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March 9th, 1997 
Lynx Get Organized 
After a slow start the Toronto Lynx are making steady progress. 
By Paul Hendren 


After months of silence the A - League's newest Canadian franchise is 
busy preparing for the upcoming season , scheduled to start on April 12. 

The Toronto Lynx received instant credibility when Alf De Blasis 
(formerly of CFMT -TV) joined the club's front office in the capacity of 
Director of Marketing and Media Relations. 

Assistant General Manager David Gee has been busy assembling a line up 
that he believes will be instantly competative in the expanded league. 
Gee has received player inquiries from all over North America , the 
United Kingdom , Australia , South America and the Far East. 

In addition to their first signing , multi-talented Martin Dugas who 
toils indoors with Edmonton, the club recently inked former Chinese 
youth international Lei Gong who has most recently played for A.S. Pirae 
of the Tahitian First Division. Club officials were exremely impressed 
with Gong's immense talents during a recent combine organized by The 
Canadian Soccer Academy and participants at the combine described Gong 
as playing at a different level. 

Gee is also seriously looking at giant British defender Darren Tilley as 
well as Granadian international Otis Roberts who has been a fixture in 
the Hong Kong First Division for several years. In the recent A - League 
draft the Lynx selected Dwayne Derosario in the first round but they may 
have difficulty signing him given European interest including Spanish 
Giants Barcelona. 

The Lynx are holding try out camps at Allan Lamport Stadium in Toronto 
and they have organized several friendlies against top local amateur 
sides before they depart for Florida for a short training camp. 

A press conference has been scheduled for April 3 to unveil their 
splendid logo , their uniform and to announce sponsorship as well as 
player signings. 

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