Result of the Saturday June 26th, 2010 MLS game between Toronto FC and Los Angeles Galaxy played at BMO Field in Toronto at 7:30pm.

Toronto FC (all red, white names and numbers)

..............24 Stefan Frei
8 Dan Gargan...3 Nana Attakora...12 Adrian Cann...34 Raivis Hscanovics
23 Jacob Peterson...25 Martin Saric...22 Amadou Sanyang...21 Nick LaBrocca
...........17 O'Brian White...14 Dwayne DeRosario (cpt)

Subs:...1 Jon Conway (gk)...6 Julian de Guzman (mid)...7 Fuad Ibrahim (fwd)...19 Chad Barrett (fwd)...20 Ty Harden (def)...27 Gabe Gala (def) ...33 Maksim Usanov (def) team officials:...head coach Preki

Los Angeles Galaxy (all white, navy names and numbers)

................1 Donovan Ricketts
28 Sean Franklin...4 Omar Gonzalez...16 Gregg Berhalter (cpt)...2 Todd Dunivant
26 Michael Stephens...19 Juninho...11 Chris Birchall...88 Alex Cazumba
...........9 Jovan Kirovski...17 Tristan Bowen

Subs:...12 Josh Saunders (gk)...6 Eddie Lewis (mid)...7 Chris Klein (mid)...20 AJ DeLaGarza (def)...21 Alan Gordon (fwd) ...22 Leonardo Riberiro (def)...84 Clint Mathis (mid)
team officials:...head coach Bruce Arena

Game officials:...referee Alex Prus...referee's assistants George Gansner and Chris Strickland...fourth official David Gantar...(teal shirts, black shorts and socks)

1st Half:...game starts 7:38...TFC defend north end.
2 min...TFC Peterson on 2 on 2 break with TFC DeRosario rolls 22 yard shot from right well wide left of net.
3 min...LAG Dunivant cross from 20 yards on ende line is caught by goalie.
7 min...LAG Cazumba rush on left and cross from 25 yards near end line has leaping LAG Kirovski not quite able to turns 8 yard header from right.
9 min...LAG Cazumba leaps to head 10 yarder from left high and wide left.
16 min...LAG Birchall steps up middle and blasts 35 yard shot high and wide right.
17 min...TFC White rush called back when LAG Gonzalez slips on edge of LAG box on left.
20 min...TFC Gargan throw-in from right has nearest defender head ball away from LAG box.
20 min...TFC Gargan throw-in from right has ball popped up eventually cleared from LAG box.
21 min...LAG goalie 80 yard freekick bounces to TFC goalie.
23 min...TFC Peterson long rush up left stops and shanks 25 yard shot from left wide right of net for throw-in.
24 min...TFC LaBrocca 25 yard low shot up middle is wide left of net.
25 min...LAG Bowen 20 yard low shot is smothered by goalie after defender miscue.
25 min...LAG Juninho blasts 45 yard shot up middle well high and right of net.
26 min...LAG players miss turning cross from left on ball too far ahead for tap-ins.
27 min...LAG Bowen and TFC Cann heads crash together at TFC 35 yards. LAG Bowen is injured.
32 min...LAG Bowen cleared off ball in TFC box without getting away shot.
33 min...TFC Gargan long throw-in has TFC Cann head pop up but ball cleared from LAG box.
34 min...TFC Gargan long throw-in has ball popped up and LAG Gonzalez heads out of box.
34 min...TFC LaBrocca 25 yard shot over crowd of players and ball is high and wide left of net.
37 min...TFC DeRosario 35 yard shot from right is bobbled and picked up by goalie.
38 min...TFC DeRosario pushes ball to TFC White at LAG 25 yards but he's checked off ball.
41 min...TFC LaBrocca side kick 22 yarder on left over defenders guarding LAG edge of box and shot is over bar.
44 min...LAG Gonzalez big clearance on edge of LAG box preventing TFC breakthrough.
45 min...half ends 8:23pm.

Halftime entertaiment was Pizza Pizza's Meal or No Meal. The contestant won the grand prize of 12 pizzas by switching his choice of pizza boxes when they were down to two choices. Good thing as his original choice was 1 slice. That's two contestants in a row winning the grand prize. The sprinklers are turned on to keep the field moist.

