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Newsgroups: Date: 1993-08-22 23:31:43 PST
continued from last night's message......

Final score Hazard United 1  Toronto Blizzard 0 (Blizzard play with 10
men for 60 minutes).

The crowd picked up to about 1000 for this game.  About 80 % cheering
for the Hazard.  Good team to pick for an exhibition though.  The crowd
at the Canada--Jamaica World Cup Qualifier last November 1st had a high
pro-Jamaican content too.  Some of the Jamaican players in that game
wore body stockings and gloves to keep warm!  There were supposedly 7
National team players on the Hazard.

Too bad the Blizzard will never see those fans again (for a regular
season game). It always happens that any travelling team will have more
fans than a Canadian team in Canada except the Edmonton game against

Next home game is Monday August 23, 1993 vs Los Angeles Salsa.

Thanks for the message from Sweden about Borje Salming.  I lost the
message before I could respond.  Big AIK fan, I think your name was
Marek?  Could you please repost?

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