Result of the Saturday July 10, 2010 MLS game between Toronto FC and Colorado Rapids played at BMO Field in Toronto at 12:00pm.

Toronto FC (all red, white names and numbers)

..............24 Stefan Frei
33 Maksim Usanov...3 Nana Attakora...12 Adrian Cann...8 Dan Gargan
14 Dwayne DeRosario (cpt)...21 Nick LaBrocca...25 Martin Saric...7 Fuad Ibrahim
...........17 O'Brian White...19 Chad Barrett

Subs:...1 Jon Conway (gk)...4 Nick Garcia (def)...15 Joseph Nane (def)...20 Ty Harden (def)...23 Jacob Peterson (mid)...27 Gabe Gala (mid)...29 Maicon Santos (fwd)
team officials:...head coach Preki

Colorado Rapids (all sky blue, black names and numbers)

...............18 Matt Pickens
27 Kosuke Kimura...22 Marvell Wynne...3 Drew Moor...2 Danny Earls
25 Pablo Mastroeni (cpt)...4 Jeff Larentowicz...20 Jamie Smith...15 Wells Thompson
............14 Omar Cummings...9 Conor Casey

Subs:...17 Ian Joyce (gk)...7 Claudio Lopez (fwd)...11 Colin Clark (mid)...12 Quincy Amarikwa (fwd)...16 Ross LaBauex (mid)... 26 Michael Holody (def)...29 Scott Palguta (def)
head coach Gary Smith

Game officials:...referee Ricardo Salazar...referee's assistants Thomas Supple and Peter Manikowski...fourth official Geoff Gamble...(yellow shirts, black shorts and socks)

1st Half:...game starts 12:08pm...TFC defend south end.
20 min...TFC Cann concedes cornerkick by heading long CR pass behind own end line.
30 sec...CR Smith cornerkick from right has TFC White clear ball from box on header.
1 min...TFC DeRosario rescues ball on right endline and crosses high ball from 20 yards that TFC Ibrahim heads wide left from 5 yards on left.
3 min...TFC Ibrahim 30 yard freekick from extreme right has ball knocked down and cleared. TFC Gargan chips 30 yarder wide left with ball bouncing over end line with all TFC players retreating to not get caught offside.
4 min...CR Smith 30 yard cross from left has goalie catch ball in 6 yard box.
6 min...TFC Usanov long throw-in from right has defenders clear ball from box.
7 min...CR Cummings cross from right has CR Thompson leap and head weak 15 yard header that bounces to goalie.
9 min...TFC Ibrahim 30 yard roller down middle wide left of net.
11 min...TFC DeRosario injured in center circle and limps away.
12 min...TFC Cann 50 yard chip is caught by goalie.
13 min...CR Cummings run to right end line and cross just over head of charging at CR Casey at 3 yards.
13 min...TFC DeRosario chips 55 yarder down middle which goalie catches ahead of TFC forwards.
15 min...TFC Usanov cross on charge down right wing is behind net.
16 min...CR Smith 30 yard freekick from near left sideline has ball curve just in front of CR Casey for goalkick.
18 min...CR Smith cornerkick from right is partially cleared and CR Moor sends in high cross from 30 yards that's deflected for cornerkick.
18 min...CR Casey breaks on left and runs and blasts sharp angle 15 yard shot from left that goalie bats down and picks up.
19 min...TFC DeRosario cross from 25 yards on right has charging goalie punch ball out of box.
19 min...TFC YELLOW card...Gargan for knock down of CR Cummings at TFC 40 yards.
21 min...CR Larentowicz rolls 40 yard freekick that defender clear before reaching box.
21 min...TFC Ibrahim and CR Smith both are injured leaping for through ball at TFC 35 yards.
23 min...TFC Usanov crosses on right edge of CR box and others try but no shots on net are gotten away.
25 min...TFC Usanov slides in TFC box to clear away low cross.
26 min...CR Cummings checked off ball in TFC box.
27 min...CR Moor cross from 30 yards on left has ball just over head of CR Smith at 12 yards in box.
30 min...TFC DeRosario 40 yard blast up middle is just over right top corner of net.
33 min...CR Cummings rush on right and cross has charging CR Casey one-touch 12 yard shot down middle just wide left of post.
35 min...CR Wynne slides and concedes cornerkick to prevent TFC White pass to TFC Barrett on left side of box.
35 min...TFC Ibrahim cornerkick from left has TFC Saric pop up header and gets bumped over before he can get away shot at 6 yards on right post.
37 min...TFC DeRosario cross from left is over players in box.
37 min...TFC Usanov cross from 30 yards on right has TFC DeRosario have ball checked off him on right end line.
38 min...TFC Usanov rush on right past defender but rolled cross blocked by another defender at CR 25 yards.
39 min...TFC LaBrocca 60 yard chip has TFC DeRosario pop 25 yard up header and goalie catches on edge of box.
41 min...TFC Usanov long throw-in has defenders eventually clear from box.
42 min...TFC Saric injured at TFC 50 yard line.
46 min...TFC DeRosario on run on left has CR Wynne check ball away on sliding tackle in box.
47 min...half ends 12:55pm.

