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Subject: APSL Toronto-Los Angeles
Newsgroups: Date: 1993-08-24 20:01:41 PST
Monday August 23rd 7:35pm at Lamport Stadium

Los Angeles Salsa (black socks, shorts, numbers, tangerine shirts with
red slashes on right shoulders)

                        1 Bob Ammann
2 Danny Pena  4 Lawrence Lozzano  5 Rich Ryerson  23 Arturo Velazco
8 Dale Ervine  14 Mike Fox  15 Paulinho Criciuma  19 Phillip Gyau
                3 Paul Wright  20 Thor Lee

Toronto Blizzard (white socks and shorts, red shorts and numbers)

                        1 Paulo Ceccarelli
        2 Pete Sarantopoulos  5 Dino Lopez  12 Sean Samuels
6 Carl Fletcher  7 Lucio Ianiero  19 Fernando Aguiar  20 Nigel Sparks
        10 Kevin Holness  18 Benji Hayford  21 Hector Marinaro

ref Jason Miller  with linesmen Hepworth and Depietro

14 min LA yellow card Lozzano for clothesline (arm around neck) on

20 min LA chance--Paulinho juggles ball three times while turning than
shot hits crossbar.

22 min LA yellow card Ryerson for trip on Ianiero's rush

28 min Tor sub  3 Ian Carter replaced Sean Samuels because of injury
(looked like leg cramp).

33 min LA GOAL  corner kick by Gyau, headed by Wright on near post to
Paulinho on far post for short kick.  Wow this set play took about one
second to pull off!  That's league leader Paulinho's 13th goal of the

35 min Toronto yellow Ianiero (Toronto captain) for argueing with ref
for him not calling a penalty shot.

37 min Toronto yellow Lopez for kicking ball away after whistle

46 min Toronto big save by Ceccarelli on 30 yard breakaway run by Gyau

59 min Toronto sub  11 Frank Lofranco replaces Benji Hayford

69 min Toronto point blank save by Ceccarelli on Wright's header after
pass from Paulinho

71 min Toronto GOAL  Aguiar rolls ball into net from close range.

72 min LA sub 13 Waldir Guerra replaces Mike Fox (LA captain).

84 min Toronto GOAL  Aguiar rolls ball into net from close range turning
defender inside out.
84 min LA sub  17 Jose Vasquez replaces Thor Lee (after goal)

90 min Toronto GOAL  Breakout after LA corner kick.  Aguiar rolls ball
by goalie after 40 yard breakaway with decoy.

Game ends right there with ref's whistle.  Wow a hat trick by Aguiar who
now has 9 goals for the season.  I think we may have found the first
repeat winner of the APSL player of the week.  (He won the award in week
12).  What amends after getting red carded in the friendly with Hazard
United from Jamaica on Friday night!

The hilights were being filmed by cable tv for a tv show in LA.  The
cameraman said they don't broadcast the Blizzard games on local cable
anymore because "they (the Blizzard?) ran out of money).  I didn't see
the Blizzard's Argentinian import Amadeo Gasparini even listed on the
roster now.  (Cost cutting?).  Attendance was around 300 so no wonder.

Last home game is Sunday September 12th vs Colorado Foxes
The win gave Toronto the maximum 9 points available (6 to win, 3 for 3
goals)  Los Angeles gets 1 point for their goal.  Blizzard move back
into 4th place, the last playoff spot however, the Blizzard have played
between two to four games more than their rivals so they look like
they've run out of games.

bye for now

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