Result of the Sunday July 11, 2010 PDL game between Toronto Lynx and Dayton Dutch Lions played at Centennial Stadium in Etobicoke at 12:00pm.

Toronto Lynx (yellow socks and shirts, black shorts and numbers)

..................1 Matthew Silva
........4 Matt Smith...5 Bart Misiac...3 Chris Mitchell
7 Gregg Lewand...14 Branko Gavrie...10 Lee Smyth...13 Mik McNamara...6 Steve Soutar
............8 Crhis Broadfoot...16 Jean Tshimpaka

Subs:...25 Greg Brooks (gk)...2 Jordan Taylor (def)...22 Danny Nguyen (mid)...19 Erik Hakim (mid)...23 Andrew Derayhe (def)...20 Jonathan Costa (fwd)
team officials:...acting head coach Kamran Derayeh

Dayton Dutch Lions (blue socks, shirts shorts, names, and numbers, orange shirts)

......................1 Oscar Moens
6 Evan Schwartz...14 Johan Wigger...15 Julius Wille...3 Kyle Segebart
11 Bas Ent...21 Andrew Giallombardo...22 George Davis...24 Alex Van Der Sluijs
..............9 Hans Van de Haar (cpt)...13 Ivar Van Dinteren

Subs:...0 Steven Bochemer (gk)...--Steven Bochemer (gk)...4 Bruce Godvliet (def/mid)...8 Eddie Hertsenberg (mid)...10 Steven McCarthy (fwd)... 2 Jeff Popella (fwd)...19 Joel Silooy (mid)...23 Judson McKinney (mid)
team officials:...none listed.

Game officials:...referee Afsar Alikhan...referee's assistants Armando Perreira and Mack Meloche...fourth official none...(all black uniforms, neon yellow trim)

1st starts 12:00pm...Lynx defend south end.
40 sec...Lynx goalie dives forward to barely beat DDL Van de Haar to through ball on right.
1 min...Lynx Broadfoot 20 yard shot is shot well over net.
2 min...DDL Wille cornerkick from right has defender head away.
3 min...DDL Van de Haar 20 yard blast down middle stopped by goalie.
9 min...DDL Schwartz long throw-in from right has defender clear from box.
11 min...DDL Davis rush on left then he turns towards goalie on run and cuts 22 yard shot from left well over net.
13 min...DDL Wille 40 yard freekick from left has defender clear from box.
14 min...Lynx Gavrie rush on left and 25 yard shot is low and wide right of net.
15 min...Lynx Soutar 55 yard freekick has Lynx Gavrie head ball from 10 yards that's cleared.
16 min...Lynx goalie dives to top through-ball rush on DDL Schwartz. Lynx Mitchell is injured on play when Schwartz bashed through him.
17 min...Lynx sub...Taylor replaces injured Mitchell.
19 min...DDL Schwartz 30 yard cross from right has goalie catch and hang on when jostled.
19 min...DDL Wille 40 yard freekick from right has defender clear from box.
20 min...Lynx goalie catches 45 yard chip.
21 min...The referee stops play to tell off the DLL coach for complaining.
22 min...Lynx defenders clear DDL rush into Lynx box.
23 min...DDL Wille cornerkick from right is low and cleared by nearest defender.
25 min...DDL player's 35 yard freekick is tapped and worked to edge of Lynx box where DLL player is checked off ball.
27 min...Lynx Jean Tshimpaka GOAL...Tshimpaka takes ball off DLL Evan Schwartz at 35 yards and on 2 on 1 rush shoots 20 yarder over sprawling goalie Oscar Moens at 10 yards into center of net.
28 min...DDL Schwartz cross from 25 yards on right is blocked by defender in box.
29 min...DDL Van Dinteren is injured in collision at Lynx 25 yards.
31 min...DDL Van Dinteren 35 yard shot from left bounces wide right of net.
32 min...DDL Ent cross from 25 yards on right sideline has play whistled down in Lynx box.
34 min...DDL Ent rush on right and 20 yard shot from extreme right has goalie catch in front of DDL forward rushing to left post. Ent was injured on the play and it resulted on another run to the sideline for both teams for the players to take on water.
36 min...DDL Wille cornerkick from right is over players and DDL Van Der Sluijs stops and fires 22 yard shot that's tipped for cornerkick.
37 min...DDL Wille cornerkick from left has ball land in box and DDL Van de Haar header from 5 yards is palmed by goalie off left post for cornerkick on the left.
37 min...DDL Wille cornerkick from left has defender head ball out of box and DDL Van Der Sluijs blasts 25 yarder well over net.
38 min...DDL Van de Haar spears 15 yard shot from left that goalie dives left to save.
41 min...DDL Wille gets pass from left and chip scuffs 15 yard shot wide right of net.
42 min...DDL Van Dinteren 25 yard blast up middle saved by diving goalie.
42 min...Lynx Lewand rush cutting towards goal on right has defender block.
44 min...DDL Wille cornerkick from right has players clear.
48 min...Lynx player's cornerkick from left has goalie catch.
48 min...half ends 12:48pm.

