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Result of the W-League playoff game of Friday August 10th, 2001 between Toronto Inferno and Boston Renegades played at Birchmount Stadium in Scarborough at 7:00pm.

One game sudden death playoff between the Northern Conference 2nd place finishers Toronto and the 3rd place team Boston. The winner plays this Sunday in Long Island against the conference winners Long Island Lady Riders.

52 min...Renegades GOAL Erin O'Grady...BR Minna Mustonen runs down right wing and crosses to O'Grady who heads in to left side of goal.

53 min...Inferno GOAL Tina Blaskovic...Blaskovic battles through four defenders and her 10 yard shot squeezes in to right side of net.

70 min...Renegades GOAL Erin O'Grady...O'Grady pushes 20 yard shot into low left inside post after beating defender Gigi Cignini.

73 min...Renegades GOAL Erin O'Grady...BR cornerkick from left is headed back from right side of box and O'Grady heads in from 5 yards to right side of net.

80 min...Renegades GOAL MB Bowie...Bowie heads in from 12 yards just under bar with goalie Leisha Alcia caught off line.

Final Score:...Toronto Inferno..1....Boston Renegades...4...

Attendance was about 200 which was the biggest crowd I've seen this season but not near what they deserve for being the Toronto area's most exciting soccer team (my opinion anyway).

Inferno only had 13 players and were tiring against the Renegade 18 player roster. IF the Inferno had
won, they would have lost a few more players who were leaving this weekend for their American colleges.

The Renegades forwards were just bigger and muscled the Inferno defenders off the ball.

Thanks Inferno for an exciting season!

Rocket Robin

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