Result of the Saturday July 24, 2010 MLS game between Toronto FC and FC Dallas played at BMO Field in Toronto at 4:00pm.

Toronto FC (all red, white names and numbers)

..............24 Stefan Frei
8 Dan Gargan...12 Adrian Cann...4 Nick Garcia...34 Raivis Hscanovics
6 Julian de Guzman...22 Amadou Sanyang...21 Nick LaBrocca...14 Dwayne DeRosario (cpt)
...........19 Chad Barrett...29 Maicon Santos

Subs:...1 Jon Conway (gk)...3 Nana Attakora (def)...10 Mista (fwd)...15 Joseph Nane (def)...17 O'Brian White (fwd)...23 Jacob Peterson (mid)... 33 Maksim Usanov (def)
team officials:...head coach Preki

FC Dallas (white socks, names and numbers, blue shorts, blue & white hooped shirts)

................1 Kevin Hartman
4 Heath Pearce...3 Ugo Ihemelu...14 George John...5 Jair Benitez
16 Atiba Harris...8 Bruno Guarda...2 Daniel Hernandez (cpt)...20 Brek Shea
............10 David Ferreira...7 Milton Rodriguez

Subs:...44 Dario Sala (gk)...9 Jeff Cunningham (fwd)...12 Eric Avila (mid)...15 Kyle Davies (def)...18 Marvin Chavez (mid)...19 Zach Loyd (def) ...24 Eric Alexander (mid)
team officials:...head coach Schellas Hyndman

Game officials:...referee Edvin Kirisevic...referee's assistants Sean Hurd and Adam Wienckowski...fourth official Steven DePiero...(yellow shirts, black shorts and socks)

1st Half:...game starts 4:08pm...TFC defend south end. There's a light rain at the start of the game but it will get much worse.
1 min...FCD Ferreira cornerkick from right has FCD John leap at 6 yards on left but not quite able to turn header.
5 min...TFC LaBrocca 35 yard freekick from left has FCD Harris pop up header at 12 yards and another defender clears from box when it comes down.
6 min...TFC Gargan throw-in from 20 yards on right side is back to TFC Garcia at 30 yards and his low cross from left near left sideline is flicked by TFC Cann at 20 yards and bounces through players on edge of box and TFC DeRosario at 7 yards on left has sliding FCD Benitez poke ball away and concede cornerkick.
6 min...TFC LaBrocca cornerkick from left has defender head ball down at 4 yards and clear out of box.
7 min...FCD Ferreira long run up middle and he rolls ball forward at 20 yards for faster FCD Guarda but goalie dives to left to smother ball before he can get to it.
9 min...TFC DeRosario cross from 22 yards on left to right side of box where defender leaps and heads ball away. TFC Barrett recovers at 20 yards on right and taps over pass to TFC de Guzman who blasts 20 yard shot wide left of net.
12 min...TFC LaBrocca freekick from 30 yards on left is bent wide right of net.
16 min...TFC YELLOW card...Derosario earns it for tugging jersey of FCD Harris at center line on Harris rush.
20 min...TFC Cann 70 yard freekick from left bounces through to goalie.
20 min...FCD YELLOW card...Hernandez for sliding tackle on TFC Sanyang at 28 yards up middle.
21 min...TFC DeRosario blasts tapped over freekick from 28 yards down middle and goalie palms over bar.
22 min...TFC LaBrocca cornerkick from left has FCD Pearce head ball away on left side of box.
22 min...TFC YELLOW card...Sanyang earns it for cutting legs out from Guarda at 35 yards who was breaking out of FCD end.
24 min...FCD Shea run on left wing and cuts in 30 yard shot into outside left webbing of net.
25 min...TFC Sanyang injured leaping for header at center line and when he collides with FCD player.
27 min...TFC Gargan is too far away to get to pass on right sideline sent from 80 yards by TFC Cann on left sideline in own end.
28 min...FCD Benitez 55 yard shot to edge of box is cleared.
29 min...FCD Shea one-touch pass on left to FCD Ferreira whose 18 yard shot is tipped wide left by TFC Cann for cornerkick.
30 min...FCD Ferreira cornerkick from left is rolled out and FCD Pearce blast from 25 yards is headed from 15 yards by TFC Barrett over net.
31 min...FCD Ferreira cornerkick from left has FCD John twist 7 yard header from left over net.
32 min...FCD Shea cross from left end line deflects off sliding TFC Gargan and pops up and has goalie punch ball out of box.
32 min...FCD Shea cross from 40 yards on rush on left is just ahead of FCD forward charging down middle and ball bounces wide right for throw-in.
33 min...TFC Maicon cross from 40 yards on left sideline to center has TFC DeRosario at 15 yards be squeezed off ball by two defenders running even with him and ball rolls wide left for cornerkick.
33 min...TFC LaBrocca low cornerkick from left has defenders clear ball from left side of box.
34 min...TFC LaBrocca cornerkick from left has whistle blown when FCD John is pushed over. A pushing match by the two teams begins.
38 min...TFC YELLOW card...Cann earns it for sliding tackle on FCD Guarda at TFC 40 yards.
39 min...FCD Ferreira 40 yard freekick from right is to left at 8 yards and defender heads away.
39 min...FCD goalie charges out of 35 yards to clear short backpass before TFC Barrett can get to it.
39 min...FCD goalie charges out of box to dive and head away through ball at 35 yards before TFC Maicon can get to it up middle.
41 min...FCD Ferreira run on left side and his cross from 15 yards when he's into TFC box is blocked by sliding TFC Gargan and stand up TFC Garcia who give up cornerkick.
41 min...FCD Ferreira cornerkick from left is low and TFC Garcoa blocks on left side of box and starts fast break for TFC.
44 min...TFC DeRosario at FCD 30 yards down middle chips pass to TFC Barrett at edge of box on left and run to 8 yards and low shot stopped by sprawling goalie on left post.
44 min...TFC de Guzman run on right sideline slips and cross from 30 yards is over right end line.
46 min...TFC de Guzman run to left edge of box and slips and ball pushed over end line for goal kick.
46 min...TFC LaBrocca follows up on FCD defender's slide that stops ball with 22 yard blast down middle that deflects off defender over net.
47 min...TFC LaBrocca cornerkick from right is low and FCD Pearce blocks it on right side of box and whistle blown to end half.
47 min...half ends 4:55pm.

