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Subject: apsl Toronto vs Colorado
Newsgroups: Date: 1993-09-13 07:06:40 PST
Sunday September 12, 1993  Lamport Stadium Toronto 2:05 pm

Colorado Foxes (yellow socks and shirts, black shorts, shoulders and
                        1 Mark Dodd
6 Tom Soehn  12 Mark Santel  15 Rafael Amaya  17 Ian Fraser
5 Kim Roentved  11 Walter Boyd  13 Brian Haynes  14 Ted Eck
                9 Scott Benedetti  19 Taifour Diane

Toronto Blizzard (red socks, shorts, shirts, white numbers)

                        1 Paulo Ceccarelli
        2 Pete Sarantopoulos  3 Ian Carter  5 Dino Lopez
6 Carl Fletcher  7 Lucio Ianiero  11 Frank Lofranco  20 Nigel Sparks
        10 Kevin Holness  17 Steve Gill  21 Hector Marinaro

ref Tony Commisso, linesmen Lelai and Collins, 4th Hepworth
Attendance: only about 250 people on this day where it hadn't stopped
raining about 1 hour before game time.

16 min  Dodd makes huge save on perfect 2 on 1 breakaway shot by
42 min  Ceccarelli makes big save on Colorado free kick
44 min  Fox's Benetti ends rally by hitting goalpost

49 min  Toronto sub  18 Benji Hayford (forward) replaces 7 Ianiero who
was injured away from the play (handshake from Haynes so maybe he was
the one who crashed into him).

56 min  Yellow card Colorado 6 Soehn for handball after being deked and
        fell on his back
        Yellow card Colorado 5 Roentved for argueing call

59 min  GOAL Toronto Marinaro right foot tip in after perfect pass from
        30 yard free kick

62 min  Yellow card Colorado Haynes for argueing (but what?, maybe he
        was making short ref jokes)

65 min? GOAL Toronto Hayford on scramble that goalie lets out big
rebound on centering cross.

70 min? Eck piles into Ceccarelli head butts.  Goalie plays on but
then collapses with injury (leg or head?).  Stays in game after talk
with trainer.

Ceccarelli point blank save on Diane shot after set up with cross.

The sun comes out for the first time today shining right into the
Toronto goalies face

75 min  Colorado double substitution
                3 Robert Lipp (defense) replaces 15 Amaya
                8 Jeff Rogers (midfield) replaces 9 Benedetti

82 min GOAL Colorado Diane taps in a through ball by Eck who was even
        with two defenders

88 min Yellow Toronto Sarantopoulos gets picked out of a wall of five
        by ref for not being 10 yeards away.
        GOAL Colorado: Free kick stopped by Ceccarelli but rebound taken
        by Rogers into open net.

Sudden death overtime expected two 7.5 minute halves then shootout if

The whole overtime was kickoff for Toronto, run down right side by
Sparks and Hayford, Hayford passes to Sparks who turns and shoots high
to top left corner over goalie at the 40 second mark.

Final Score  Toronto Blizzard 3  Colorado Foxes 2
Toronto gets 8 points (6 for win, 1 for each goal in regulation)
Colorado gets 2 points (2 for their goals)
The Foxes are denied first place, an eight point win would have let them
pass the idle Vancouver.
Toronto with that win should finish the season in 5th place of the 7
teams in the league.  Their loss on the road to Montreal earlier had
clinched that they'd miss the top 4 playoffs.

I'll post some year end APSL league stats as well as my thoughts for the
season in the days to come.

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