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A-League Playoff game Toronto Lynx vs Rochester Raging Rhinos
by Rocket Robin

Result of the A-League Playoff game between Toronto Lynx and Rochester Raging Rhinos played Friday September 22nd,2000 at Varsity Stadium at 7:30pm.

Lynx start without three starters tonight. The Vignjevic brothers had left for Yugoslavia for Nikola's wedding this weekend!
Milan Kojic pulled a hamstring while celebrating his goal against Richmond Kickers last week!

63 min...Lynx GOAL Francisco Dos Santos...Lynx Hooper takes cornerkick from left, Lynx Adrian Serioux flicks on and Dos Santos bicycle kicks from 5 yards from right that tucks in on short right side behind waving goalie.

75 min...RR GOAL Dan Stebbins...Stebbins pushes 10 yarder from right beyond sliding goalie after ball pushed ahead on pass by RR Onandi Lowe.

No extra time played!

Final Score:.....Toronto Lynx......1.....Rochester Raging Rhinos.....1

Attendance was announced as 2811 on this cold night with drizzle starting in the second half.

RR Jamaican international Onandi Lowe earned a Yellow card in the 41st minute for complaining (for about the third time this game) about the referee whistling down a play. He'll miss the return match Sunday in Rochester because he'd already earned a playoff Yellow card.

Referee Jerry Proctor no one had heard of before so we think he may have been supplied by the A-League to end that home-town referee rumour.

The press box was crowded including Rhino media in the front row and national men's coach Holger Osiak and The Toronto Star's Norm DaCosta making his first appearance of the year.

Rocket Robin

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