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Subj: APSL Toronto vs Montreal 
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Time out again from those hundreds of messages about the World Cup and
onto the APSL game of Friday night (July 15/94).

        Toronto Rockets (blue shorts, socks, shirts, white numbers)

                        1 Pat Onstad
2 Carl Fletcher  4 Peter Sarantopoulos  6 Dino Lopez  3 Jack Copetti
8 Lucio Ianiero  10 Tony Nocita  13 Pat Sullivan  17 Velemir Crljen
                7 Billy Dalombo  20 Gino DiFlorio

        Montreal Impact (white socks, shirts, black shorts & numbers)

                        29 Paolo Ceccarelli
16 Jason Devos  8 John Limniatis  12 Patrick Diotte  3 Patrice Ferri
4  Nick DeSantos  7 Nick Dasovic  6 Marco Rizi  17 Kevin Holness
                10 Jean Harbor  13 Phillip Gyau

referee Russ Hepworth (brutal)  linesmen Mortimer & Baetzo

27 min Yellow card to Rockets 8? in the wall for not giving 10 yards.
He was actually the last guy to come into the 5 man wall so had nothing
to do with the set up.
29 min Yellow card to Impact 8 Ianiero for hockey hip check on Crijen
although 20 seconds earlier ball had gone out of bounds, linesman flag
was up but ref waved it off (!) after noticing it 10 seconds later.
31 min yellow/red card to Impact 6 Marco Rizi for swearing after he was
given a yellow for being tripped/dived.  Maybe the ref didn't like guys
who looked liked skinheads.

1st half overall:  Montreal had the territorial edge until Rizi was red
carded then it was more evenly matched.  The teams got breaks of three
on seven as neither risked rushing more of their midfielders in the
scoring area.

Montreal sub 1 Pat Harrington for Ceccarelli in net.  Ceccarelli
(former Rocket and last years Blizzard goalie) was hurt in the first
half after a goalmouth crash but finished the half. Actually while he
was down Harbor rabbit punched Sarantoupoulos at the other end of the
field.  I didn't see it as I was watching the other end of the field.
The 4th official was but the ref ignored him.  (confirmed on Radio 1430
on Sunday morning). 60 min Montreal sub 20 Mauro Biello replaces Gyau.
76 min Toronto GOAL  13 Sullivan takes a kick from 20 yards out.  The
shot bends like the letter 'S' as it bends one way then the other and
catches the goalie backing up and gets his fingers on it.
78 min Montreal sub  11 Lloyd Barker replaces Holness
85 min Montreal PENALTY shot as forward hauled down.  Canadian National
player Limniatis finally steps up to the ball and sends a low medium
shot to the right corner but Onstad dives to that side and stops it!
87 min Toronto sub 16 Frank Cardona replaces DiFlorio
88 min yellow card for a tackle from behind.  Oops didn't even write
what team got this last card!

Second half overall:  The Rockets gradually took over in number of
chances and had the more chances to score.
Corners 1st half Montreal 3 Toronto 1
        2nd half Montreal 2 Toronto 2?

Final Score  Toronto Rockets 1  Montreal Impact 0
        Toronto gets 7 points (6 points fot the win, 1 point for the
goal)   Montreal gets nothing.

attendance:  not announced but looked a lot less than last week.  Maybe
celebrities:  Canadian coach Bob Lenaduzzi who's in town for the
half time shows for TSN broadcasts took a bow at the centreline.
Dale Barnes (The Fan 1430--AM station in Toronto who hosts a Sunday
morning soccer news show).  This morning's guest was Eddy Berdusco who
was also a spectator at the game but will play in Germany this fall.

This game was filmed for broadcast on Rogers Cable 10 this Wednesday at
9pm.  Detailed coverage in the Star and Sun was non existant.

Next home game is Wednesday July 27th against Houston Force

Rocket Robin

.....and now back to the World Cup.

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