Halftime entertaiment was Carlsberg's Soccer Pong where two teams of two took free throws into garbage bins. The pair of girls beat the team of guys.

2nd Half:...starts 1:12pm.
halftime subs:...TFC Garcia replaces Saric.
...............TFC Maicon replaces White.
45 min...CR Cummings on 2 on 1 holds off pass and shoots 10 yarder from right low and TFC goalie sprawls and deflects ball across box wide left and CR Casey on left end line passes back to CR Smith but he can't get away clear shot so he passes back and no CR player gets clear shot.
46 min...CR goalie catches popped up ball sent in from 20 yards.
48 min...TFC LaBrocca rush in from right and 15 yard shot has sliding goalie tip ball over net.
49 min...TFC Ibrahim low cornerkick from right is cleared from box.
49 min...TFC DeRosario on 1 on 2 checked off ball inside box after run on left.
51 min...TFC DeRosario low 28 yard shot up middle is smothered by goalie.
51 min...TFC Attakora hurt at center line.
54 min...TFC Barrett short pass from left has TFC DeRosario down left shoots 15 yarder that goalie catches flying to right post.
54 min...CR sub...Clark replaces Smith.
56 min...TFC Usanov low cross from 30 yards on right has goalie catch on bounce.
56 min...CR Moor cross from left after run has CR Cumming 10 yard header land on top of net.
60 min...TFC Fuad Ibrahim GOAL...TFC Chad Barrett cross from 25 yards on left sideline has CR Earls head ball down at 15 yards as he falls but Ibrahim gets behind him and between CR Moor and kicks 10 yarder into right side of net as he falls himself with goalie Matt Pickens standing on line in middle of the net.
62 min...CR sub...Palguta replaces Moor.
64 min...CR Casey rolls pass from 25 yards wide left to CR Cummings whose 20 yard low shot from left is saved by diving goalie.
68 min...TFC sub...Gala replaces Barrett.
69 min...TFC Maicon 22 yard shot deflects off defender over net.
69 min...TFC Ibrahim cornerkick from right has defenders clear.
72 min...TFC Maicon 30 yard shot from left has goalie fly to right post to knock ball down and crawl to pick it up.
73 min...TFC Ibrahim injured at TFC 45 yards and needs helf off the field. (since TFC has made their three subs, he can't be replaced).
75 min...CR sub...Lopez replacdes Thompson.
77 min...CR Cummings had shot into side of net called back offside.
77 min...TFC Ibrahim returns to game.
78 min...TFC Gargan heads ball through own box out right on CR long throw-in.
79 min...CR Lopez 20 yard freekick from right endline has TFC DeRosario shank clearance behind net on right post.
79 min...CR Lopez cornerkick from right has goalie punch ball through left side of box.
80 min...TFC Gargan takes ball in face on edge of TFC box and needs help off field.
82 min...CR Palguta 30 yard shot from left has goalie palm ball behind net.
83 min...CR Lopez cornerkick from right has TFC player clear ball from box.
88 min...CR Lopez 25 yard shot from right deflects off defender and has goalie catch ball.
89 min...TFC DeRosario low cross from 30 yards on right has TFC Maicon 22 yard shot up middle is just high and wide left of net.
90 min...CR Palguta header from 12 yards has diving goalie push wide left of net.
90 min...CR Lopez cornerkick from left has CR Larentowicz shot stopped with diving header on left post by TFC LaBrocca.
91 min...CR Lopez cornerkick from left results in big scramble in box with defenders blocking shot and TFC LaBrocca finally kicking it out of box.
92 min...TFC goalie catches ball in crowd of players charging out for it.
93 min...CR Cummings pass back for CR Larentowicz to send low 20 yarder from right that goalie dives to push wide left but not out of play. CR Lopez crosses low from 8 yards on left and ball deflects off flatfooted CR Mastroeni at 4 yards and deflects wide left for goalkick.
95 min...game ends 2:02pm.

