Annex Guardian (?): Toronto Supra beating the expansion blues
by DJT

Toronto Supra beating the expansion blues

By MATT ROSS Guardian Sports Correspondent

Toronto Supra may be a first year club in the Canadian Professional Soccer League but they aren't playing like an expansion team.

With two wins on the road, including an 8-1 whipping of the Glen Shields Sun Devils last Sunday, the Supra has served notice to the league that they are not a bunch of ragtag rookies.

Combined with a 4-1 League opener in London two weeks ago, Toronto is very quickly making good on its promise to be competitive. Starting with a three-goal performance against London City, Supra striker Samuel Afriyie leads the CPSL with five goals.

Joining Afriyie atop the leader board is teammate Pedro Dias who has three tallies. The reason for this offensive explosion, according to Dias, is the team's movement without the ball.

"If we find the open space, our forwards will move up and then our midfielders will also help control the middle," he said.

Toronto operates a 4-4-2 system employed by coach Cesar Garcia, who says the key to its success is a continuous rotation of the players.

If one defender initiates the attack, the other defenders will cover his vacated position while another midfielder drops back.

Meanwhile, Garcia adds, any passing or dribbling requires speed and fluidity in order to catch the opposition off guard.

"The shift is so quick with our overlap, their defence will be running after our forwards and then be caught facing their own net." In their opening contests, the Supra have also benefited from the referee.

The Devils had two of their players receive red cards while in London game, Toronto tallied three goals in the second half following a red card to the home side.

The Supra continue on the road for the next three games including a match in Kitchener versus Toronto Croatia June 17.

Home Opener

Toronto's home opener is June 24 against the York Region Shooters with a 5:45 p.m. kickoff at Brockton Stadium.

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