2nd Half:...starts 8:39pm.
halftime sub:...TFC Barrett replaces White.
47 min...LAG Birchall steps up to intercept TFC DeRosario pass and blasts low 22 yard shot that diving goalie stops and rebound is cleared by defender on left side.
50 min...LAG Franklin cross from right has TFC Sanyang kick ball to concede cornerkick.
50 min...TFC Barrett leaps to clear LAG Cazumba cornerkick from right.
51 min...LAG Franklin cross fromn right has TFC Cann kick ball behind TFC net.
52 min...LAG Cazumba cornerkick from right is partially cleared and LAG Birchall kicks 22 yarder through crowd of players into outside right webbing of net.
53 min...Two TFC defenders crash together but LAG players can't get away shot.
54 min...TFC goalie catches chip cross from 25 yards on right.
57 min...TFC Gargan long throw-in from right has TFC Cann back-to-goal facing header from 15 yards bounce to LAG goalie.
59 min...TFC sub...de Guzman replaces Saric.
60 min...LAG Cazumba cross from left is deflected up and LAG player can't get away shot.
60 min...LAG Cazumba cross from 22 yards on left has LAG Kirovski head 15 yarder up middle that goalie smothers.
61 min...LAG Bowen on 2 on 2 rolls 22 yard shot to goalie from right.
63 min...TFC player injured on check at LAG 25 yards on right.
64 min...TFC Hscanovics 25 yard freekick on right when ball is tapped over to him and he blasts shot into player wall and ball is cleared.
65 min...LAG sub...Gordon replaces Kirovski.
66 min...LAG Cazumba 15 yard shot from left after being bumped is into outside left webbing of net.
69 min...TFC DeRosario races for through ball with goalie cleariing ball at 30 yards. LAG goalie is injured on play.
69 min...TFC sub...Gala replaces Peterson.
71 min...LAG Berhalter takes freekick to finally resume play.
72 min...LAG Cazumba injured making cut towards TFC goal.
73 min...it now starts to rain and gets harder as the time goes by.
74 min...TFC DeRosario 30 yard low shot from middle is well wide right of net.
75 min...LAG sub...Mathis replaces Cazumba.
79 min...LAG Dunivant long throw-in from left is whistled down in TFC box.
80 min...LAG Bowan crosses into TFC box from 35 yards on right but TFC Cann heads down and over to TFC Hscanovics who clears.
80 min...TFC DeRosario rush on right sideline and cuts over and passes to TFC de Guzman at 22 yards but his shot is tipped over line for goalkick by sliding defender at 18 yards before he can get to it.
81 min...TFC LaBrocca cornerkick from right is low and nearest defender kicks it away.
83 min...TFC DeRosario long run up left wing and rolls cross at 20 yards behind forwards but TFC Gala trailing kicks ball from right well over net from 22 yards.
85 min...LAG throw-in from left hashas ball crossed back to him but cross partially cleared. Ball sent back into box and LAG player has 10 yard shot that TFC Sanyang slides to deflect wide left of net.
85 min...LAG Stephens cornerkick from left is short and LAG player crosses it in from 25 yards near left sideline and ball is cleared on leaping header by defender.
87 min...TFC DeRosario crosses ball from center over to right but LAG Dunivant heads ball back to goalie to ease pressure.
87 min...TFC LaBrocca crosses from near left cornerflag and goalie picks up ball on left post.
90 min...LAG player's 27 yard shot from left pops up off defender at 25 yards and is caught by goalie on left post.
91 min...TFC Gargan cross from 30 yards on right has defenders clear from box.
93 min...TFC Gargan long throw-in from right as jumping players miss ball on right post and bounces to goalie who drops it but then smothers it.
94 min...game ends 9:28pm.

Final Score:.....Toronto FC......0..........Los Angeles Galaxy.........0......

Attendance was announced as 18809 on this warm late afternoon. It was difficult to get here today. Public transportation was not running in the downtown area because of protestors against the G20 Summit ended up buring police cars. I had to walk the last six miles to get here but with a warning earlier in the day, I left early enough that I did make it in time. The place didn't look all that much emptier than a normal game with its usual number of no-shows.

Neither team had many good scoring chances. TFC only had one shot on goal in the entire 90 minutes. This was TFC's first game in three weeks with the MLS shutting down for a two week spell during the first round of the World Cup. Fans weren't pleased after watching two weeks of WC games on television but those are the best players in the world.

This would have been the best chance for TFC to beat the Galaxy. Two of the Galaxy scoring threats--Landon Donovan and Edson Buddle were with the American World Cup team which had played just hours earlier in South Africa--losing to Ghana in the round of 16. Of course for the fourth year in a row, there was no David Beckham playing for the Galaxy--it's always been injury or absence--this year he is away with the England World Cup team although he was injured and wouldn't have been able to play anyway.

TFC stretch their unbeaten run in all competitions to eight and have had shutouts in seven out of their last eight games. While this is a bragging point, this is the second tie in a row and MLS teams that have won in the last two games have been closing in on TFC in the standings.

Summary from MLS.com

Los Angeles Galaxy 0 at Toronto FC 0

Los Angeles Galaxy (10-1-3) vs. Toronto FC (5-4-3)
June 26, 2010 -- BMO Field 

Shots 			6   	7  
Shots on Goal 		1   	4  
Saves 			4   	1 
Fouls 			7   	8  
Offsides 		7   	4  
Corner Kicks 		1   	3  

Scoring Summary: NONE 

Los Angeles Galaxy -- Donovan Ricketts, Sean Franklin, Gregg Berhalter, Omar Gonzalez, Todd Dunivant, Alex Cazumba (Clint Mathis 76), 
Chris Birchall, Juninho, Michael Stephens, Jovan Kirovski (Alan Gordon 66), Tristan Bowen (Eddie Lewis 84). 

Toronto FC -- Stefan Frei, Raivis Hscanovics, Nana Attakora, Adrian Cann, Dan Gargan, Jacob Peterson (Gabe Gala 71), Amadou Sanyang, 
Martin Saric (Julian de Guzman 59), Nick LaBrocca, Dwayne De Rosario, O'Brian White (Chad Barrett 46). 

Misconduct Summary: NONE 

Referee: Alex Prus
Assistants: George Gansner; Chris Strickland
4th Official: David Gantar 

Attendance: 18,809 
Time of Game: 1:48 
Weather: Cloudy-and-71-degrees 

TFC starters

Galaxy starters

Galaxy players ready to start game. Jovan Kirovski (9) and Tristan Bowen (17)

TFC Nick LaBrocca at center line.

TFC Raivis Hscanovics takes throw-in.

Galaxy freekick tap-over to Sean Franklin (28).

TFC Jacob Peterson takes kick.

Players wait around while Galaxy goalkeeper Donovan Ricketts is treated for injury.

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