Newsgroups: Date: 1993-07-01 16:15:08 PST
Monday June 28, 1993  in Toronto   Varsity Stadium 7:35pm

Fort Lauderdale Strikers (black shorts and numbers, white socks and
                        22 J Valenzuela
5 Troy Edwards  12 Zenon Luzniak  15 Scott Brennan  16 John Clare
9 Marcelo Carrera  11 Shawn Medved  14 Kenny Santos 18 Juan Castillo
                10 Zico Doe  17 Alvin James

Toronto Blizzard (red socks, shorts, and numbers, white shirts)

                        1 Paolo Ceccarelli
2 Peter Sarantopoulos  5 Dino Lopez  12 Sean Samuels  7 Lucio Ianiero
        11 Frank Lofranco  19 Fernando Aguiar  20 Nigel Sparks
        10 Kevin Holness  14 Eddy Berdusco  21 Hector Marinaro

ref Tony Comacho, linesmen Lalae and Mortimer, 4th Jason Miller

5th minute TORONTO GOAL  breakaway shot by Marinaro which goalie stopped
but Berdusco puts big rebound low into open net.

29 minutes Strikers substitute 7 Alex Sanchez for Alvin James

42 minutes Strikers Edwards gets yellow card for trip on Berdusco

55 minutes Strikers Clare gets red card for argueing with ref after
spikes up call
57 minutes TORONTO GOAL  resulting free kick from about 35 yards. Shot
was saved by goalie but rebound trickled wide to side where Berdusco
centred it on a sharp angle and Aguiar put it in off his body.

65 minutes TORONTO GOAL  Holness slides it into goal under goalie,
assist to Marinaro for his pass.  Berdusco was used as a decoy to freeze
up a defender.

69 minutes Strikers substitute 6 Thomas Rongen their player/coach for
76 minutes Strikers yellow card to Castillo for argueing?
77 minutes Strikers yellow card to Santos for trip along sideline.

The game:  Toronto 3  Fort Lauderdale 0
Blizzard picks up maximum points from the game ie `9' for first time
this year.
This win causes Toronto to slingshot from 7th (ie last) to 4th in the
standings and dropped Fort Lauderdale form 6th to 7th.
Fort Lauderdale had just played the day before in Montreal (3-0 loss
too) and looked really tired in the second half.  Also having a player
red carded just blew open their defence.
With the way the game works, the Strikers realized they were going to
lose but if they could score goals, they'd get a point for each one so
made the effort.  However the result was Toronto had more breakaways
then I could remember but lacked the finishing touch.
Two bad teams playing but Toronto does score the three neccessary goals.

TV reboadcast of this game  Rogers cable Saturday July 3rd at 4pm on
channel 10.

Next home game is Sunday July 4th at 2:05 pm against Montreal Impact
There's a media celebrity half time show of stars vs Toronto sports
athletes which sounds promising.  (More entertaining than the U of T
Lady Godiva Memorial Band that's entertained at all the games so far?

Goodnight all
Robin Glover

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