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A-League game Toronto Lynx vs Richmond Kickers
by Rocket Robin

Result of the A-League game between Toronto Lynx and Richmond Kickers played Sunday August 27, 2000 at 7:30pm.

78 min...Kickers GOAL Dwayne DeRosario...DeRosario heads ball from right sideline to keep it in play even through he falls down out of bounds. Kickers Robert Ukrop Jr takes ball away from Lynx defenders holds up and passes off to DeRosario who has got back into play. DeRosario blasts shot from 15 yards on right that Lynx goalie Theo Zagar gets piece of by shuffling to his right and ball deflects through his hands into right corner of net.

85 min...Lynx David Diplacido rolls shot from 20 yards after getting short cross from left that diving RF goalie Mike McGinty pushes wide left of goal.

95 min (long time added on)...Lynx Nikola Vignjevic cornerkick from left deflected out that Lynx Chis Pozniak gets shot to and ball deflected up and hits top of crossbar and stays in play.

Final Score:....Toronto Lynx......0.....Richmond Kickers.......1....

After the game, Dwayne DeRosario was mobbed by about 30 friends and family members who ran onto the field. He was a resident of the suburb of Scarborough. He is the star of the Kickers scoring 15 or the team's 40 goals. Two guys have five goals each. He was listed as a forward but took on the role of an overlapping midfielder so he could be in all the plays.

This raises the question "Should he be a superstar in the A-League or just another benchwarmer on some European team?" Well I know what most soccer snobs on this board think.

The Lynx don't clinch a playoff spot this weekend. The Impact won today 3-1 against the US Pro40 but the Lynx play them again on Wednesday.

I thought the Atlantic Division Kickers would have been a much better team but the Lynx beat them to the majority of the 50-50 balls.

Attendance was announced as 2480. It was East Meets West night with a karate school giving a demonstration and a dance troupe doing a Dragon Dance but I didn't notice more Asians than usual.

Rocket Robin

Posted on Aug 27 2000, 8:24 PM
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