CPSL Friday (R) - Game in Exeter
by Bill Spiers

CPSL soccer
Stan Adamson
Friday, July 27
London City 1, Toronto Supra 1

EXETER--Friday, July 27--London City and Toronto Supra fought to a 1-1 tie in OZ Optics League Cup action before an enthusiastic sold-out crowd of 1200 in this small community 50 kilometres northwest of London
tonight. The out-of-town home encounter arranged by London City to provide area residents in this town of 4,500 with an opportunity to see professional soccer, was a huge success.

London took the lead on a goal after 7 minutes by Eris Tafaj, his second of the season and Supra tied the game at the 20th minute mark by Paulo Waldez. The tie means London City cannot advance to the semi-finals of the OZ Optics League Cup competition, to be decided in Group B between the Supra and Toronto Croatia.

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