CPSL: Dynamites KO'd
by Winnipeg Fury

Dynamites KO'd

Last league game of the season:
Durham Flames 3, Glen Shields Sun Devils 1

In the Rogers Cup playoffs:
St. Catharines Roma Wolves 2, Montreal Dynamites 1

ST. CATHARINES--Montreal Dynamites were delivered a knockout blow by the home team and the home crowd in playoffs here tonight, going down 2-1 to St. Catharines Roma Wolves in a Wild Card one-game decider for a berth in tomorrow's semi-finals of the Rogers Cup and the championship of the CPSL.

The loss was a particular blow for the Montreal team after securing fourth place and entry to the playoffs, but the rules call for the host team to be given one more opportunity if they fail to finish in the top four.

Montreal took the lead after 18 minutes on a goal by Kyriakos Selaidopoulos, but St. Catharines' most prolific scorer all year, Frank Zumpano tied the game with his 15th of the season right on half-time. Gary McGutchan scored the winner 20 minutes into the second half and while Montreal pressed for an equalizer late in the second half they were reduced to 10 men when Arius Roldege was ejected from the game.

St. Catharines meet Ottawa Wizards in the second semi-final Saturday, a 3 p.m. kickoff which is preceded by the Toronto Olympians vs. Toronto Supra semi-final clash at 1 o'clock.

The final goes on Sunday at 2.

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