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Subject: APSL Toronto vs Vancouver
Date: 1993-08-14 20:37:00 PST
Saturday August 14, 1993  2:05pm at Lamport Stadium Toronto

Vancouver 86ers (white socks & shirts, black shorts & numbers, red
                        29 Paul Dolan
2 Rick Celebrinni  3 Tom Kim  16 Doug McKinty  24 Steve Millar
8 Jim Easton  11 Ivor Evans  15 Doug Muirhead  23 Mike Dodd
                17 Carlo Corazzin  20 Scott Munson

Their lineup was short about five to seven National Team Members whereas
the Blizzard did without forward Eddy Berdusco

Toronto Blizzard (red socks, shorts, & shirts, white numbers) south end
to defend in first half)

                        1 Paulo Ceccarelli
        2 Peter Sarantopoulos  5 Dino Lopez  12 Sean Samuels
6 Carl Fletcher  7 Lucio Ianiero  19 Fernando Aguiar  20 Nigel Sparks
        9 Amadeo Gasparini  10 Kevin Holness  21 Hector Marinaro

ref Russ Hepworth

12 min yellow card to Celebrinni for heel clipping

halftime  Vancouver substitutes 12 Jean-Paul (JP) Kuezevic defender for
Steve Millar

48 min Vancouver hits crossbar

61 min yellow cards to Samuels for tripping Evans
                    to Evans for punching Samuels

67 min  Toronto substitutes 18 Benji Hayford forward for Fernando
Aguiar.  Nervous but with lots of energy as the other players were
tiring on both sides.

71 min  Hayford hits post

89 min  TORONTO GOAL  Hayford crosses to Sparks who kicks it in from 7
yards out.

90 min  Vancouver substitutes goalie Rob Merki for defender Doug
McKinty. Goalie Paul Dolan grabs the Number 19 shirt and goes up to
play forward!

Toronto wins 1-0 in regulation time which gives them 7 points (6 for win
and 1 for the goal).  Vancouver gets 0 for their effort.

The game was played in very hot weather.  Vancouver had played at home
on Thursday night against Tampa Bay.  They seemed to tire in the last 15
minutes of the game as the Blizzard put more players forward to test the
porous defense.  Great saves by both goalies during the game; at least 6
each plus about that many missed chances by both teams.

There was a no-show by Fred Flintstone from Canada's Wonderland theme
park but they did provide Scoobie-Doo and also the Bick's Pickle (guy in
a cucumber suit).  The Bick's company provided cheap quality frisbees
(ie not Whammo's which have the trademark grooves in them) to about half
the crowd and when the Blizzard scored with one minute to go, the field
became littered with about 60 frisbees tossed back by crowd members.
That was my biggest laugh of the afternoon.  The game was delayed as the
players and officials gathered them up or tossed them back.  The crowd
seemed to be just so relieved that the Blizzard scored.

There was a post game on-field autograph session with the Blizzard that
was very popular with the kids.  The coach gave a long interview to a
reporter from The Star (paper from Dublin Ireland!) where ever are the
guys from the Toronto papers?  I had given that reporter directions
to the stadium about 3 hours earlier.

Attendance was only about 300 people.  Most of them could stay in the
shade cast by the shadow of the press box by shifting positions at

Next game is an International friendly between Blizzard vs `Hazard' (the
`Jamaican Premier Division Soccer Champions with seven international
players') next Friday at 7:30pm.  Actually the action starts at 5:00pm
with a pre-game special of the Agincourt Magic S.C. (with special
player Ben Johnson) vs South American All Stars.

Disgraced Olympic sprinter Ben Johnson and rocker Rod Stewart!!!! (wow.
he must really be a soccer fan!) will deliver the first kick of the
official game ball. Admission $15.

Next regular game is Monday August 23rd 7:35pm vs Los Angeles Salsa.

Amadeo Gasparini was named the APSL player of the week (Week 15) for his
two goal effort last week vs Los Angeles Salsa.  Would have been nice if
they'd made an announcement at the start of the game not just in the
fine print of the program.

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