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A-League game Toronto Lynx vs Vancouver 86ers
by Rocket Robin

Result of the A-League game of Sunday August 21st between Toronto Lynx and Vancouver 86ers at Varsity Stadium at 8:00pm.

5 min...86ers GOAL Tiarnan King...Kevin Holness has long run on right and crosses to middle and King from 15 yard shoots to left side of net beyond charging Lynx goalie Theo Zagar.

53 min...Lynx GOAL Juan Arango...86ers Rick Titus makes mistake as he backheels ball in 86ers box to prevent corner kick but Lynx Francisco Dos Santos gets ball and crosses from left to Arango who heads into net from 5 yards.

56 min...86ers GOAL Carmen D'Onofrio...D'Onofrio slides in 7 yard shot low to center of net after 86ers King cornerkick from left that goalie can only slap ahead and 86ers player rolls back across box.

60 min...86ers GOAL Alfredo Valente...Valente 30 yard shot from left that goalie watches fly into short left side of net. One Lynx defender was in way but the goalie looked like he just didn't move.

86 min...86ers GOAL Darren Tilley...Tilley scores on Penalty kick as he shoots to left post and goalie just slides to right post. (Tilley earned the Pentalty shot after blowing a 4 on 1 break as goalie dives out and grabs ball off his feet and Tilley dives over him).

Final Score:....Toronto Lynx...1....Vancouver 86ers.....4....

Attendance was announced as 2750.

Rocket Robin

Posted on Aug 20 2000, 8:31 PM
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