Ottawa 3 Montreal 1 Ottawa Move ahead of Olympians. Final game should be a classic.....
by Richard G.

On a cold October evening/night, it couldn't be a worse night to play. I think it was about 5 degrees by game time and about 3 by night. Montreal took to it to us (ottawa) for the first 15 minutes and almost scored within the first ten minutes. The first shot coming after Montreal worked (meaning trying realy hard to get the ball) down our right side ending with a shot from one of their strikers, and a great reflex save to the right by goalkeeper Goddard. The next immediately chance came from the corner but the header was put outside.

Ottawa scored their first goal somewhere between the 20-25 minute with the league' leading scorer Kevin Nelson notching his 22nd of the season.

Ottawa played some good football using both wings well to get into the attack, but their crosses we either well defended by the Dynamites' defenders or just not within the reach of the Wizards' attackers.

The second half was a different story though. Montreal seemed to lose their momemtum as the Wizards looked for an insurance goal. This goal came fromt the boot of Allan Popazzi from a free kick, that passed through the Dynamites' wall which left their keeper with no chance.

The WIzards final item came from Vladimir Edouard after some nifty work from his sub-partner Volcan Acar to pierce through Montreal's defense.

Montreal's lone item came in the last minute of play after they had beaten the Wizards' offside trap, crossed the ball and finally scored after the Wizards' defense failed to clear the ball from their penalty area.

All in all not a bad game but under the conditions (and let me tell you I felt ice him me during the game) I wouldn't want to play at all, nor watch it with a couple thousand people. But this is football and I love this game; I Kiss Football.

Later and respect
Richard G.

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