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Friday June 29th, 2001.

W-League game Toronto Inferno vs Rochester Ravens
by Rocket Robin

Details of the W-League game played at Birchmount Stadium in Scarborough between Toronto Inferno and Rochester Ravens at 8:00pm.

Hmmm. Inferno need this game as they to climb the Northern Conference standings. They had a record of 3-2-2. Ravens were 0-6 and had 0 goals for and 22 goals against. Could we hope for a 3-0 game?

Would the game take place at all? The Ravens' bus was stuck in traffic on the QEW. The game did start at 9:15pm. (great, no forfeit!) Ravens only had 12 players.

22 min...Inferno GOAL Jo Hinks...Hinks receives through ball from left, makes short run and sends ball from 12 yards into left corner of net while tripping over sprawling goalie Jessica Cardot.

28 min...Inferno GOAL Tina Blaskovic...Blaskovic run inside across box and cuts 12 yard shot while running to left low into right corner of net.

30 min...Inferno GOAL Jo Hinks...Maggie Mason crosses ball in from 20 yards on right and Hinks puts 5 yard header on left into center of net under bar.

40 min...Inferno GOAL Tina Blaskovic...Blaskovic lifts 10 yard shot from left into net.

63 min...Inferno GOAL Shaza Zikra...Robyn Brady passes forward to Blaskovic who rolls cross from left across box and 54th minute sub Zikra rolls in 7 yarder.

74 min...Inferno GOAL Julie Pigozzo...67th minute sub Pigozzo gets 12 yard shot into net.

76 min...Inferno GOAL Julie Pigozzo...Robyn Brady low cross from left that Pigozzo taps in shot from 7 yards.

83 min...Ravens GOAL Hannah Toth...Toth gets around goalie (second half sub) Sarah Buckland and lobs 12 yard shot over defender into net. This is the Ravens first goal of the year!

Final Score:...Toronto Inferno.....7.....Rochester Ravens......1.....

Inferno earn the maximum 5 points for winning tonight.
They played without the Willis twins, one of them we will see in the Canada--USA game tomorrow and Candace Chapman who will also be in tomorrow's games (under 19 and full national squads).

Only 150 people were watching. Great entertainment! The other game I saw them play this year they beat the best conference team Springfield Sirens 3-0 (best game of the year I've seen of A-League and CPSL). This is just the tonic to cure the illness of the Lynx not scoring game after game.

Rocket Robin

Will be wearing red and white tomorrow!

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