocca gets it back on left and crosses from 25 yards back into box where TFC DeRosario at 6 yards on right heads it away to left and TFC Saric spins and falls to get away 8 yard kick that's blocked and TFC Gargan shoots low 20 yard kick up middle that's blocked at 12 yards and TFC Harden rolls 12 yard shot wide left of net.
51 min...RSL Grabavoy taps pass to RSL Espindola whose 16 yard shot is blocked down middle by TFC Harden.
53 min...RSL Beltran 25 yard cross from right is low and caught by goalie.
56 min...TFC DeRosario rush on left and centers pass a step ahead of TFC Mista at 25 yards and ball is cleared.
57 min...TFC Gargan throw-in from left has RSL Beckerman head ball back. TFC Gargan recross from 20 yards has TFC LaBrocca kick from right on edge of box blocked at 15 yards and ball is cleared.
58 min...RSL Espindola charges to save and cross ball from left end line. RSL Morales heads 18 yarder that goalie flies to push ball wide left of net.
59 min...RSL cornerkick from left has ball cleared from box.
60 min...TFC Gargan cross from 22 yards on right has RSL Borchers at 10 yards head ball out of box.
61 min...RSL sub...Findley replaces Saborio.
62 min...TFC Garcia 35 yard blast up middle is palmed over net by goalie.
63 min...TFC LaBrocca cornerkick from right has ball bounce through box.
63 min...RSL Wingert rolls cross pass from 25 yards that RSL Wingert rolls back from left of box and RSL Morales at 10 yards has TFC deGuzman prevent him from getting away shot.
66 min...RSL Williams rolls cross from left has goalie dive forward to save and end RSL pressure.
68 min...TFC sub...Peterson replaces Saric.
........RSL sub...Johnson replaces Williams.
69 min...TFC LaBrocca cross from right is well behind net.
72 min...TFC Gargan long throw-in from right has ball back to him and 40 yard shot up middle through box unplayed for goalkick.
73 min...RSL Morales cornerkick from right has RSL Olave kick 10 yard shot in box well over net.
75 min...TFC Mista 40 yard freekick from right has goalie punch out ball over crowd of players at 10 yards. TFC White low 25 yard blast stopped by player at 15 yards and cleared.
75 min...TFC de Guzman 60 yard chip ahead of charging TFC Mista for goalie to catch on bounce.
76 min...TFC Mista 15 yard shot from right is low and wide left of net.
81 min...RSL Wingert dekes TFC Gargan on left and 15 yard shot from left is off left goalpost.
82 min...TFC Peterson from 22 yards up middle passes forward to TFC DeRosario on left and he chips ball forward to TFC White who is squeezed by two defenders at 8 yards and can't get away shot.
82 min...RSL sub...Alexandre replaces Espindola.
85 min...TFC Gargan long throw-in has RSL Olave kick ball off RSL Borchers and deflect from 15 yards for cornerkick on right.
85 min...TFC LaBrocca cornerkick from right has nearest RSL players Johnson head away. TFC de Guzman blasts 35 yard shot off leg of TFC player at 30 yards and ball deflects wide right for goalkick.
86 min...TFC Peterson rolls pass and gets it back on block and 30 yard roller sent wide left of net.
87 min...RSL Johnson low 20 yard shot from left is off the left goalpost and cleared from box.
89 min...TFC LaBrocca chips in 45 yarder from right that bounces to goalie unchallenged.
92 min...RSL Johnson pass to RSL Morales but TFC de Guzman slides in from left side of box to tip ball away for throw-in.

Final Score:.....Toronto FC......0..........Real Salt Lake.........0........

Attendance was announced as 22047.

Toronto FC earns a tie at home to the 2009 MLS League Champions. Although they have only lost one home game all year (last week to New York Red Bulls) this is their fifth tie at home this year. With such a poor road record, TFC is currently out of the playoffs with a 7-8-6 record. They will play Real Salt Lake twice more this season as the two teams are drawn together in the Concacaf Championship League.

The Canadian National Exhibition was taking place outside the stadium for the second week in a row. Today I didn't get here early to look around as I was nearby at Lamport Stadium to see the TFC Academy draw London City 1-1 in the CSL league this afternoon.

At 68 minutes, Will Johnson replaced Andy Williams. Both players were born in Toronto but both play for Real Salt Lake. Williams is a Jamaican international but Johnson is Canadian and will be staying in town for next week's Canadian National team friendly game against Peru. He was among the closest to scoring today by hitting the post at 87 minutes.

stats from MLS.com

Shots 			12   10 
Shots on Goal 		4     5 
Saves 			5     4 
Fouls 			8     7 
Offsides 		1     6 
Corner Kicks 		5     5 

Scoring Summary:

Misconduct Summary:  
RSL -- Jamison Olave (caution; Tactical Foul) 18 


Real Salt Lake -- Nick Rimando, Chris Wingert, Jamison Olave, Nat Borchers, Tony Beltran, Ned Grabavoy, Javier Morales, Kyle Beckerman,
Andy Williams (Will Johnson 69), Alvaro Saborio (Robbie Findley 62), Fabian Espindola (Jean Alexandre 83).

Substitutes Not Used: Pablo Campos, Nelson Gonzalez, Robbie Russell, Kyle Reynish. 

Toronto FC -- Stefan Frei, Maksim Usanov (O'Brian White 46), Ty Harden, Adrian Cann, Nick Garcia, Dan Gargan, Martin Saric (Jacob Peterson 69), 
Julian de Guzman, Nick LaBrocca, Dwayne De Rosario, Mista.

Substitutes Not Used: Gabe Gala, Raivis Hscanovics, Fuad Ibrahim, Joseph Nane, Jon Conway.

Referee: Baldomero Toledo 
Referee's Assistants: Craig Lowry, Brian Poeschel 
4th Official: Steven DePiero  
Time of Game: 1:50 
Weather: Sunny and 84 degrees 
Attendance: 21,047

TFC starters

Real starters

TFC Dwayne DeRosario and Mista (10) ready for kickoff.

TFC Julian de Guzman on rush.

TFC Dwayne DeRosario shields ball.

RSL players jump for header.

TFC players line up to decide who will take freekick.

Halftime entertainment kick for cash.

RSL 2nd half kickoff.

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