Newsgroups: Date: 1993-07-19 00:06:30 PST
Sunday July 18, 1993  APSL Game  at Varsity Stadium Toronto  2:05
        Toronto Blizzard vs Fort Lauderdale Strikers

Fort Lauderdale Strikers (captain Medved) (black numbers, socks and
shorts; yellow/red hooped shirts, with hoops continueing along side of
                          22 Jorge Valenzuela
        2 Stan Lembryk 12 Zenon Luzniak 15 Scott Brennan
9 Marcelo Carrera 13 Andrew McKay  14 Kenny Santos  11 Shawn Medved
        4 Patrick Tardieu  7 Alex Sanchez  10 Zico Doe

Toronto Blizzard (captain Ianiero) (red shorts and numbers; white
shirts and socks)
                        1 Paulo Ceccarelli
        2 Peter Sarantopoulos  5 Dino Lopez  12 Sean Samuels
6 Carl Fletcher  7 Lucio Ianiero  17 Steve Gill  20 Nigel Sparks
        9 Amadeo Gasparini  10 Kevin Holness  21 Hector Marinaro

missed the opening lineup for Strikers and the officials for the game as
I got to the game late so put lineup together with program.

1 minute!  FORT LAUDERDALE GOAL  14 Santos gets bouncing ball and kicks
it into far corner of net from 15 yards out.

27 minutes  TORONTO GOAL  21 Marinaro heads in cross from 9 Gasparini
who kicks from tight angle.  Goalie actually catches ball but linesman
(Mortimer?) rules he was inside the net.

34 minutes  Penalty shot awarded to Strikers when Ceccarelli hooks leg
of player when grabbing loose ground ball.
35:30 minutes  FORT LAUDERDALE GOAL  10 Doe converts with shot to right

36 minutes  yellow card 21 Marinaro for argueing hand ball call he
wasn't a part of.

41 minutes  TORONTO GOAL  9 Gasparini heads ball under flying goalies
armpit after changing direction of Fletcher's centering pass.

43 minutes  yellow card  7 Ianiero for knocking down 15 Brennan who had
just knocked down Gasparini

Halftime  Toronto Midfielder 11 Frank Lofranco replaces 17 Steve Gill

76 minutes 9 Gasparini going for header is knocked down in box.  Ref
awards penalty shot.
TORONTO GOAL  penalty shot 21 Marinaro low shot to right corner goalie
guessed right.

80 minutes Fort Lauderdale Forward 17 Alvin James replaces
2 Stan Lembryk

Final Score Toronto Blizzard 3                  (good for 9 points)
            Fort Lauderdale Strikers 2          (good for 2 points)

entertainment provided throughout the game by `Calixi Melo(?) & the Rio
Connection' a 6 man Samba Band.
Attendance (not announced) approx 700 although it seemed people came in
late with `free tickets' including me who had left my ticket in my
dresser drawer.  Oops

After the game was a special autograph session with the Blizzard.
Seemed Ceccarelli was the most popular.  Lots of kids out on the field
for this.  Asked the coach (Pedro Kozak) who the ref was.  He wasn't
sure....that Chinese guy Mr Chin or something.
Oooh that ref was brutal.  The two penalty shot calls were believable
but this guy had never heard of the advantage rule and a lot of brutal
calls.  Linesman made the toughest call when he called the Striker
goalie over the line when he saved the header from Marinaro.

no tv coverage at all!  Probably every camera was needed for the Indy
car race in Toronto.  Let's hope they bring a crew back for the next
Next home game:  Sunday August 8th 2:05pm  vs Los Angeles Salsa

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