CPSL Awards 2001
by Rocket Robin

Presented at the CPSL Annual Awards banquet at Club Roma after todays Playoff Final.

A short season highlights video made by Rogers Cablesystems was shown before dinner after some technical difficulties. NBC Buffalo news came on with a marching band playing in some news story. The video ended and it flipped back to the news with the word ANTHRAX as a large headline but it didn't spoil anyones appetite.

1. Best Referee (presented by head referee Tony Comacho) Amato DiLuca

2. Top Goalscorer (sponsered by the Government of Canada) Kevin Nelson of Ottawa Wizards (not actually voted on because this is strictly for the leading goalscorer.

3. League Champions: runner up Toronto Olympians, winner Ottawa Wizards (both teams got medals presented by Mr & Mrs Osiek).

4. Coach of the Year: nominees Lucio Ianiero (Wolves), Zoran Jankovic (Dynamites), Bruno Pilas (Tor Croatia) WINNER Zoran Jankovic (no one from Montreal Dynamites was present which is one of the reasons for having four teams play on the final day as dinner attendance was over 200 people).

5. Medals were given for the CPSL All team that drew the Morocco Francophonie Games team 1-1 in Ottawa that eventually won the gold medal.

6. Team with the Fewest cards (presented by chief referee Walter Kirchner):...Durham Flames

7. Goaltender of the year (presented by Dick Howard): nominees George Azcurra (Tor Croatia), Brian Bowes (Tor Olympians), Luciano Miranda (NY Astros) WINNER a tie! George Azcurra and Luciano Miranda. (too bad Luciano's trophy was mispelled as Mirando).

8. Rookie of the year (presented by Lynx owners The Hartrells): nominees Tyler Hemming (London), Kwame Waife Annoh (Durham), Kevin Nelson (Ottawa) WINNER Kevin Nelson.

9. OZ Optics Cup:...runner up Toronto Supra, winner Ottawa Wizards.

10. Medals were presented by London owner Harry Gauss to the All Star team that played against Maritimo of Portugal in London this summer.

11. Defender of the year (presented by Sonia and Natasha Ursini): nominees Kurt Ramsey (NY Astros), Tony Marshall (Tor Olympians), Daniel Pilas (Tor Croatia)....WINNER Kurt Ramsey

12. Most Valuable Player: nominees Jim Kuzmanovski (Durham), Abraham Osman (Ottawa), Danny Sanna (Tor Olympians)...WINNER Abraham Osman.

13. Rogers Cup MVPs voted on by the media in attendance. I voted for Garrett Caldwell and Keith Moore AFTER the game was over (no way was I telling Stan Adamson 15 minutes before the game ended). Winners of Adidas stuff was Supra goalie Garrett Caldwell and Roma Wolves defender Danny Gallagher (both good choices).

14. Roger Cup winners:...runner up Toronto Supra
winner St Catharines Roma Wolves.

I sat at a table of nine with six NY Astros players, NY owner Bruno Ierullo, and NY and today's PA announcer Ennio. Two winners at our table. Very appropriate to sit here as I did see 14 Astros games this year.

Today was my 47th and 48th CPSL games this year. I thought I'd get to take a bow for that but my web page isn't quite mainstream enough yet. I took pictures of the award winners again this year but instead of being only one of two like last year in London, there were maybe seven of us elbowing for position. Good for the league!

Rocket Robin

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