2nd Half:...starts 5:12pm...for now the weather has stopped raining.
halftime subs:...FCD Alexander replaces Guarda.
45 min...TFC Barrett 65 yard cross from right sideline bounces downfield and wide left just in front of TFC DeRosario who can't get to ball but sliding defender knocks ball over left end line.
45 min...TFC LaBrocca cornerkick from left has goalie punch ball away.
46 min...TFC Gargan long throw-in from right is headed away from box. 48 min...FCD Shea 25 yard shot from left is caught by goalie.
48 min...FCD Alexander low 30 yard shot up middle is caught by goalie.
49 min...TFC Maicon can't draw Penalty kick on right side of box when he twists around in box.
50 min...FCD Pearce recross of blocked cross from right is well wide left and high of net.
53 min...TFC Maicon wins cornerkick off FCD Ibemelu shielding ball and pushes him into it.
53 min...TFC LaBrocca cornerkick from left has TFC Maicon while moving away from goal head ball over net from 10 yards. TFC Sanyang and FCD John injured on collision on this play.
55 min...TFC sub...Mista replaces injured Sanyang.
57 min...TFC DeRosario nods header from 8 yards on left when he receives pass from 35 yards on right by TFC Barrett that goalie palms away. TFC Maicon has shot blocked by sliding FCD Ihemelu while he's falling and while down chips ball over net from 6 yards.
58 min...FCD sub...Loyd replaces injured John.
59 min...the sun comes out and the crowd gives a huge cheer!
60 min...TFC Maicon GOAL...TFC Julian de Guzman races up left and rolls ball forward from 55 yards to Maicon who while holding off FCD Loyd kicks low 18 yarder from right between diving goalie Kevin Hartman and left post.
62 min...FCD Harris twists and shoots low 20 yard shot up middle is just wide right of net.
64 min...FCD Benitez cross from 35 yards on left has FCD Rodriguez bump goalie on left post for a whistle.
65 min...FCD Harris cross from right near endline has goalie get to ball and pick up.
66 min...TFC DeRosario cross from left near endline is cleared from box by FCD Rodriguez.
67 min...TFC sub...Attakora replaces Hscanovics.
67 min...FCD Hernandez is injured in leg on previous play.
72 min...FCD Shea cross after run into left corner is behind net as TFC Attakora bumps him over.
74 min...FCD Pearce rush on right and rolls cross from 25 yards and FCD Rodriguez foots 8 yarder over net but was flagged offside anyway.
74 min...TFC DeRosario run up left but FCD Ihemelu stays with him and blocks cross.
76 min...TFC Cann concedes cornerkick when TFC DeRosario rolls back ball to goalie and FCD Harris almost intercepts at 10 yards on left.
76 min...FCD Milton Rodriguez GOAL...FCD David Ferreira cornerkick from right has Rodriguez leap in crowd of players and head into middle of net from 6 yards.
80 min...FCD sub...Cunningham replaces Rodriguez.
.........TFC sub...Peterson replaces DeRosario. (Garcia now wears the captain's armband).
81 min...FCD Shea passes from left and FCD Harris wins cornerkick on blocked shot as he slides with defender TFC Garcia at 6 yards.
82 min...FCD Ferreira cornerkick from left has TFC Mista head ball away from box.
83 min...TFC Gargan throw-in from right has TFC Peterson get ball knocked back to him on just outside box and his 22 yard blast deflects off defender and FCD Loyd kicks ball behind end line.
84 min...TFC Mista cornerkick from left has defender clear and TFC de Guzman cross from left that's headed out of box.
84 min...TFC Barrett header from 20 yards is wide right and goalie slips in box chasing it.
85 min...FCD Hernandez injured near center line in collision with TFC de Guzman.
86 min...FCD Harris shot on rush from 15 yards on right is low and deflected off defender and goalie dives to left to push ball wide left for cornerkick.
87 min...FCD Ferreira cornerkick from left is short to FCD Benitez who runs to left end line and crosses to FCD player on right end line who heads back into box but ball cleared
90 min...TFC Gargan throw-in from right has leaping defender pop up header behind end line.
90 min...TFC Mista cornerkick from right has TFC Attakora dive to header at 12 yards and send over net.
91 min...FCD Harris injured at center line in collision with TFC de Guzman.
92 min...TFC Garcia chips from 50 yards to TFC Mista on left who crosses but shot is blocked.
92 min...TFC Gargan long throw-in from right has header drop for diving goalie to trap.
93 min...FCD Ferreira 25 yard freekick has TFC Attakora dive to head ball away at 12 yards behind two man wall.
94 min...FCD RED card...Dario Sala the back up goalie earns it for complaining while in the players' dugout. TV announcers said he threw an extra ball on the field to ensure an FCD throw-in would be delayed.
94 min...FCD Cunningham shot from 10 yards is blocked in box.
95 min...FCD YELLOW card...Benitez for knocking TFC Barrett at FCD 35 yards.
95 min...TFC Mista 30 yard freekick from right has leaping goalie punch away in crowd of players in box.
96 min...game ends 6:03pm.