2nd Half:...starts 1:02pm.
halftime subs:...Lynx Brooks replaces Silva in goal.
46 min...Lynx Broadfoot injured at Lynx 45 yards.
47 min...Lynx Tshimpaka taps over from left to Lynx Broadfoot who blasts 20 yard shot over net.
47 min...DDL Ent one-touches long cross from left and blasts 20 yard shot from right low and wide left.
48 min...Lynx Gavric 25 yard blast low up middle wide right of net.
48 min...DDL Van Dinteren heads 8 yarder from left on cross that goalie catches on left post.
51 min...DDL Van Dinteren leaps at 7 yards on left but can't turn header on cross from right.
54 min...DDL Wille 25 yard freekick from right (after fake by first player) hits outside of right post.
57 min...DDL Wille cornerkick from left has goalie try to catch but bumped. DDL player blasts into top of net but referee called play back.
58 min...Lynx Smyth midair 15 yard shot up middle caught by goalie.
61 min...DDL YELLOW card...Giallombardo earns it for knocking over Lynx McNamara at center line, injurying him.
63 min...DDL Wigger 30 yard blast up middle has diving goalie push ball wide left of net.
63 min...DDL Davis worked short cornerkick from left has cross headed away by defender.
64 min...DDL Giallombardo 22 yard blast is just over net.
64 min...Lynx sub...Costa replaces Broadfoot.
65 min...DDL Van Dinteren runs up middle but Lynx Smith pokes ball away at 20 yards for cornerkick.
65 min...DDL Wille cornerkick from left has charging DDL Segebart head 5 yarder down middle wide right of net.
67 min...DDL Davis 30 yard cross from left has Lynx Misiac leap to head ball away.
68 min...DDL Van Dinteren heads ball wide right from 8 yards on dive but he was offside with three teammates.
70 min...Lynx sub...Derayhe replaces Smyth.
71 min...Lynx goalie charges to edge of box to smother through-ball.
72 min...DDL Ent pushes ball over end line before cross from left with Lynx McNamara shadowing him.
72 min...DDL Segebart is injured in center circle running for ball and needs help limping off the field. On the bench he gets an ice pack on his foot.
........DDL sub...Hertsenberg replaces injured Segebart.
........DDL sub...Popella replaces Van Dinteren.
74 min...Lynx Tshimpaka turns defender inside out and 20 yard blast from extreme left has goalie deflect ball wide right.
75 min...Lynx Lewand cornerkick from right has Lynx player heads back into box and Lynx Tshimpaka is not able to get away shot.
76 min...DDL sub...Silloy replaces Segebart.
76 min...DDL Popella twist heads ball from right over net from 12 yards.
77 min...DDL Popella blasts 20 yarder on left that has goalie palm over net.
77 min...DDL Wille cornerkick from right has nearest defender clear ball.
78 min...Lynx Lewand weak chip to Lynx Tshimpaka who has defender break up 2 on 1 rush at 35 yards.
80 min...DDL Davis cross from 25 yards is over leaping player in box.
81 min...DDL Wille lofts 20 yard freekick dwon middle wide right of net.
81 min...DDL sub...McCarthy replaces Ent.
82 min...Lynx Jean Tshimpaka GOAL...Lynx Jonathan Costa makes great sliding play to keep the ball in play on the left end line and while laying down, hooks ball around defender standing beside him back to Tshimpaka at 15 yards on left who shoots ball into far right side of net.
83 min...DDL Davis long cross from 30 yards on left is over net.
84 min...DDL Hertsenberg low 20 yard shot down middle has goalie smother ball when he gets cross from right.
85 min...DLL RED card...Andrew Gillombardo is ejected for a crunching tackle on Lynx Gregg Lewand at DLL 53 yards. Gillombardo had earned a Yellow card at 61 yards but the ref reached directly for the Red card on this play.
88 min...DDL Davis 25 yard mid-air blast is well high and wide right of net.
89 min...DDL McCarthy 5 yard shot on left to left side webbing when DDL Davis pass forward to him.
90 min...DDL McCarthy pass back to DDL Van de Haar whose 12 yard low shot is stopped point blank by goalie.
91 min...DDL Davis turns on defender and 25 yard shot from left is caught by goalie.
93 min...DDL Davis passes forward to DDL McCarthy whose low 20 yard shot is blocked by goalie who then smothers it.
94:10 ends 1:51pm.

