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A-League Toronto Lynx vs Richmond Kickers
by Rocket Robin

Results of the first leg of the two game aggregate in the A-League game between Toronto Lynx and Richmond Kickers played Friday September 15th at 7:30pm.

34 min...RK Marco Ferruzzi bumps Lynx Nikola Vignjevic just inside left corner of box and penalty kick is awarded. Lynx Ashton had just gotten away blast in box that was blocked by defender and ball deflects to Vignjevic.

36 min...Lynx GOAL Nikola Vignjevic...Vignjevic flicks penalty kick to center of net as goalie Mike McGinty sprawls at bottom of net.

Final Score:.....Toronto Lynx......1.....Richmond Kickers........0.......

Attendance wasn't announced over the PA system but to us in the press box as 1989 on this cool evening.

Dwayne DeRosario was given huge respect by the Lynx and at times was triple teamed. The Kickers played a 5-4-1 system until the 2nd half with only DeRosario playing forward. Most balls went to him. He'd run around until he was in the clear. (This is the guy we need to give another chance on the Canadian National team!) He was the only star of the Kickers. More than 1/3 of their goals 15 of 42 (plus 5 assists) and he only played 23 of 28 games. Kickers only gave up 25 goals but they always have four men back even if it means they leave Dwayne with few options to pass back to the midfield.

A few scary moments near the end especially when a Lynx defender swiped at the ball bouncing into the box and missed and DeRosario get point blank shot that goalie Theo Zagar blocked, RK Marco Ferruzzi blasts 15 yard rebound shot well over bar.

Their other best chance was in the 8th minute when RK Anthony Williams was sprung loose on a long pass from the left and the Lynx goalie stopped him on a breakaway 10 yards out and then picked up rebound.

If the Lynx win in Richmond on Sunday then the next home game will be next Friday night at 7:30pm against the winner of Rochester vs Charleston. Looks like my taking in the two CPSL Cup semi-final games held at Birchmount Stadium that night may not be in my plans after all!

Rocket Robin

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