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Date: 1993-07-07 23:02:48 PST
Sunday July 4, 1993 in Varsity Stadium Toronto
          referee  Steve Mortimer
Montreal Impact (blue socks, black shorts, blue/black striped shirts,
white numbers)
                        1 Pat Harrington
2 Rudy Doliscat  3 Patrice Ferri  8 John Lindiatos  16 Jason Devos
4 Nick Desantis  7 Nick Dasovic  10 Nocola Zanone  19 Abdel Sahrane
                9 Grant Needham  11 Lloyd Barker

Toronto Blizzard (red shorts and numbers, white socks and shirts)

                        1 Paolo Ceccarelli
2 Peter Sarantopoulos  5 Dino Lopez  7 Lucio Ianiero  12 Sean Samuels
                11 Frank Lofranco  19 Fernando Aguiar
9 Amadeo Gasparini  10 Kevin Holness  14 Eddy Berdusco  21 Hector

4 minutes   yellow card Aguiar for grab on Barker
18 minutes  yellow card Lindiatos for trip on Berdusco breakaway
19 minutes  TORONTO GOAL  Marinaro takes resulting freekick and Berdusco
puts in rebound
21 minutes  yellow card Berdusco for climbing Doliscat's back at
midfield for header
27 minutes  TORONTO GOAL  Gasparini knocks in Marinaros free kick from
close range
28 minutes  yellow card Ferri for kick in mouth (?) on defender
44 minutes  yellow card Samuels for trip on Barker
Halftime Montreal substitute 6 Marco Rizi replaces Zanone
54 minutes  MONTREAL GOAL  Barker taps in great centering pass from
Dasovic after long run down wing
63? minutes MONTREAL GOAL  Walker assisted by Dasovic, Ceccarelli gets
his hands on ball while diving for it but it rolls off him into net
65 minutes Montreal substitute 14 Cameron Walker replaces Barker
67 minutes Toronto substitute 17 Steve Gill replaces Berdusco
79 minutes  MONTREAL GOAL  Needham taps in great centering pass from
Dasovic who deked out two defenders
83 minutes  TORONTO GOAL  Aguiar scores from pass from Marinaro.  After
great stop and hold of ball between legs while lying down, Blizzard
player gets up after two Impact run by him and passes to one of the six
Blizzard players who look offside.  Montreal players appeal to broadcast
booth (haha).
`90' minutes (although actually 94)  MONTREAL GOAL  Ferri takes corner
kick, all the players on both teams just standing waiting for kick
except Devos who runs in from about 25 yards out right into box to head
it in as soon as the ball got there!  WOW.

FINAL Score  Montreal Impact 4  good for 9 points
             Toronto Blizzard 3 good for 3 points

Montreal had the momentum working their way in the 2nd half
Hilights 1. Dasovic gets three assists on fantastic runs down wing
followed by great centering passes
Hilights 2. The return of Argentine Amadeo Gasparini.  He's played for
North York Rockets and Hamilton Steelers of the old CSL league about
three years ago.  That's one of my greatest memories of the league.
When Hamilton won the Eastern final and Amadeo grabbed the trophy to
give it a kiss and it fell apart on him (hahaha).  He doesn't look the
same.  No more long hair, it now looks twotone.

 TV broadcast of this game will be on Rogers Cable Channel 10 4pm on
Saturday July 10th.

Attendance ooh unannounced.  Looked like only 900.  (Never said what the
Monday night game last week was either but I'd give it a season high
1400).  Fort Lauderdale John Clare got red carded on Monday for
spitting! (found that out on the tv broadcast)

Next game  Sunday July 11th at 2:05pm vs Tampa Bay Rowdies
                I'll be at a wedding in Kingston on Saturday at least so
I'm only 50% sure I'll be back in time for the game.


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