Result of the Wednesday June 16, 2010 PDL game between Toronto Lynx and Chicago Fire Premier played at Centennial Stadium in Etobicoke at 7:00pm.

Toronto Lynx (yellow socks and shirts, black shorts and numbers)

....................1 Matthew Felice
2 Matthew Smith...5 Bart Misiac...21 Jordan Taylor...3 Chris Mitchell
7 Greg Lewandowski...8 Lee Smyth...10 Lukas Risto...6 Branko Gavric
..............19 Chris Broadfoot...11 Jean Tshimpaka

Subs:...25 Greg Brooks (gk)...14 Danny Nguyen (mid)...13 Chris Simm (mid)...17 Jonathan Costa (fwd)...20 Erik Hakim (mid)...22 Eric Amato (mid) ...24 Derek Boakye (def)
team officials:...head coach Duncan Wilde

Chicago Fire Premier (all red, white numbers and trim)

...................1 David Meves
24 Ken Walker...34 Rob Younger...23 Greg Berry...26 JT Murray
37 Kurt Urso...33 Sam Redmond...13 Rich Balchan...27 Ethan Finlay
...........30 Tom Oatley...38 Jimmy Banks

Subs:...0 Alex Riggs (gk)...25 Andrew Duran (def)...41 Tony Walls (mid)...39 Kristian Witkowski (mid)...17 Ian Christianson (fwd) ...36 Chris Ritter (mid)
team officials:...head coach ???? Spooner

Game officials:...referee Matt Arduni...referee's assistants Remee Arbaji and James fourth official...(all black uniforms, orange trim)

1st starts 7:01pm...Lynx defend north end on this warm sunny in North West with gusty winds.
3 min...Lynx Mitchell cross from near left cornerkick has Fire Walker on left post head ball away.
4 min...Fire Oatley threaded through ball up middle and 15 yard shot blocked by sprawling goalie at 6 yards.
5 min...Fire Urso cross from 25 yards on right has Fire Oatley head ball away from net.
9 min...Fire Oatley cross from 20 yards near left end line has Fire Banks kick 12 yard shot just over bar.
11 min...Fire Finlay rush to ball and left and high cross from 20 yards near end line drifts over net.
13 min...Fire Urso gets throw-in headed back to him and 25 yard cross is saved by goalie.
14 min...Fire Walker slides to concede cornerkick on low cross from left.
15 min...Lynx Mitchell cornerkick from left has leaping goalie palm ball through box.
17 min...Lynx Tshimpaka run to center from right along 30 yard line and blasts shot well high and wide left of net.
21 min...Fire Urso freekick from 28 yards up middle over wall and bounces to goalie to smother in center of net.
23 min...Fire Finlay rush in from left beating Lynx Lewandowski but his low pass has defender clear at 10 yards.
24 min...Lynx Smith 55 yard freekick from right is well wide left over players on edge of box.
25 min...Fire Murray rush along right cutting towards net and low 20 yard shot is well wide right of net.
27 min...Lynx Smyth cross from 25 yards on right and defender heads ball away.
28 min...Lynx Risto gets break on 2 on 1 and when in alone takes 20 yard shot from left is well over the net.
30 min...Lynx Risto low cross from 15 yards on left rolled into box and defender clears from 5 yards.
32 min...Fire Walker gets cross from left and crosses 15 yard shot from right wide left of net.
33 min...Lynx Smyth cornerkick from right has Fire Younger head ball through left for throw-in.
34 min...Lynx Broadfoot turns and 30 yard shot down middle has goalie catch over his head on left post.
35 min...Lynx Lewandowski on right is blasted from 15 yards has goalie bat ball down on right post.
36 min...Lynx Smyth cornerkick from right sideline is low but through all players in box.
37 min...Fire Urso 25 yard freekick from right has Fire player on left at 5 yard touch but defender clears.
39 min...Lynx Mitchell cross from 20 yards on left left has Fire defender pop up header and goalie drop at 3 yards but defenders clear away.
40 min...Lynx Smith low cross from 25 yards has defender clear from box.
41 min...Lynx Misiac 40 yard shot from left is over players and caught by goalie.
44 min...Fire Walker 45 yard freekick from right has Fire Oatley checked off ball on left short pass try.
46 min...half ends 7:47pm. there's been a strong gusty wind from the north this whole half.

