Let me just clear the air on the Wizards-Supra game.........
by Richard G.

......Yesterday's game was probably the best game we played in at least three weeks. The route to the final was unconventional, but we got there and also got the job done.

We also played that game without our standout defender Shurland David, which caused us to reshuffle the whole centre of the park.

Defensively, we played like a team posessed, determined not to let those who may have something against our owner, and sorry to say, the Supra any clearcut chances of scoring or just getting past us. I can tell you this because the Supra only had one chance in the second half from a corner, but it was saved by me.

From both sides it wass a clean game. Actually I could say the referee did a great job in letting tackles go once they didnt look too vicious. I think only two yellow cards were shown all game. Much credit to the referee and his assistants.

I also think both goalkeepers had great games. Supra's goalie had some very good saves, the best one coming in the second half to his near post after Kevin Nelson (not Neilson) had taken on the Supra defense and made room for his shot.

I don't know about the penalty call they had in stoppage time of the second half. I wasn't very sure, but my defender said he didn't touch him. I guess the referee saw it in our favour.

And Jimmy (sorry if I seem to be picking on you) and the rest of the Omur Sezerman haters.........

..........He wasn't there, not even in the country.

Try GMT time line.

Anyhow we won that game as fair and square as we could. This team, minus two or three starters did a fantastic job playing their hearts out and did so to the best of their ability. Much kudos should go out to them (us) for putting on the tournament at the best soccer (football) pitch probably in Ontario and in Omur's words, in North America (I cann't vouch for that statement).

Standout performances (from the Wizards)
Kevin Nelson
Abraham Osman (game winner)
The entire Wizards' defense
Richard Goddard (goalkeeper)

Their keeper (hey I must give my opposite number some props).

I'm sure I could name a few more but I can't remember their names or numbers.

Thanks again for the support and best wishes in the future.

Later and respect
Richard G.

p.s. How 'bout dem (Doug Flutie-led) San Diego.......


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