Final Score:........Toronto Lynx........2............Dayton Dutch Lions..........0..............

Attendance was about 50 on this hot and humid day with a blinding bright sun in the south. Every injury brought a stampede of players to the sideline for a water break. The crowd was no smaller than normal and the game was over 45 minutes before the World Cup final game kicked off between Spain and Netherlands.

The Lions dominated the game but time and again had final shots off target or saved by one of two Lynx goalies or missed passes and hit a goalpost.

The shutout was earned by Matthew Silva who played the first half and Greg Brooks who I'd never seen before but came in to play the second half. Both were brilliant making some point blank saves and charging out to the edge of the box to dive on through balls. Also defenders were good at heading away cornerkicks and freekicks.

Jean Tshimpaka scored only the Lynx's fourth and fifth goal of the season so far in 11 games. It's the Lynx third win of the season against eight losses and their first win at home. Tshimpaka has missed a few games because of his work schedule. He's one of the team's most experienced players at the age of 23. The Lynx had only about five shots towards goal this game so had a high success rate for their few chances.

Lynx head coach Duncan Wilde was away with the Academy team this weekend and the bench coach today was Kamran Derayeh who is a coach in their U-20 program. He coached well with keeping the Lynx from lapsing and losing the lead.

Referee Afsar Alikhan was in control and repeatedly ignored the complaints of the Dutch Lions coach. He didn't look like Sonny Silooy, a short haired guy in the media guide, but had shoulder length hair and joined the players on the field to complain about a call and was lucky he wasn't sent off right there but there was no fourth official to keep him under control.

Wow to list all the Lions chances? That will be tough. The absolute best: At 37 minutes, DLL Julius Wille's cornerkick from the left had the ball land in the box and DLL Hans van de Haar head a ball from 6 yards that goalie Matthew Silva palmed off the left post for a cornerkick. Just a minute later, van de Haar speared a 15 yard shot from the left that Silva dived to save on his left. At 42 minutes Ivar van Dinteren blasted a 25 yard shot up the middle that caused another diving save. At 48 minutes van Dinteren headed an 8 yarder from the left on a cross that new goalie Greg Brooks caught on the left post. At 54 minutes, Julius Wille took a 25 yard freekick after the first player faked a shot and hit the outside of the right post. At 57 minutes Wille took a cornerkick from the left that had the goalie try to catch the ball but he was bumped over. A player blasted a shot into the top of the net but the referee had called the play back. At 63 minutes Johan Wigger blasted a 30 yard shot up the middle and the goalie dive and push wide left. At 77 minutes Jeff Popella blasted a 20 yard shot that the goalie palmed over the net. Even at 90 minutes, Steven McCarthy passed back to van de Haar whose 12 yard low shot was stopped point blank by the goalie. At 93 minutes George Davis passed the ball forward to McCarthy whose low 20 yard shot was blocked by the goalie who then smothered it.

Dayton Dutch Lions (from Ohio) are a new team in the PDL league this year. They are affiliated with Twente FC of the Dutch League and wear orange shirts. I had to look at their roster on their web page to find that about 50% of the players are Dutch and 50% are American. The team had a record of 6 wins, 2 losses, and 5 ties until today's game. They had lost Friday night against Forest City London and with a day off in between couldn't complain about being overworked this weekend in the usual killer PDL travel schedule. The team has plans to move up to USL-2 League next year.

Rocket Robin

Lynx starters

Dutch Lions starters

Dutch Lions (13) Ivar Van Dinteren and (9) Hans van der Haar ready to start game.

Lynx goalie holds on to ball after making save.

Dutch Lions player takes cross from 32 yards.

Dutch Lions Andrew Gillombardo runs with ball.

Dutch Lions Hans van der Haar

Dutch Lions Ivar Van Dinteren and Lynx Steve Soutar rush for ball.

Dutch Lions player takes freekick from 22 yards.

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