Final Score:.....Toronto FC......1..........Colorado Rapids.........0......

Attendance was announced as 21836 on this hot afternoon with a bright sun in the south. This game was played very early in the day because the CBC network that was broadcasting this game was committed to showing the World Cup 3rd Place game later in the afternoon.

TFC were really hanging on at the end of the game and brought back reminders of their bad habits of last year of giving up goals in the last 15 minutes of games and ultimately missing the playoffs last season.

Man of the Match (who is always a TFC player) was Dan Gargan for his stong defensive work. Before the game Nick LaBrocca was named the Esquire Player of the Month for his charity work.

TFC stretch their unbeaten run in all competitions to ten. This was a very important win because it marks their first win (after three ties) in their home stretch. Their next game is away against the expansion team Philadelphia Union.

Summary from MLS.com

Scoring Summary: 

TOR -- Fuad Ibrahim 1 (Chad Barrett 1) 61

Misconduct Summary: 

TOR -- Dan Gargan (caution; Reckless Tackle) 20

Shots 			10   	9 
Shots on Goal 		5   	5 
Saves 			5   	4 
Fouls 			7   	6 
Offsides 		2   	2 
Corner Kicks 		3   	6 

Colorado Rapids -- Matt Pickens, Kosuke Kimura, Marvell Wynne, Drew Moor, Danny Earls (Scott Palguta 63), 
Wells Thompson (Claudio Lopez 76), Pablo Mastroeni, Omar Cummings, Jeff Larentowicz, Jamie Smith (Colin Clark 55), Conor Casey.

Substitutes Not Used: Quincy Amarikwa, Michael Holody, Ross LaBauex, Ian Joyce.

Toronto FC -- Stefan Frei, Nana Attakora, Dan Gargan, Adrian Cann, Maksim Usanov, Dwayne De Rosario, Nick LaBrocca, 
Martin Saric (Maicon Santos 46), Fuad Ibrahim, Chad Barrett (Gabe Gala 69), O'Brian White (Nick Garcia 46).

Substitutes Not Used: Ty Harden, Jacob Peterson, Joseph Nane, Jon Conway.

Referee: Ricardo Salazar 
Referee's Assistants: Thomas Supple; Peter Manikowski 
4th Official: Geoff Gamble 

Time of Game: 1:54
Attendance: 21,836
Weather: Clear-and-75-degrees 

TFC starters

Rapids starters

TFC O'Brian White (17) and Chad Barrett (19) wait to start the game.

Rapids rush

Rapids Wells Thompson with ball.

Players signal for who they think should be awarded this throw-in.

TFC Maksim Usanov holds up Rapids player on rush.

Rapids (2) Danny Earls passes to teammate.

players wait for ball to fall back into play

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