CPSL: Ottawa Hosts Oz Optics Cup
by Winnipeg Fury


Wizards promise magical weekend

VAUGHAN—Ottawa Wizards will host the OZ Optics League Cup semi-finals and the final the weekend of September 29, 30.

The Capital Region club, together with their corporate partners, OZ Dome Sports Club and OZ Optics Ltd., will stage the semi-finals at the OZ Stadium at Carp Ontario, just west of Ottawa on Saturday, September 29 at 3 and 5 o'clock, with the final game the following day, Sunday at 12 noon.

The OZ Optics League Cup is the first leg of a triple crown series to be followed during the next three weeks by the league title and the Rogers Cup, emblematic of the CPSL championship. Ottawa Wizards pledged sponsorship of this OZ Optics League Cup competition shortly after being accepted into this, their inaugural year in the CPSL.

"We have had a great season so far and have looked forward to hosting this exciting weekend," explained Jim Lianos, general manager of the Wizards. "But as a semi-finalist, we will also be making a strong bid to win this trophy and other honours as we reach the end of the season."

Preliminary games for the OZ Optics League Cup started in May when the 12 CPSL teams were divided into four groups of three.

The winners were:
Group A Ottawa Wizards
Group B St. Catharines Roma Wolves
Group C Toronto Supra
Group D Toronto Olympians

The Wizards will meet St. Catharines in the first semi-final at 3 p.m. on Saturday, September 29, while Toronto Supra will take on defending champions Toronto Olympians at 5.

In the event of a tie after 90 minutes in the semi-finals, the teams will play 2 x 10 minutes of 'golden goal' overtime and if still tied, penalty kicks in keeping with FIFA Rules will be taken.

In the final game, a tie after 90 minutes will result in 2 x 15-minute overtime periods, followed by penalty kicks, if necessary.

Tickets for the OZ Optics League Cup at $6 for the entire weekend can be obtained by calling (613) 831-3121, extension 3303 and enquiries can be made at that number or at the CPSL office at (905) 856-5439.

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