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A-league Toronto Lynx vs US-Pro40 (August 30)
by Rocket Robin

Result of the A-League game between Toronto Lynx and US-Pro40 played Wednesday August 30th at 7:30pm. (They also played here last Friday night)

28 min...Lynx GOAL Juan Arango...Lynx Lyndon Hooper runs into box, stops, but so does the defender so he runs up to the end line right of the net and rolls ball across box, Arango taps in from 3 yards as another US defender slides to stop it.

33 min...Team captains Lynx Marco Reda and US-Pro40 Francisco Gomez both drew RED cards for a pushing incident that started as players waited for a US-Pro40 freekick. The incident involved about 14 players.

40 min...Penalty kick awarded to Lynx as Nikola Vignjevic was pushed in the US Pro 40 box by Tahj Jakins.

40 min...Lynx GOAL Nikola Vignjevic...On penalty kick taken to just inside left post, goalie Matt Nyman actually gets his hand on it while diving left but momentum spins ball over his hand and into net.

48 min (1st half injury time)...US Pro40 GOAL Mario Longo...Longo scores on leaping header from 7 yards to just under bar after Marvin Quijano crossed in from right end line after charging up on right side.

93 min (2nd half injury time)...Lynx Lloyd Barker given ball in clear from 15 yards but he kicks well wide right of net with only the goalie to beat.

Final Score:....Toronto Lynx....2....US Pro 40....1....

Attendance was not announced tonight but I suspect it was only about 1500. It was a hot humid evening. US-Pro 40 only brought 12 players and had to substitute in the 22nd minute when Esmundo Rodriguez was injured. Still the visitors could have won tonight but then the Lynx could have scored more.

It was Girl Power night tonight and Team Canada coach Evan Pellerud took the ceremonial kickoff.

The Lynx haven't officially clinched a playoff spot because they only earned 4 points for winning tonight. Lynx must lose their remaining two games and Montreal Impact win and score at least three goals in Rochester for the Lynx to miss out.

Sort of like the sound system for pre game singer Catarina Cardeal who got through 'I Will Survive' but they couldn't cue her music for 'Strong Enough'!

****I found out the Lynx did clinch a playoff spot during tonight's game. I was confused in the pressbox by hearing the comments about the Lynx needing to score a third goal to earn the bonus point.****

Rocket Robin

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