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Subject: Ben Johnston
Newsgroups: Date: 1993-08-25 18:24:47 PST
-> I was reading in the paper that drugged-out athlete Ben Johnston has
-> made his professional debut in the Canadian league for Toronto?
-> Can someone clarify this for me and give me some details on how he
-> went
-> --
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-> *Mick*
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Yes it's true.  However the Magic SC play in the Toronto and District
Soccer League and they played an exhibition game with an Allstar team
from the local Hispanamericana League.  This was at Lamport Stadium in
Toronto before the Blizzard (American Professional Soccer League) vs
Hazard United (Jamaica) international friendly.  If you can keyword my
game report under `APSL Toronto vs Hazard' or my name `Robin Glover' it
gives a fairly good description.

The Magic sported Ben Johnson at forward and he was pretty pathetic.
Not much use being the fastest man in the world if you overrun the ball
and your passes go out of bounds.  Funniest moment was when he was even
with the Allstar goalie and took a pass 15 yards offside.

It appears from quotes that he hasn't played soccer before.  The Magic
are just an amateur team of Jamaican-Canadians and it would be a long
stepping stone to a European team (another quote).

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