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Subject: APSL - Week 20 - End Regular Season
Date: 1993-09-13 21:03:11 PST
Great job of keeping the stats of the APSL.  I wish I'd discovered your
input months ago.

Any idea what the attendance was for any of the teams or is that a
league secret?  I didn't miss a Blizzard home game this year but their
attendance shrunk from 1700 to 250 by the end of the season.

Interesting quirks in the standings.  Toronto was 4 and 0 after they
moved from Varsity Stadium to the smaller Lamport Stadium (astro turf)
to cut costs.  Their only loss their was a special exhibition game to
Hazard United, the Jamaican champions.

Blizzard also got a chance to pick off tired teams as many of their
games were on Sunday afternoon after the Montreal Impact had softened up
the opponents up on Friday night or Saturday night.

I'm coming up with a season summary about the Blizzard which I should
post near the end of the week.  You can read it under subject `APSL

Once again, good job!

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