2nd Half:...starts 8:00pm...the weather is the same but it's now overcast.
46 min...Fire Banks intercepts bad clearance from goalie and 20 yard blast has goalie palm ball over bar.
47 min...Fire Urso cornerkick from left has flying Fire Berry head wide right from 5 yards on right post.
48 min...Fire Oatley sprint to keep ball in on left end line and defender clears cross from 20 yards.
49 min...Fire Ethan Finlay GOAL...Finlay is centered pass at 50 yards and his 45 yard blast is into top right corner of goal over flying goalie Matthew Felice.
51 min...Lynx RED card...Lukas Risto earns a Yellow card for knocking down Fire Jimmy Banks in the center circle and then continues to argue with referee Matt Arduni until he turns it into a Red card.
52 min...Fire Walker 55 yard freekick from right is caught by goalie on left post.
55 min...Fire Banks feeds pass up middle to Fire Oatley on right but goalie dives out and grabs ball at 15 yards before Oatley can control it.
56 min...Fire Banks cross from 22 yards near left end line blows behind end line.
58 min...Lynx sub...Simm replaces Taylor.
.........Lynx sub...Costa replaces Lewandowski.
.........Fire sub...Walls replaces Banks.
59 min...Lynx Simm 25 yard roller from right is smothered by goalie.
60 min...Fire Murray low 22 yard shot from left is stopped by diving goalie on left post.
62 min...Fire Balchan cross from right is over too far left for Fire Finlay to blast 20 yard shot well over net.
63 min...Lynx sub...Nguyen replaces Broadfoot.
64 min...Fire Finlay low 25 yard blast from left is wide left of net.
65 min...Fire Urso 40 yard freekick blast down middle has goalie palm ball over net.
66 min...Fire Urso cornerkick from left has popped header and Fire Walls kick off target on slide at 8 yards.
66 min...Lynx Misiac 25 yard cross from left is bounced wide right for goalkick.
71 min...Lynx Gavric gets loose ball and low blast up middle is wide right of net.
75 min...Fire sub...Duran replaces Oatley.
76 min...Fire Duran given low cross from left and low 10 yard shot is caught by goalie.
78 min...Fire Balchan on 2 on 2 rolls pass too far and rolls over end line.
.........Lynx YELLOW card...Misiac earns it on previous play for bump but advantage rule was played until opportunity over.
79 min...Referee Matt Arduni expels two minor Lynx officials from the bench for complaining about calls.
81 min...Fire Finlay is poked off ball at Lynx 15 yards up middle.
81 min...Fire Ethan Finlay GOAL...Fire JT Murray rolls pass from left from 15 yards and Finlay shoots 6 yarder from center into top right corner of net.
85 min...Fire Younger rolls ball to Fire Finlay and his low shot from 12 yards tipped wide left by sprawling goalie.
86 min...Fire Walker chests follow up to worked in cornerkick from left is wide left from 5 yards.
87 min...Fire Duran rush on right and rolls cross that Fire Finlay alone kicks wide right from 10 yards.
92 min...Fire players too much passing aroundonedge of box and has ball checked away.
93:50 ends 8:50pm.

Final Score:.......Toronto Lynx........0..........Chicago Fire Premier.........2......

Attendance was about 60 on this warm evening with a bright sun in from the north west and a strong gusty wind from the north the entire game.

Lynx extend their record of losing to all six games this season. This was their fourth game losing 2-0 to go with two games of losing 3-0. They have not scored a goal all season. They did not have a shot on net during the second half while playing a man down and kicking into the wind. The Fire from the 'Windy City' couldn't take advantage of the wind at their back during the second half as much as they should have. They were rolling passes upfield that were carried by the slick field turf over the end line or trying to imitate Finley's first goal and trying to blast highlight real goals but firing mostly off target.

David Meves earned the shutout for the Fire having to make a few saves in the first half but mostly being protected by his defenders from the most dangerous plays. Lynx best chance of the game was at 28 minutes by Lukas Risto when he found himself in alone on a 2 on 1 rush and his 20 yard shot from the left was well over the net.

Matthew Felice played great for the Lynx right from the start stopping Tom Oatley who had been threaded a through ball up the middle and his 15 yard low shot was blocked by the sprawling goalie at 6 yards.

Only good news for the Lynx family heard just before I left is that the Lady Lynx won 2-0 in Hamilton for their second win in a row and the first time they've scored more than one goal in a game this year. They will play at Centennial Stadium this Sunday at 5:00pm against Laval.

Rocket Robin

Lynx starters

Fire starters

Fire freekick taken by Kurt Urso.

Lynx cornerkick

Lynx Matthew Smith crosses near endline.

midfield action

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