Final Score:.....Toronto FC......1..........FC Dallas.........1......

Attendance was announced as 19743 on this rainy afternoon. The rain we had before the game and the weather report for the last few days probably scared away much of the walk up crowd as there were empty parts of the stadium today.

Man of the Match (who is always a TFC player) was chosen as Micon Santos.

It was funny that after the sun finally came out, TFC scored within the next minute. That had been the crowd's biggest cheer during the afternoon until the goal.

Mike Lambert was chosen as the BMO Bank fan to make the coin toss. I recognized him on the scoreboard screen as a referee who I've seen many times as an official of CSL games. He said when I saw him a week later at a CSL game that he really was chosen at random just outside the stadium like the BMO promo ads say that are played before the game.

The field was pretty chewed up by the end of the game and that was one of the reasons I'd heard a month ago why TFC Academy games would not be held here after the main game. I took the bus up to Brockton Stadium to make the game within one hour but the fence was still chained up and there was a field full of seagulls. The game had been cancelled. No announcement was made at the main game except to say the Kellogg's after-game activities were cancelled. They usually involve hundreds of children kicking Penalty shots at the cereal mascot Tony The Tiger.

Summary from MLS.com

FC Dallas 1 at Toronto FC 1 

FC Dallas (6-2-8) vs. Toronto FC (6-5-5) 

July 24, 2010 -- BMO Field 

Scoring Summary: 
TOR -- Maicon Santos 1 (Julian de Guzman 2) 61 
DAL -- Milton Rodriguez 1 (David Ferreira 5) 77 

FC Dallas -- Kevin Hartman, Heath Pearce, Ugo Ihemelu, George John (Zach Loyd 59), Jair Benitez, Atiba Harris, Bruno Guarda (Eric Alexander 46), 
Daniel Hernandez, Brek Shea, David Ferreira, Milton Rodriguez (Jeff Cunningham 81).

Toronto FC -- Stefan Frei, Dan Gargan, Adrian Cann, Nick Garcia, Raivis Hscanovics (Nana Attakora 67), Dwayne De Rosario (Jacob Peterson 81), 
Julian de Guzman, Amadou Sanyang (Mista 55), Nick LaBrocca, Chad Barrett, Maicon Santos.
Comparison  TORONTO FC   FC DALLAS   
Shots 		10   		9  
Shots on Goal 	4   		3  
Saves 		2   		3  
Fouls 		8   		10  
Offsides 	2   		4  
Corner Kicks 	9   		7  

Misconduct Summary: 
TOR -- Dwayne De Rosario (caution; Tactical Foul) 17 
DAL -- Daniel Hernandez (caution; Reckless Tackle) 21 
TOR -- Amadou Sanyang (caution; Reckless Tackle) 23 
TOR -- Adrian Cann (caution; Reckless Tackle) 39 
DAL -- Jair Benitez (caution; Reckless Tackle) 96+ 

Referee: Edvin Jurisevic 
Referee's Assistants: Sean Hurd; Adam Wienckowski 
4th Official: Steven DePiero 

Attendance: 19,743 
Time of Game: 1:55 
Weather: Rain, 80-degrees

TFC starters

FC Dallas starters

TFC O'Brian White (17) and Chad Barrett (19) wait to start the game.

Dallas cornerkick.

Dallas Brek Shea waits for ball to drop.

TFC Adrian Cann (12) on defence.

Dallas players defend against freekick with Atiba Harris (16) jumping for ball.

Play stops so an injured Dallas player can be treated.

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